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Voter Selfie Zone in every polling station

Bemetara November 17, 2018: - Chief Electoral Officer, Shri Subrata Sahu has instructed to create Voter Self Zone in each polling station in order to increase the number of voters in the assembly elections and to increase voting partnership. Posters will be installed in such a place at a height of about four to five feet in the same building outside each polling station so that the voter can stand in front of the poster and take selfie from his mobile.
CEO to pull out selfie, tag Chhattisgarh
After taking selfies, voters will name their EPIC card and assembly constituency. You will be able to post your blog and post a comment on this blog with your friends / blogs. Voters can send their self-help desks to the Visitors / Humboldt.

Each assembly will have five outstanding selfies selected, will be given awards
Five excellent selfies will be selected in each assembly and attractive prizes will be awarded to them. District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware has appealed voters to take self-participation in large number of voting so that these memorable moments will be recorded forever in their mobile gallery. He has also instructed the officials to prepare the Self Zone in all the polling stations.

Campaign expired at 5 o'clock this evening

Bemetara November 17, 2018: - The voting will be held on Tuesday 20 November in the district under the assembly election. The publicity campaign will end on Sunday 18 November, at 5 pm, 48 hours before polling ends. District Election Officer Shri M.D. After the ending of the promotional period, if any complaint is received in this regard, then in case of violation of the Model Code of Conduct against them, the matter of action is to be taken as per rules. He has instructed the Flying Skat, Static Team, Video Observation Team to alert his duty promptly.


Commission issued instructions regarding election booth on voting day

Bemetara November 17, 2018: - Voting will be held on 20th November under the Assembly Election 2018 in the district. On the day of voting, important instructions have been issued to the Election Commission of India regarding the installation booth at 200 meters of the polling booth by political parties on the day of polling, which is mandatory for every political party and candidate to be followed. In this regard, Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kavre asked to ensure compliance with the instructions of the Commission giving directions to the Commission. In connection with election booths being implemented by political parties and candidates outside polling booth, he told that it is necessary to get permission from the concerned urban body or village panchayat in writing. A table and two chairs and a large umbrella or piece of cloth or tarpaulin will be used in the booth. Booth installation permission is required outside of all polling stations. Action will be taken to give any temptation to the booth and invite voters.


Collector's meeting of Lei heads

    Bemetara November 17, 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer M.D. Kaveri took a meeting of the heads of the non-government schools of the district with the facility of vehicle under section 160 of the Public Representation Act, 1951. Instructions regarding vehicle acquisition and postal ballot of driver and assistant of bus. ADM in the meeting K.S. Mandavi, District Education Officer G.R. Chandrakar, Statistical Officer Sunil Tiwari and other officials were present.


Reserve EVM Ready for election

Bemetra November 17, 2018: - In the presence of representatives of political parties in the strong room set up in local agricultural produce market premises today, Reserve E.V.M. The proceedings of the assembly of the assembly were done in the preparation of commissioning. On this occasion, Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware, CEO of District Panchayat. Mr. S. Alok, A.D.M. Mr. K. S. Mandavi, Returning Officer Saja Shri Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - D.S. Other officers including Uike were present.

District liquor shops will be closed for two days during elections

Bemetara November 17, 2018: - Collector and District Magistrate, Shri Mahadev Kaware, located in the district till the end of polling on November 18, 2018 from 5 pm to 20 November 2018 on the occasion of voting on November 20, 2018, to the country and foreign liquor shop run in the district. Retail stores of all domestic and foreign wines, C.S. -2 (Ghag), F.L. 1 (Ghag) and liquor stores have declared dry days to keep the warehouses closed. In the said period, the entire transaction of alcohol has been restricted, they have been asked to ensure strict adherence to the instructions, orders and orders of the police and excise department. On the day of counting on December 11, 2018, the collector has declared a dry day to keep the country liquor (cobbia), the picki para and the foreign liquor (cobbia) of the municipality area Bemetra, one day off.


