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Notice issued on non-authentic social media advertisements

Balrampur 13 Nov.

Notice issued by returning officer assembly constituency 07-Ramanujganj and 08-Samarari for issuing advertisements in the social media without authenticating by the candidates of both the assembly of Balrampur-Ramanujganj district in the Assembly election 2018.

Ramanujganj assembly candidate Shri Brispat Singh of Indian National Congress, Mr. Ramkishun Singh of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Mr. Vinay Paikra of Independent India and Shri Nishantha Mahajan of Indian National Congress of Samarhi Assembly, without advertisement authentication, has been issued. In relation to the said advertisement, issuing of notices to the concerned has been clarified.


Certification required for polling day before voting and voting day

Balrampur 13 Nov.

Collector and District Election Officer Shri Hiralal Nayak said that according to the instructions given by the Election Commission of India, the authentication of political advertisements (pre-certification) district level published in the print media a day before polling day and voting day under voting day 2018 Required by the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC).

He said that according to the guidelines of the Election Commission of India, no political party or candidate or any other organization or person will publish the publication of political advertisement in the print media one day before voting day and in the print media, The subject matter of the advertisement to be published has not been verified by the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee. It is noteworthy that in the district elections will be held on November 20.


Observers inspect training center

Balrampur 13 Nov

Legislative assembly election by the Election Commission of India, 2018, Assembly constituency No. 07 - appointed as the general observer for Ramanujganj Mr. K.C. Chaman Mr. Indra Singh Rao, the general observer appointed and 08 Samarri, is the presiding officer of the polling party at Naveen Laillyhud College, Bhelwadi. Examine the training being given to voting officer 1, 2 and 03. He is being trained by voting officers from EVMs. And VV Take a look at the operation of Pat machine and before the voting and after the voting.

Observers Viewed Media, C-Visil and Control Room Overview

Balrampur 13 Nov

Legislative assembly election by the Election Commission of India, 2018, Assembly constituency No. 07 - appointed as the general observer for Ramanujganj Mr. K.C. Chaman Mr. Indra Singh Rao, appointed general observer for and 08-Samarri, has organized the Media Certification And Monitoring Committee, C-Vizil and I.T. Inspecting the acquisition room installed for the cell center, control room and electoral work, he inquired about the situation, during this period he reviewed the register being made in all the branches and gave necessary directions to the officials and staff.

V.L.O. Release of cent percent photo-voter slip by November 15 Distribution

Balrampur 13 Nov

Legislative assembly election by the Election Commission of India, 2018, Assembly constituency No. 07 - appointed as the general observer for Ramanujganj Mr. K.C. Chaman Mr. Indra Singh Rao, appointed general observer for and 08 Samarri, has submitted the VLO in the Tehsil office, Balrampur. Provide necessary directions in relation to distribution of photo-based voter slip through meeting. Assembly constituency 07-Ramanujganj's observer Mr. K.C. Chaman VLO of polling booths under Balrampur tehsil In the meeting that said that every voter can use his franchise, ensure that the distribution of phototed voter slip is to be counted by 15th November. This work is very important, so you yourself start today the distribution work of photo voter slip.

He said that from 16th November we will go to the polling booths and inquire about voter slip from voters. He said that the V.L.O. The voting center will be the most voted, the information will be sent to the Election Commission of India.

Assembly constituency 08. General Inder Singh Rao of Samari told that all VLOs The list of voter slip distribution will be given daily and the voters who will not be able to get the voter slip for any reason. Such voters can come to vote on polling booth on polling day day. So all V.L.O. On the day of polling day, sitting at a distance of 200 meters from polling booth and distributing phototed voter slip. In the meeting, Shashi Shekhar Mishra, Tehsildar of Balrampur Tehsil, presented the present VLO. Gave detailed information regarding the process of distribution of photo-voted voters.


Candidates of Assembly constituency Samari told to lend their liabilities

Balrampur 12 Nov

Under the Legislative Assembly Election 2018, nominations for 15 candidates were received for assembly constituency 08-Samari (ST). Of which 03 nominations were canceled and the nomination was withdrawn by 02 candidates. Of the 15 candidates, 06 candidates presented their details in Kandika 08 of Form 26 B and the other 9 candidates have declared the liabilities, the 06 candidates who have declared their liabilities to be due. Among them, the total liability of Mr. Chintamani Maharaj of Indian National Congress is 44 lakh 41 thousand 334 rupees. 20 lakhs 76 thousand 7224 of JCB loan in UCO Bank Ambikapur, 19 lakh 96 thousand 80 rupees in house loan, 02 lakh 78 thousand 530 rupees in car loan, loan of Rs. 90 thousand from farmers credit card in Sarguja Regional Rural Bank and Indian The total liability of Mr. Sadhnath Pacara of Janata Party is Rs.15, 15, 650.

