Looted Pakistan shocks $ 5 billion fine

Looted Pakistan shocks $ 5 billion fine

There is another setback to Pakistan facing a huge cash crisis. An international arbitration court has imposed a fine of $ 5 billion 97 million on that. This fine is $ 4.08 billion in damages and $ 1.87 billion is included in the interest. This penalty has been imposed on Pakistan for Reco Dick Project. The court has imposed this penalty on Pakistan for rejecting a mining lease illegally.

Chethy's mining company and the company of Canada Barrick Gold Corporation, the company Tethyan Copper, filed a claim in the International Mediation Court. A decision on the petition filed before the World Bank's International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes in 2012 has come. The government of Balochistan province of Pakistan rejected the company's Leasing Request.


In its 700-page verdict against Pakistan, the tribunal imposed a fine of US $ 4.08 billion and fined US $ 1.87 billion on Friday. The company claimed a loss of USD 11.43 billion. The case was going on for seven years between the Pakistan government and the company.

What is Reco Dick?
Reko Dick, in Balochi, means a small town in the Chagai district in Balochistan, near the sandy beaches, Iran and the border of Afghanistan. Reko Dick mine is famous for its huge gold and copper reserves and is believed to have the world's fifth largest gold deposit.

According to a report by Pakistan's newspaper Dawn, TCC completed a comprehensive and detailed Bankability feasibility study for the development of the mine in Reco Dekh during August 2010 and submitted the application for mining lease in February 2011.

The project was closed in November 2011, when the Balochistan government rejected the application by the local operations assistant of TCC for mining lease in relation to Reco Dick.

Imran Khan ordered inquiry

The then chief justice of the Supreme Court, Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary, in January 2013 had declared the Reco-Dick Agreement vacant and opposed the laws of the country.

According to the Washington-based International Monetary Fund (IMF), the decision of ICSID is a major blow to Pakistan, which is a "turning point", where it needs an ambitious and bold change of reforms.

Express Tribune reported that Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan issued orders to set up a commission and set up responsibilities to investigate the major damage done by Pakistan in the Reco-Dake case on Sunday.

The decision taken to give guidance to the temple and church taken by Communist Party in China - report

The decision taken to give guidance to the temple and church taken by Communist Party in China - report

Recently, the number of people coming to these temples has increased. It was also discussed in the meeting that a group of rich people in China are showing greater interest towards spirituality.


The leaders of the Communist Party of China have decided to take the guidance of religious institutions such as temples and churches in order to make themselves better for the socialist country. It is believed that the party is not happy with the many things going on in these institutions, due to which the decision was taken. This decision was taken in the National Committee of the Chinese People Political Consultative Conference. According to China's News Agency Xinhua News, the meeting was discussed in China about the management of temples and churches in China.

This decision was taken under the leadership of a member of the strongest Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party. According to the law, the committee member also said for efforts to improve and innovate in the management of temples and churches.


Special discussion about Buddhist temple

There was a special discussion about Buddhist and Taoist temples in the meeting. Recently, the number of people coming to these temples has increased. It was also discussed in the meeting that a group of rich people in China are showing greater interest towards spirituality. It is noteworthy that the Communist Party had asked its leaders not to go to religious programs sometime back.

Disgruntled at the appointment of Bishop in Catholic churches

Tell us that there is a conflict between the church and the Communist party in China. Both have stopped each other's decisions on several occasions. In fact, the Chinese party's churches are strongly opposed to the fact that the Pope decides the appointment of the Bishop in Catholic churches.

Vatican to dig up graves in search for missing teen

Vatican to dig up graves in search for missing teen

Vatican City: The Vatican will dig up two graves Thursday after an anonymous tip-off that they may contain the remains of an Italian teenager who went missing 36 years ago.

Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of Vatican employee, was last seen leaving a music class aged 15, and theories have circulated for decades about who took her and where her body may lie.

Orlandi's brother Pietro, who has campaigned tirelessly for the Vatican to open an investigation into her disappearance, will be present when the graves are opened at the Teutonic Cemetery.

