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Election watch will be held in the Assembly elections

Bemetra 01 November 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware told that the General Observer (General Observer) has been deployed for the three assembly constituencies of the district from the Election Commission of India for the Legislative Assembly election 2018. These included Assembly constituency no. 68. Shri Sujit Kumar, IAS, for the area of ​​Saaza. (U.P.) Their mobile number - 9425509568, Vidhan Sabha area no. 69 - Mr. Ranjith Kumar, IAS for the Bemetra area. (Bihar) Their mobile number - 9425509569, Vidhan Sabha area no. 70 - Navagad area - K.V. Muralidaran IAS (Tamil Nadu) have their mobile number - 9425509570 Arrangements have been made to stay in New Circuit House, located at Bemetara (located in Barela Road). Apart from this, Mr. Ratnamani Sanjeev, IPS (Bihar) will also serve as a Police Observer. Similarly, Mr. Ankit Anand of Indian Postal and Telegram Service has been appointed as an expenditure observer. Whose mobile number is 9425509906.

Collector administers college students to vote

Bemetra October 31, 2018: - Promote Voter Awareness Under the sweep plan, Collector Mahadev Kaware administers oath in the matter of voting for students in government post-graduate college Bemetara. In addition to motivating all citizens to vote while participating in the democratic system, I will vote free of fear and greed in all the forthcoming elections and will play an essential role in voting for other people while also playing their moral responsibilities. I will encourage you. I will strive to encourage Divya voters to participate in the voting process. In addition, the collector flagged the Motor Cycle Rally. On this occasion, Principal of College Dr. Students including DDE, Assistant Sports Officer Nageshwar Tiwari, were present.

Surprise check of the check post by collector

Bemetra October 31, 2018: - Collector Mahadev Kaware conducted an accidental inspection of the check check barrier established in Limahi check of Barala Vikaskhand last night. He instructed the officers to keep an eye on the movement of vehicles during the assembly elections. During the elections, barriers have been set up in the district to check the movement of suspected vehicles. Keep checking for suspicious vehicles. If any person is taking more than Rs. 50,000 in cash during the election, then be sure to inquire about it. Find out the source information of the amount and the fixed bill voucher etc. If you get more than 10 lakh cash amount, then inform it to the Income Tax officials. Inspect the inter-district content on the inter-district boundary and the content that is distributed to voters during the elections. Incentive to voters comes in the category of crime.

People of all classes who joined the National Integration race

Bemetra October 31, 2018: - On the occasion of the Birthday of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, India's first Home Minister was celebrated as National Integration Day on October 31. In the national unity race held in District Headquarters Bemetra, people of all classes took part in the movement. The National Integration Race was inaugurated by Jayastamb Chak in front of the local Tehsil Bhawan. Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware, Additional Collector Mr. S.R. Women's, CEO of District Panchayat Mr. S. Alok, SDM Bemetra Mr. D.N. Kashyap, the CMO of the municipality, all the officers of the department, students of various schools of the city, officers of police department, employees, district representatives of print and electronic media and a large number of townsmen were involved. Earlier, guests arranged wreaths on the oil paintings of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.


Collector administered oath to officials and employees

Bemetra October 31, 2018: On the occasion of National Integration Day, the officials and employees of the collectorate today pledged themselves to dedicate themselves to the unity, integrity and security of the nation. Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware administered oath to officials / employees in the collectorate building premises at 11.00 p.m. It was said in the affidavit that "I swear by the integrity that I will dedicate myself to maintain the unity, integrity and security of the nation and will do our best to spread this message among our countrymen." I am taking this oath in the spirit of the unity of our country which could be made possible by the vision and work of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. I also sincerely submit my intention to make my contribution to ensure the internal security of our country. "Meanwhile, senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manor, Additional Collector Shri K.S. Mandavi, Shri S.R. All the employees of Women and Collectibles were present. Similarly, the officers and employees subordinated by the office heads in all government offices of the district were administered the oath of national unity.

Lights in government buildings on November 1

Bemetra October 31, 2018: - State Establishment Day will be illuminated in the government buildings situated in all district headquarters in the night of November 2018. Circular of this effect is made by General Administration Department Ministry Mahanadi Bhavan, Atal Nagar Raipur, all the Heads of the Departments of the state, CEOs, collectors and CEO of District Panchayat. Has been released.

Three Pink booths to be set in the district

Bemetra 31 October 2018: - During this assembly elections 2018, three such polling stations will be formed in the district, where the responsibility of voting will be on women. In these polling stations, women will be appointed as Presiding Officer, Voting Officer No. - One, Two and Three. District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware said that this initiative has been taken by the Election Commission for the purpose of promoting women empowerment and participation of more and more female voters in assembly elections. Women voters will be able to vote without any hesitation in these Pink booths. Pink booth women officers and employees have been given election training in last days. During the training, women officers were told in detail about the Model Code of Practices. During this time, the trainees were given EVMs. And it was also explained in practice by practicing VV Pet.

