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Dantewada: Transforming Dantewada: District hospital's victory in child management.

A newborn baby was given new life.

Kangaroo mother care therapy has proven to be beneficial.

Mother's chest hug saved the life of the child.

Dantewada, TNINS 
Transforming Dantewada:

Santo, a resident of Tikan Pal village in the Kuakonda block of the Dantewada district, is currently living a peaceful life with her family. After being admitted to the hospital's SNCU unit for around 68-70 days, her child was handed back to the family and discharged. The family members' eyes welled up with tears as they saw the infant in such good health.

We used to pray for the child's survival, but now everyone is happy since everything is well, and no one can forget the struggle of the past. This is the narrative of the girl who gave birth to twin babies in the maternity ward of District Hospital Dantewada on October 31, 2022.

These children were extremely weak and premature. The first infant weighed 930 grams and died shortly after birth. The second infant, who weighed 1085 grams and was likewise weak and underweight, was immediately admitted to SNCU, Dantewada. Breastfeeding and breathing were extremely difficult due to the child's weakness. Dr. Rajesh Dhruv of SNCU inspected the baby and advised the SNCU staff to administer proper medications.

An infection emerged in the infant after around 14 days. Following a test, it was found that the baby tested positive for dengue fever. In which the platelet count was reduced as a result of blood transfusion. It was a critical situation.

After convincing the infant's parents, they were immediately referred to SNCU Medical College Jagdalpur on November 14, 2022, so that the newborn could be appropriately treated. Following treatment at the Medical College, the newborn was sent to the SNCU District Hospital in Dantewada on November 24, 2022. At this point, the baby's weight had dropped to around 965 grams making it more critical for the SNCU doctors and nursing staff as they had a difficult time managing the critically unwell newborn. They became involved in the newborn's management because of the efforts of the pediatrician and nursing personnel at SNCU Dantewada. The infant was originally given the mother's milk and a special diet through an oral tube, and the mother and aunt worked tirelessly to increase the child's weight with ‘Kangaroo Mother Care therapy.

 Santo's  family had been away from the house for a long time, but they did not lose courage and assisted in the therapy. In particular, the newborn has been cared with Kangaroo Mother Care Therapy for 10 to 14 hours per day, and the child's weight gradually increased.

Meanwhile, Every day, the baby's weight increased or decreased by a few grams. The baby's weight has increased to 1455 grams by today. The baby is perfectly healthy; his vital signs are stable, and he is nursing properly. The baby has met the discharge criteria established by the Indian SNCU. So, the infant has been discharged from the hospital after 68 days of treatment and management. Santo is now living a wonderful life with her family.


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