The exhumation comes after the family's lawyer received a tip-off with a picture of an angel-topped grave in the cemetery, and a message which simply read: "Look where the angel is pointing".

The small, leafy cemetery, located on the original site of the Emperor Nero circus, is usually the last resting place for German-speaking members of Catholic institutions.

Beyond St Peter's Basilica, in an area off-limits to tourists, neat rows of tombstones lie behind a wrought-iron gate, some shaded by palm trees, others bordered by pink roses.

The tombs that will be opened belong to two princesses, buried in 1836 and 1840. The remains found within will be removed and examined on-site by Italian forensic anthropologist Giovanni Arcudi.

He expects to be able to roughly date the bones within about five hours, he said in an interview published by the Vatican on Wednesday. "The state of conservation of the bones is what will determine the time required.

"Much depends on the environmental conditions, on the microclimate in which they are found, on the humidity, on the presence of infiltrations, on possible actions of microfauna," he said.

It will be possible to say "whether a bone has been there 50 years or 150 years". He expects to be able to determine the gender and whether or not the remains belong to more than one person per tomb.

Arcudi will extract material for DNA analysis, regardless of his initial findings. "The DNA test will be done in any case, in order to be certain and to exclude definitively and categorically the chance that any remains in the two tombs are attributable to poor Emanuela," he said.

Results could take up to 60 days, he added. "I've always hoped she's alive, and to find her alive," 60-year-old Pietro Orlandi, whose mother still lives within the Vatican walls, told AFP on Wednesday.

"But if Emanuela is dead and is buried there, it's right that what has been hidden for so many years comes to light". According to some theories widely circulated in Italian media, the teen was snatched by a mobster gang to put pressure on the Vatican to recover a loan.

Another claim often repeated in the press was that she was taken to force the release from prison of Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turk who attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II in 1981.

The family braced for a possible breakthrough last year, when human remains were found at a Vatican property in Rome. In 2017, conspiracy specialists were driven into a frenzy by a leaked -- but apparently falsified -- document, purportedly written by a cardinal and pointing to a Vatican cover-up.

Five years earlier, forensic experts exhuming the tomb of a notorious crime boss at a Vatican church uncovered some 400 boxes of bones. Enrico De Pedis, head of the Magliana gang, was suspected of involvement in her kidnapping and some speculated the youngster may be buried alongside him -- but DNA tests failed to find a match.



Harvard economist suspended for 'unwelcome sexual conduct'

Harvard economist suspended for 'unwelcome sexual conduct'

Cambridge: Harvard University has suspended a well-known economist after an investigation found he engaged in "unwelcome sexual conduct" toward several people.

Claudine Gay, a Harvard dean, said in an email to the economics department Wednesday that the review found Roland Fryer Jr. created a "hostile work environment" over several years.

Gay says Fryer will be placed on administrative leave for two years. Fryer was accused last year of talking about sex, making inappropriate comments and objectifying women in his research lab.

He called those allegations "patently false" and denied ever discriminating against or harassing anyone in his lab. Fryer said in an emailed statement Wednesday he's "deeply disappointed," particularly because his colleagues' work in the research lab has been stopped. He says "Harvard has spoken" and "in due course" he will as well.

-By AP

US: Outrage over killing of black teen over rap music complaint

US: Outrage over killing of black teen over rap music complaint

Phoenix: Hundreds of people including a presidential candidate spoke out on Twitter this week after a 17-year-old black youth was killed at suburban convenience store, allegedly by a white man charged Tuesday with first-degree murder who has said he felt threatened by the boy's rap music.

Family members have told local media that Elijah Al-Amin would have turned 18 in two weeks and was looking forward to his last year in high school. Friends and family hugged Monday at the Islamic Community Center in Tempe, where prayers for the teen were held before burial in Maricopa County.

