Need to further strengthen the economy in the general budget.

 Need to further strengthen the economy in the general budget.

Usha Pathak
Senior Journalist.

New Delhi, 24 January 2023 (Agency). Country's well-known economists, educationists and legal experts have expressed the need to give several concessions in the upcoming budget to further strengthen the economy.

The budget session of the Parliament is about to begin on January 31. The general budget will be presented in this session, on which the whole country is watching.

Famous economist and CA by profession Gopal Kumar Kedia (GK Kedia) has said that the country's economy has improved a lot after demonetisation and Corona crisis, but to further strengthen it, the upcoming general budget should be better and need to be made useful.

Mr. Kedia has said that the current GDP is 7 percent. In the last 9 months, 12 lakh crores were collected from direct tax and crores of rupees from GST. It means that the economy is satisfactory. 

Yogesh Kumar, former professor of Delhi University, has said that there has been a boom in the market after the Corona crisis, but giving tax concessions to the industry will not only strengthen the economy, but will also increase employment opportunities. He has said , that especially such industry should get tax concession which is providing employment in thousands.

Prof. Kumar has said that the Prime Minister's ambitious scheme skill development has been greatly affected by the Corona crisis. It needs a lot of attention. At present, the number of skilled workers in the country is very less. When this number is reduced to at least 70 percent . If we do not cross then we will not be in the category of economically developed countries.

Senior advocate Ranjan Kumar has said that after demonetisation and Corona crisis, the country's economy was greatly affected. Efforts are on to bring it back on track, but the biggest question is unemployment.

Mr. Kumar has said that the government data may be anything but the situation is not satisfactory. People are unemployed on a large scale. The condition of the industry is still bad. Income tax and GST have further broken their back. They should get concession in the budget. L.S.
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