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Chirayu Scheme Brings Life-Changing Improvement: Seven-year-old Lakshmi gets a prosthetic leg

Raipur : The Chirayu team, conducting health check-ups in schools and Anganwadi centers under the National Child Health Programme, is making significant strides in child health. As part of this initiative, the Kasdol Chirayu team, with assistance from Narayan Seva Sansthan, Udaipur, provided a prosthetic leg to 7-year-old Lakshmi from Amruwa village, who was born without a leg.

Lakshmi's father, farmer Shri Harichand Bariha, shared that she was born without a left leg, causing major challenges in her daily life. She struggled with basic tasks and couldn't participate in sports like other children despite attending the village school.

The Chirayu team, led by Dr. Abhishek Yadav, Dr. Savita Dhrtlahare, Ajendra, Sapna, and Padmini, visited Lakshmi at her school and recommended an artificial limb. Kasdol's Block Medical Officer, Dr. Ravi Shankar Ajgalle, mentioned that the Chirayu team had been coordinating with Narayan Seva Sansthan Udaipur for three months. At a camp organized by Narayan Seva Sansthan in Raipur on June 30, Lakshmi received a prosthetic leg free of cost, bringing great joy to her entire family.

According to Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. M.P. Mahiswar and District Program Manager Srishti Mishra, the Chirayu team routinely screens children's health at schools and Anganwadi centers, providing necessary treatment free of charge. In complex cases like Lakshmi's, they facilitate referrals and inclusive care without financial burden. The Chirayu initiative addresses 44 different conditions including cleft lips, congenital cataracts, joint deformities, and hearing impairments, ensuring accessible treatment for all.

Collector Shri Deepak Soni commended the Chirayu team's efforts and urged quick action and support for similar cases in the future.

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