A modest makeshift memorial outside the convenience store where Al-Amin was stabbed was still erected on Tuesday, with a pair of white porcelain angels, fresh flowers and burning calendars - including one dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Catholic patron saint of Mexico.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office said it filed a direct complaint Tuesday charging Michael Adams, 27, in the Thursday morning killing. First-degree murder carries a sentence of life behind bars or death. Adams is next scheduled to appear in court July 15.

The Twitter hashtag #JusticeForElijah began trending over the Independence Day weekend after police in the suburban Phoenix city of Peoria arrested Adams. He had been released from state prison two days before.

"Another one of our children has been murdered in a heinous and unprovoked way_the DOJ must investigate this hate crime immediately," Democratic candidate Cory Booker wrote on his Twitter account Monday.

"RIP Elijah. #JusticeForElijah." Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian American civil rights activist from Brooklyn, New York, called the crime "outrageous" and said it recalled the 2012 killing of 17-year-old high school student Jordan Davis in Jacksonville, Florida. "Rest in power Elijah Al-Amin," she wrote.

Michael Dunn, who is white, was later convicted of first-degree murder in that earlier killing, a shooting that erupted during an argument about loud music coming from a car carrying Davis and other black teenagers.

In the Arizona attack, first responders discovered Al-Amin collapsed outside the Peoria Circle K store's gas pumps and took him to a hospital, where he died. Several people inside the store had watched as Al-Amin was stabbed in the throat and the back before he ran outside.

Officers found Adams nearby with a pocket knife and blood on his body. Adams told them he had felt threatened by the rap music coming from Al-Amin's vehicle.

Adams' attorney, Jacie Cotterell, told the judge at his initial appearance hearing that her client was mentally ill and released without any medication, "no holdover meds, no way to care for himself." Cotterell said during the videotaped court hearing that "this is a failing on the part of the (Arizona) Department of Corrections." Adam's bond was maintained at $1 million. He had been freed July 2 after serving a 13-month sentence for aggravated assault.

Department of Corrections spokesman Bill Lamoreaux said in a statement that "the tragic death is terrible, and Mr. Adams will have to answer for his alleged actions."

The statement said that when Adams was released he "was not designated seriously mentally ill" and that once the department transported him from the state prison complex in Yuma where he had served his sentence to Maricopa County it "had no further legal authority over him."

Many of the people commenting on Twitter said that claims about Adams' mental illness should not be used to explain away what they believe was a hate crime. There is no hate crime statute in Arizona, but a judge's determination that a hate crime has occurred can toughen sentencing.

-By AP


US billionaire among 7 feared dead in helicopter crash near Bahamas

US billionaire among 7 feared dead in helicopter crash near Bahamas

Virginia: Coal tycoon Chris Cline is amongst the seven feared dead after the helicopter they were travelling in crashed off the coast of the Bahamas on Thursday.

The Governor of Virginia, Jim Justice, confirmed Cline's demise and tweeted, "Today we lost a WV superstar and I lost a very close friend. Our families go back to the beginning of the Cline empire - Pioneer Fuel. Chris Cline built an empire and on every occasion was always there to give. What a wonderful, loving, and giving man."


The 60-year-old businessman's friends told a Virginian daily, The Register-Herald, that one of the billionaire's daughters, David Jude, was also on board the helicopter which was found submerged near the Walker's Cay. The other passengers are said to be two young adults from Beckley, friends and a helicopter mechanic from Florida. Their identities have not been revealed.

The chopper was on its way to Fort Lauderdale from the Bahamas when the mishap occurred. "Initial reports are coming in that a helicopter departed, I think it's a cay near to Walker's Cay, at 2 am and I guess shortly after takeoff it crashed," a daily from the Bahamas, The Nassau Guardian, quoted its Minister of Tourism and Aviation, Dionisio D'Aguilar, as saying. The death toll has not been confirmed yet.


Donald Trump celebrates US Independence Day with massive military parade

Donald Trump celebrates US Independence Day with massive military parade

Washington: US President Donald Trump on Thursday celebrated America's Independence Day with an unprecedented display of country's military might at a parade in the national capital.

