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Chhattisgarhiya Olympics 2022: District level competitions commenced in Raipur

 Minister incharge Mr. Ravindra Choubey inaugurated the event

Competitions to be held till November 25

District level competitions of 14 sports will be held in three massive sports grounds of the city

Raipur, TNINS 

The second phase of the Chhattisgarhiya Olympic Games, organized for the protection and promotion of Chhattisgarhi traditional sports, has commenced in Raipur district. Today Panchayat and Rural Development Minister and in-charge of the district Mr. Ravindra Choubey inaugurated the district level competitions under the Chhattisgarh Olympics at Subhash Stadium,Raipur. On this occasion, Mr. Choubey said that Chief Minister Mr. Baghel has tried to save the traditional sports of Chhattisgarh through this sports event and to give them a new identity at a global level. Mr. Choubey further said that the success of this event is evident by the participation of children, youth and elders in large numbers in every village of the state and this is a very happy moment for the people of Chhattisgarh. The Panchayat Minister  congratulated all the people of the state participating in this district level competition. On this occasion, Mayor of Municipal Corporation Raipur Mr. Ejaz Dhebar, Mayor of Birgaon Municipal Corporation Mr. Nand Lal Dewangan, Chairman of Chhattisgarh Yoga Commission Mr. Gyanesh Sharma, Chairman of Cooperative Bank Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Collector Mr. Dr. Sarveshwar Bhure and CEO of District Panchayat Mr. Akash Chikara, respected public representatives and school students were also present.
Giving information about the event, Collector Dr. Sarveshwar Bhure said that as per the intention of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, the Chhattisgarh Olympic Games have been going on from October 6.  The entire district was divided into 6 zones for the participation of players from different zones . The winners in the zonal games are now getting a chance to participate in the district level competition as well. The collector informed that the district level competitions will continue till November 25. The winners of these games will also be given citations. District level winners will be able to participate in state level competitions.

Fourteen sports, three grounds, 1400 players –

 in this competition, the winners of the zone level will now compete in 14 sports. Raipur district level sports competitions are being organized on three big grounds which will witness Competitions of Kabaddi, Banti, Pithul, Billas, Fugdi, Gedi Run and Bhaura are being held at Netaji Subhash Stadium. Kho-kho, gilli-danda and Rassa kheench competitions are being held at the Sapre Shala ground. Competitions for 100 meters race, long jump, and Sankhali games are being held at Swami Vivekananda Stadium Kota. About one thousand four hundred players are participating in these games.

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