Program on coming 9th April by Delhi Joint Forum.

New Delhi, March 11, 2023 (Agency). A meeting was held here today regarding the preparations for the program organized on the topic of relevance of Ambedkar and Madhulimaya in present times at the Gandhi Shanti Pratishthan in the capital on 9th April by the Delhi Common Manch.

The meeting convened by the leader of the forum, Sanjay Kanojia, was presided over by former professor of Delhi University and a strong socialist, Prof. Shyam Gambhir, did it. Many distinguished people including Dr. Samrendra Pathak and journalist Kumar Samat were present on the occasion.

In the meeting there was serious discussion on guests, income expenditure and other issues and the authority to take decisions on many important subjects was handed over to Mr. Kanaujia.

The meeting was held in the office premises of eminent CA Deendayal Agarwal. In the meeting, many leaders including Babu Munna of NDPF & Mrs. Radha expressed their views. L.S.
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