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All India Sainik School entrance examination on January 6


The All India Sainik Entry Examination will be held on January 6, 2018 for the entry into Class VI and Class-VIII. The entrance examination will be done in both written Hindi and English medium. The date of birth of the students wishing for admission in class VIII from March 01, 2007 to March 31, 2009 and for Class-VIII in the class VIII, is scheduled to be passed between April 1, 2004, to March 31, 2006, Madhya and Class 8 has gone. Students will be selected on the basis of vacancies in written examination.

Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga informed that the only Sainik School of Prasya can submit online applications through the website of the Sainik School Society, Ministry of Defense, by November 26, to the interested candidates for the entrance examination in Ambikapur. He told that Soldier Ambikapur is a fully residential (only for English medium school for children).

The school follows the Central Board of Secondary Education, he said that the possible examination center for the entrance examination for the entrance examination in class VIII of the Sainik School Ambikapur will be Ambikapur, Bilaspur, Raipur, Raigad, Kanker and Jagdalpur and for the entrance examination in class Navami Only Ambikapur has been set up for the examination center. Collector Dugga informed that the main goal of Sainik School Ambikapur is to prepare for 10 $ 2 as well as to make the overall development of the children and prepare them for admission in the official category of the National Defense Academy. For more information, please contact Sainik School Ambikapur's website and Principal Sainik School, Ambikapur and Telephone No. 07774-261609 and 7747032999 of the office.



Assembly election-2012 Two lakhs removed under the Property Discrimination Prevention Act 86 thousand 942 wall writing, hoardings, posters and banner flags

After the implementation of Model Code of Conduct, Korea, October 13, 2018, the action of removal of publicity material from government and private assets under the Property Discrimination Prevention Act is on full swing. Action has been taken to remove two lakh 86 thousand 942 wall writing, hoardings, posters and banner flags from the government and private assets till now (till 11th October) in the state. One lakh 86 thousand 723 government assets and 1 lakh 219 public goods have been removed from private assets.
Chief Electoral Officer Shri Subrata Sahu said here today that after the Model Code of Conduct came into effect, action was being taken expeditiously under the Property Discrimination Prevention Act. In the last five days, two lakh 12 thousand 883 in government assets and one lakh 18 thousand 997 in private assets ie 3 lakh 31 thousand 880 publicity material has come to light. These include one lakh 21 thousand 341 wall writing, 90 thousand 901 posters and billboards, 76 thousand 337 banners and 51 thousand 450 other promotional materials.

Assembly election-2012 Keep your business dealings identical: Mr. Subrata Sahu Flying squad offered to sleep by the bank

Korea, October 13, 2018 / Chief Election Officer, Mr. Subrata Sahu, has asked the traders not to be disturbed by the investigation conducted by Udgarda during the code of conduct. They have advised traders to carry the identification card to avoid any transaction problem. After the implementation of Model Code of Conduct, the merchant union delegation met today Chief Electoral Officer and apprised him of his problems. While assuring the delegation, Shri Sahu urged the bank to keep the identity card during the transfer or withdrawal of the bank for carrying out the deposits and withdrawals. Under this, can be presented to the flying squad if demand for a deposit sleeve or withdrawal sleep.

Assembly election-2012 Chief Electoral Officer made direct contact with voters on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Solution of people's queries and questions To add maximum names to the voter list Appeal for franchise use