Trump became the first US President in over 70 years to deliver an Independence Day address which the Opposition Democratic leaders criticised for what they alleged politicisation of the country's declaration of independence from Britain on July 4, 1776.

Joined by First Lady Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, his cabinet colleagues and top military leadership, Trump in his address to thousands of people said this was an occasion to salute the US soldiers and generals.

"Today we come together as one nation. With this very special salute to America. We celebrate our history by people, and the heroes who proudly defend our flag, the brave men and women of the United States military," said the US President.

In his 'Salute to America' address, Trump said the same American spirit that emboldened country's founders has kept its people strong throughout its history.

"To this day that spirit runs through the veins of every American patriot. It lives on in each and every one of you here today. It is the spirit, daring and defiance, excellence and adventure, courage and confidence, loyalty and love that built this country into the most exceptional nation in the history of the world, and our nation is stronger today than it ever was before. it is its strongest now," he said.


The President recalled the upcoming anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. He recognised Gene Kranz, the NASA flight director from that mission, and promised someday soon that the US will "plant the American flag on Mars".

Trump recognised each branch of the armed forces, noting the Space Force would soon be added. He also recognised law enforcement and Gold Star families.

"Our nation has always honoured the heroes who serve our communities. The firefighters, first responders, police, sheriffs... border patrol and all of the brave men and women of law enforcement. On this July 4th, we pay special tribute to the military service members who laid down their lives for our nation," Trump said.

Several separate flyovers of military aircraft took place as Trump spoke about the legacy of the armed forces. The air platforms which participated in 'Salute to America' included Air Force One; F-18; MH-60 (1), US Air Force Aircraft B-2/F-22; US Marine Corps Aircraft: V-92/V-22; US Army: Aircraft: AH-64 and US Navy: F-35/F-18.

Among other military equipment were M1A2 Abrams Tanks; M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles; M88 Recovery Vehicle and Contact Truck with crew. "On this July 4, we pay special tribute to the military service members who laid down their lives for our nation. We are deeply moved to be in the presence this evening of gold star families whose loved ones made the supreme sacrifice," Trump said.

Opposition Democratic leaders criticised Trump for what they alleged politicisation of the Independence Day of the United States. Two protestors were arrested near the parade site. In addition two secret service agents received minor injuries in a flag-burning incident outside the White House.

-By Lalit K Jha FPJ.


US: One in custody after several people stabbed in Virginia

US: One in custody after several people stabbed in Virginia

Virginia: The police has detained one suspect after several people were stabbed inside a plasma centre in Petersburg here on Thursday. The police chief Kenneth Miller told CNN affiliate WTVR that the incident occurred at the Octapharma Plasma centre on Sycamore Street.

The identity of the suspect has not been revealed yet. The motive behind the stabbing is also not known. The number of people injured is yet to be announced.


Mike Pompeo arrives in Saudi Arabia to discuss Iran issue

Mike Pompeo arrives in Saudi Arabia to discuss Iran issue

Riyadh: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Saudi Arabia on Monday for a regional visit to discuss Iran-related topics. Pompeo is expected to meet King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, before flying to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Xinhua news agency quoted Al Arabiya TV as saying.

Pompeo told reporters before departing that Washington wanted talks with Tehran even as it planned to impose "significant" new economic sanctions. Pompeo's visit comes as tensions peaked between the US and Iran after Tehran last week shot down an American reconnaissance drone.


3 terrorists killed in Karachi, claims Pakistan police

3 terrorists killed in Karachi, claims Pakistan police

Karachi: Three terrorists were killed in an operation conducted by Pakistani armed forces in Karachi late on Sunday.

After getting a tip-off, the police and intelligence agencies conducted an operation and during the exchange of fire, the terrorists were killed. However, two of their accomplices managed to escape.

The police have claimed that the trio was planning to "carry out sabotage activities" in Karachi. The police have also recovered a suicide jacket, hand grenades and large quantity of arms from their possession.