SBI Raipur House Loan 07 lakh 75 thousand 850 rupees, Scorpio vehicle loan worth Rs. 08 lakh 36 thousand, Tanker's 16 lakh 94 thousand 400 rupees, Skoda Rapid Vehicle Loan Rs. 7 lakh 11 thousand 400 rupees, State Bank of India Rajpura 59 Lakhs 98 thousand rupees are liability. Similarly, on behalf of Bahujan Samaj Party, Mr. Mitku Khakha, cooperative bank at Shankargarh, Rs. 05 thousand 339 rupees, Independent candidates for Arjun Sandilia, Rs. 06 lakhs in Mahendra Finance, Rs. 50 thousand in Central Bank on Mr. Anand Tigga and Mukesh Prasad Sandhya In 01 lakh 50 thousand rupees is liability.

Seats closed 48 hours before voting country / foreign liquor shops

Balrampur 12 Nov

The second phase of the Legislative Assembly election 2018 is to be held on November 20, 2018. As per the instructions issued by the Commercial Tax Excise Department Raipur, Collector and District Magistrate, Mr. Hiralal Nayak, using the powers conferred in sub-section (1) of Section 24 of the Excise Act, 1915, all the domestic / foreign liquor shops operated in the district, 48 Hours before i.e. 18 November 2018 evening closing 5.00 hrs to 20 november 2018 In the said period, all the country / foreign liquor shops in the district have been directed to close seal and to sanction a complete ban on the illegal manufacturing / transportation / storage / holding of liquor-purchase drugs.

Observers take a meeting of sector officials and give them information about the election

Balrampur 12 Nov

In the presence of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak, the Election Commission of India, by the Election Commission of India, the Legislative Assembly election No. 078, the General Observer appointed for Ramanujganj, Mr. K.C. The general observer appointed for Chaman and 08 Samarri, Mr. Indra Singh Rao and the Police Observer, Mr. Mahesh Ghurye gave necessary information regarding the election by taking a meeting of sector officials in the meeting of the old district panchayat.

Mr. K.C.Chaman, General Observer appointed for Ramanujganj at the meeting. Chaman told the sector officials that all of you have now become the employees of the Election Commission of India. You must be aware of every activity of the election process. Along with the Sector Officer, you have also received magisterial power. Therefore, taking all the activities related to the election seriously, take the election task.

He said that on the day of polling day you must stay in the mockpole in a polling station of your Sector. Assembly constituency 08-General Indra Singh Rao of Samri gave detailed information on what to do to the Sector Officer on the day of voting, as well as to ensure the sector officials that all the material related to voting was made available to the voting parties. Yes or No.

They asked to mockpol in presence of polling agents appointed by the candidates one hour before voting and start the polling work at the scheduled time. Mr. Rao got information from the Sector officials about the process after the end of polling. Police Observer Shri Mahesh Ghurye said that some of the polling centers were inspected by me, where good arrangements have been made for voting. He asked the Sector officials to keep the contact number of the Police Administration and instructed them to immediately inform senior officers about any untoward incident or suspicious of untoward incident. Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak told the sector officials that you have understood all the work related to all the elections.

All the Sector Officers once again visit their Sector and ensure all necessary facilities in the polling stations. He asked all officers to use their ballot from the postal ballot. The Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Shiv Anant Tayal also gave information regarding his responsibilities during the elections from the Sector officials. E.C.I.L. in the meeting Engineer and Master Trainer of Hyderabad, Shri N.K. E.V.M. by Devangan And VV Detailed information about the operation of pat machine was given.


Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Exam for Online by November 30

Balrampur 06 Nov 2018 / Principal of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, BHELWADI Balrampur has informed that online application for online selection process has been started for admission in the academic session 2019-20. Application for entrance examination can be done online through the website of Navodaya Institution on October 23 to November 30, 2018.


8.5 bulk liters hand furnace seized alcohol

In view of Balrampur 06 November 2018 / Assembly Election 2018, under the guidance of District Excise Officer, on the instructions of Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Hiralal Nayak, guerrillan proceedings were conducted against those who sell illegal liquor in the district. During this time, the department seized 8.5 bulk liter hand kiln liquor. In which the hand furnace wine was handed over to Mr. Bablu Atjam Shri Somaru resident of Thana Rajpur village Kotagahana 4.00 bulk liters and Thana Rajpur village Zingo resident Smt. Ratnamia husband Mr. Dilshi was handed over to 4.5 kilo liter of hand furnace liquor and the Excise Act 34 ( A) The case was established and arrested.

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