Collector's meeting of Li political parties Facility software will be used

Bemetra October 30, 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre gave information regarding the convenience software in meeting the representatives of political parties in the collectorate auditorium this evening. He said that during the Model Code of Practices, on the portal of the Election Commission of India, the online permission for eight types of events and purposes can be taken on the name of the facility named 'Facilitation' for campaigning. During this, it was stated that different formats have been prepared by the Commission for different types of events, on the basis of which the permission will be granted by returning officers. He clarified that any event will have to be applied online at least 48 hours before. ADM in the meeting And Deputy District Election Officer K.S. The returning officer of Mandavi, Saja, Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - D.S. Uike, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok was present.

The District Magistrate said that the URL of the facility has also been uploaded in the district website and can be opened online by opening it. He said that the desired entries will be filled in the opening page, in which the information of the name, candidate or his representative, political party's name, mobile number, epic card number etc. will be entered. After this, the details of the purpose for which permission will be sought will be filled. This includes permission for meeting the meeting or meeting, floating office, loud speaker, meeting place, vehicle (for promotion), procession or rally, platform construction, and undercarriage vehicle including helipad. Shri Kaver said that according to the instructions of the Commission, different formats of the application are available for different types of permissions, which can be downloaded and applied for permission in the same format. There are various attachments in the portal as well as samples of NOC certificates. The URL address of the above portal is 164 x 100 x 128 x 75 million.

The collector also said that the various circulars of draft-26 of affidavit to be filled during the nomination by the Commission have been amended and the candidates in accordance with the provisions of the affidavits C-1 and C-2 have been amended by the candidates. Publication and TV in multi-public newspapers in different dates of the given oath Broadcasting in channels is mandatory and for this the time limit has also been determined by the Commission. The collector said that it is mandatory to get certification from the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC) prior to the advertisement in electronic media. Representatives of recognized political parties in the meeting included Keshav Namdev, Yashwant Kumar Donde and Sushil Kumar Markandey.

In the presence of political parties, E.V.M. First Randomization of

Bemetra October 30, 2018: - In the presence of political parties under the Vidhan Sabha elections in the district, E.V.M. The first randomization was done. Through this the machine is allocated in the assembly area. The second randomization is proposed on November 04, under which polling will be alloted. District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre said that 285 polling booths under Saja assembly constituency in which 99 voting centers are included in the Dhadha assembly constituency of Durg district.

267 polling stations under Bemetara assembly constituency in which 22 polling stations are covered in Durg district. In the same way, 298 polling booths under Navagad assembly constituency are thus eVM for a total of 850 polling booths. Radiation was done. The collector said that in these 850 polling booths, one out of the Saja assembly constituency and two in the Bemetara assembly constituency, including two auxiliary polling station, was also included. He told that 10 percent of ballot unit and control unit and VV 15 percent of the stomach has been kept for additional number of reserves, which has been done for redundantization. On this occasion, ADM And Deputy District Election Officer K.S. The returning officer of Mandavi, Saja, Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - D.S. Uike, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok, Executive Engineer, Public Health Engineering and E.V.M. In-charge-tested Chadhari, District Information and Science Officer (NIC) Rohit Chandranna, Election Supervisor Santosh Namdev, representatives of political parties, including Keshav Namdev, Yashwant Kumar Donde and Sushil Kumar Markandeya.


Kharif Marketing Year 2018 : Paddy procurement in district from November, all the preparations for the purchase are completed


All necessary preparations for procurement of paddy at support price have been completed in Bemetra district. 86 Earning Centers have been set up under 54 co-operative societies of the district. Paddy procurement will be done at the support price from 01 November 2018 to 31 January 2019 on the instructions of the state government. Similarly, instructions have also been given for acquiring maize in the district. Internet Center, printer, UPS, in the purchase center Instructions on ensuring availability of generators.

The authorities have examined fork-distribution, measuring humidity measuring instrument. The support price of grade A paddy by the state government is per quintal. Rs 1770 and Common Paddy Rs 1750 per quintal is defined. The support price for corn procurement has been fixed at Rs 1700 per quintal. Dunnage system has been strengthened to avoid untimely rains in paddy procurement centers. The cap cover has been arranged so that the paddy does not get spoiled in the rain. In lieu of paddy acquisition, the farmers have been instructed to take special care of the matter on time to transfer the amount in their bank account. Mecca will be procured at the support price in 04 earning centers in the district, which include Bansa, Berla, Anandgaon and Bija.




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