11 Model Polling Stations and 4 Sewing Booths in District

Bemetara November 17, 2018: - 11 Model Polling Stations and 4 Sewing Booths are being set up in the three assembly constituencies of the district under Vidhan Sabha Election 2018. This booth has been set up to increase voting percentage and promote women's awareness. District Election Officer MD Kavre told that in the ideal polling centers, assembly constituencies under Congaakala, Shah. Uma. Under the Shala Saaza, Mohatra, Sauksha, Beymantara assembly constituency, Dunda, Bachedi, Kota Navagad, under Gordhukh, Andhiharkhor N, Karmatra and Jhal are included. Similarly, Sangwari polling centers have been set up at 4 Block Headquarter. These include the polling station no. 112 (a) of ma Shaw West Room No. 11, Berla Voting Center No. 191 (a) Primary School Building Navagad, Polling Station No. 153 Government East. Shaw Building is included. In addition to the presiding officer / voting officer, the security personnel will also be women. The attractive booth is being arranged.


Exit poles to be restricted till December 7

Bemetara 16 Nov.

In view of the Assembly elections, operation of any type of exit poll in respect of elections to 12 November 2018 and 5.30 pm on 12th November, 2018 and publication or promotion of its results by print and electronic media or its spread in any other way. But there will be a complete ban. In relation to this, the notification issued by the Election Commission of India on November 09, 2018, has been banned, according to the notification issued by Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Mizoram and Telangana to conduct any kind of exit poll for the present general election. And publication or publicity of its results by print and electronic media or in any other way Will ban.

Apart from this, it has also been clarified that in every stage in respect of suitable general elections, during the 48 hours ending at the appointed time for the end of the poll, any electronic poll or any other polling results including the results of the poll Any kind of election related matters will be banned.

Collector's took meeting of political parties

Bemetara 16 Nov.

The District Election Officer today took a meeting of the political parties in the collectorate meeting room and conveyed the instructions issued by the Election Commission. The collector said that on the day of polling day the candidate's polling booth was styled 200 meters out of the candidate. There will be a chair and a table. Promotions campaign closed on 18 November at 5 pm The collector asked the candidates to furnish their expenditure in time from time to time at the expenditure branch of the District Election Office. Permission Letter for the promotion vehicle in the original window of the vehicle. The District Collector appealed to follow the Chhattisgarh Property Distortion Act to hang the flag, banner, poster. In the meeting, ADM and Deputy District Election Officer K.S. Apart from Mandavi, representatives of political parties were present.

Information about the administrative preparations of the collector's election

Bemetara 16 Nov.

Collector and District Election Officer today informed the media representatives in the Upper Collectorate meeting about the administrative preparations for the assembly elections. The collector said that the photographic epic card of the cent percent of the voters has been prepared. B.L.O. Voter slip is being distributed by Each Sangbari booth is being prepared at the four developmental headquarters of the district. In which polling teams and security personnel will be deployed. The Collector said that it is mandatory to get certified from the state / district level media certification and monitoring committee (MCMC) for advertisements published and circulated on November 19 and 20. He said that the publication / broadcast of any type of exit poll in relation to elections will be fully restricted to the Election Commission of India on December 7, 2018 evening 5.30 pm.

So far 2050 postal ballots have been issued to the government servants. Under the vehicle system, bus service for buses 79, mini bus 108, jeep-car 147 will be taken. In the Devakar police check under the Property Disorder Act, 02 cases have been registered in Police station Bemetra. 280 sensitive polling centers have been identified in the district. In which 188 centers will be equipped with Micro Abrargar Webcasting of 85 polling stations in the district which will be the Election Commission of India, Chhattisgarh. Chief Electoral Officer office and district election office will be connected to Bemetra.

The collector said that under cash check, a cash of one lakh 45 thousand rupees was recovered from a person on November 15, 2018. Today, by the Flying team team, the paragon sandal was caught due to the wrong papers from a small elephant vehicle in Bemetara Simga road, R.O. Was cut by the name of Raigad And the goods were taking Navagad. The Collector also gave information regarding vehicle permissions and assembly permission. The collector said that the campaign for the election going to be held on November 20 in the district will be closed on November 18 at 5 pm.

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