Korea, October 13, 2018 / Chief Election Officer of Chhattisgarh, Shri Subrata Sahu, is available for one hour on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, from 12 noon to noon. During this time, he answered the questions of many voters and resolved their curiosity. Under the Chief Electoral Officer Votant Awareness Program, the people who are interested in making better access to voters and encouraging them to vote in the upcoming assembly elections. Thousands of people joined them through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and asked questions about the preparations, procedures and arrangements for the elections. During the live, additional Chief Electoral Officer Shri S. Social media wing officers and technical staff were also present on the election including Bhartidasan and Joint Chief Electoral Officer Shri Sameer Vishnoi.
Chief Election Officer Shri Subrata Sahu said during a live chat on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube that in Chhattisgarh, the elections will be held in two phases on November 12 and November 20. With the announcement of election programs, Model Code of Conduct has come into effect in the state. He appealed to the people to name them in the maximum number of voters' list. Focusing on voting, use your franchise without any temptation or pressure. The Election Commission of India is fully committed for independent and unbiased election. All necessary controls and monitoring are being ensured to ensure compliance of Model Code of Conduct.
Shri Sahu also told the voters about the online mobile app C-VIIL, which is being used for the first time in the state for complaints of violations of Model Code of Conduct. He informed that any Android-based smartphone camera using this app can register a complaint through the Three-G or Four-G Connection, by taking photographs of the violation of the Code of Conduct or making a video. The complainant will get information about the action taken on his complaint within 100 minutes through the app. This app will start working after the nomination process begins for the first phase of the state from October 16. It can be downloaded from Google PlayStore.
While voting on Facebook and Twitter, during the election, voters made laws, arrangements for Model Code of Conduct, Election Expenditure, nomination process, voter list amendment and new name, voter identity card, arrangement for polling party, social work by candidates and political parties during the election. Media use, publicity, action of property deformity, arrangement at polling booths for divisions, postal ballot expenses Est, asked a number of questions about electronic voting machines and Vivipat.

Ensure delivery and return of postal ballots Postal Department - Mr. Subrata Sahu Nodal officer to be appointed for postal ballot distribution in districts Instructions on monitoring the unusual transaction of savings accounts to the Department of Posts

Korea, October 13, 2018 / Chief Electoral Officer Shri Subrata Sahu has asked the Director of Indian Postal Services to appoint nodal officers for the distribution of the postal ballot in each district. They have instructed to ensure the compliance of the guidelines of the Election Commission of India for the distribution of postal ballots and to ensure its return after voting. During a review meeting held in the office of Chief Electoral Officer, he said that the posters nominated by the Postal Department will be delivering daily returning ballot papers to the Returning Officer of the respective assembly constituencies till 3 pm. Candidates or their representatives will be present at the time of delivery of postal ballot papers.
During the meeting, Mr. Sahu directed the officers of the Department of Posts to make available information regarding the unusual transaction in the savings bank accounts in the post office to the District Election Office. He said that the Department of Posts should be cautious of any transaction and report of unusual transactions to the concerned Election Office immediately.
 Chief Electoral Officer said that all recognized political parties and candidates contesting election will be informed in writing in this regard. The receipt of the number of postal charges received daily will be made available by the District Election Officer. He said that on the day of counting day, the arrangement for admission to the Legislative Department of the postal department in all the assembly constituencies will be arranged by the District Election Office.
In the meeting, Additional Chief Executive Officer Dr. S. Bhartidasan, Joint Chief Electoral Officer Shri Sameer Vishnoi, Regional Director of Postal Department Shri M.B. Mr. Baz, Assistant Director Mr. Yadav, Deputy Chief Election Officer Mr. U.S. Mr. Jageshwar Kaushal was present in Agrawal and Nodal Officer for postal ballots.

Collector's meeting for purchase of paddy and corn at support price

Today, a meeting of the officials of the food department was organized in the meeting of collector and district election officer Shri Narendra Dugga in the collectorate meeting for Kharif marketing year 2018-19, procured paddy and maize at support price of Korea, October 12, 2018. The period of purchase of paddy and maize, the support price, the amount of estimated procurement in the district, preparation of co-operative society for the procurement, registration of farmers, distribution of trains, promotion of publicity etc. was discussed in detail.
Collector Dugga congratulated them and congratulated them for the good work done by them last year for all the officials and employees present. He said that according to the forthcoming assembly elections 2018, code of conduct has come into force. Therefore, the manager of the committee is also bound by the provisions of the Adarsha Model Code. No committee should have posters, banners, hoardings or any type of promotional material. All preparations for the purchase should be smooth and easy, if there is any deficiency, then complete the term in the time limit. Mr. Dugga, to deliberate the decision to make the strategic decisions by the departmental officers, create a group of farmers and the farmers of the village will come to the committee. This time they talked about issuing tokens.

