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Rural development gets a boost as Khutepal Gram Panchayat receives new administrative building

Government schemes and essential services accessible to Khutepal Gram Panchayat residents through new building

Dantewada TNINS 

Through the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, various projects are undertaken for the development of gram panchayats in the district. Among these projects, the construction of a new gram panchayat building in the Khutepal gram panchayat under the Kuakonda development block has strengthened the administrative infrastructure. Khutepal gram panchayat was earlier a dependent village under the Shyamgiri gram panchayat before a new panchayat was formed prior to the year 2020. The need for an administrative building was necessary to implement the administrative system and make government schemes easily accessible to the rural population in the newly constructed Khutepal gram panchayat. Keeping in view the requirements of the newly constructed gram panchayat, administrative officials approved the construction of a new gram panchayat building through the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.

With the dedication and efforts of officials, technical assistants, and employees, the construction work of the new panchayat building was completed in a short span of time. Under MGNREGA, Rs 1.16 lakh were paid as wages, and 601 human days of employment were generated for this work. As a result, a total of 36 laborer families benefited. Now that the new gram panchayat building construction work has been completed on time, the residents of the Khutepal gram panchayat have received their administrative building. They are now able to easily obtain essential services such as caste certificates, residence certificates, birth/death certificates, ration cards, and pensions, along with benefiting from government schemes operated by the gram panchayats and the state government.


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