Assembly election 2018 Completely ban on the use of plastic banners, posters, pamphlets etc. during publicity

According to the Election Commission of India, October 12, 2018, District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has fully banned the use of plastic banners, posters, pamphlets etc. during the campaigning of the assembly elections 2018. For this, he has given necessary instructions to the Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue and Electoral Registration Officer of all the sections. Apart from this, he has asked to spread propaganda through clothes and paper.


After being found free of Mrs. Sulochani Singh, the Gram Panchayat posted at Chirguda again on the post of Sarpanch

Department of Revenue and the Authorized Authorities of Korea, October 12, 2018 / Baikunthpur section said here that under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code and section of POSCO Act Smt. Sulochani Singh, husband of village Kochila, Shri Devprasad has been released. He said that against the decision passed by the Additional Sessions Judge till today, in the High Court, Bilaspur, due to absence of appeals and being found free, Mrs Sulochani Singh has been placed on the post of Sarpanch in Gram Panchayat Chirguda after being found free.


Assembly election 2018 Executive Magistrate appointed to maintain peace and law and order in the district

In view of Korea, October 12, 2018 / Assembly Election 2018, Collector and District Magistrate, Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has appointed Executive Magistrates to maintain peace and law and order in the district. He has entrusted the responsibility of maintaining peace and law and order in the area of ​​Baikunthpur area, to Mr. T. R. Deewangan, Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate of Bakuntalpur. Similarly, Mr. Umesh Kumar Kushwaha, Nayab Tehsildar and Executive Officer of Patna, has entrusted the responsibility of maintaining peace and law and order in all the areas under the Police Station, Mr. Umesh Kumar Kushwaha, Police Station, Patna, Kathakona, Pandopora Chaki and Sub Tehsil area and Executive Officer of Bakundipur, Mr. Apurva Preet Tappo. .
Collector Dugga, Mr. Dugga, sonhatt, Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate of Sonhat, Mr. Sonhat and all the area, Khabgwan's Nayab Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate Mr. Shini Pacara was posted in Police Station, Khaggaon and Tehsil area and Naib Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate of Bakundipar and Mr. Liladhar Dhruv, Maintaining peace and law and order in all the areas under Is responsible for the responsibility. Similarly, to maintain the peace and law and order arrangements in the police station of Mannagar, Khongapani, Jhagrakhand, Police Check, Nagpur and Tehsil, Mr. Dasarath Singh Rajput, Executive Officer of Kharagwan, all the area under Thana Chirmiri and Podi and Mr. Bharat Kaushik, Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate of Mannagar. The liability is entrusted.
Collector Mr. Dugga, Mr. Nighe Tehsildar, Nab Tehsildar of Bharatpur and Mr. Manamohan Pratap Singh, Nab Tehsildar and Executive Magistrate of Kahhari, Mr. Shashibhushan Soni, Mr. Mannohan Pratap Singh, Police Officer, Police Station, Thane, Janakpur and Tahsil area; All the regions and land records under Ramgarh, Superintendent of Korea Mr. Rajendra Prasad is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining peace and law and order in the entire region under police whip.

Polling day announced on November 20

According to the Election Commission of Korea, October 11, 2018, District Election Officer and Collector Shri Narendra Kumar Dugga has declared Pay Commission on November 20 as the forthcoming polling day for all three assembly seats in Korea District under the Legislative Assembly election 2018. According to Section 135-B of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, there is a provision for declaring employees 'sanction of leave on the day of polling day'. Apart from this, employed people in any business, business, industrial enterprise or any other establishment who is entitled to vote in the assembly for election, the vacancy will be approved on the day of polling. Collector Dugga has asked all the office-bearers and SACL in this regard. Chief General Manager of the Ministry of External Affairs has issued the order to ensure necessary action.

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