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Dengue tests may be required for Bangladeshis to go to West Bengal, claims have been raised Kolkata Municipality

 Dengue tests may be required for Bangladeshis to go to West Bengal, claims have been raised Kolkata Municipality

MD Abdur Rahman Dhaka, Bangladesh: TNINS 

The number of dengue patients is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. Dengue deaths are also increasing. As a result, dengue will spread dangerously in that country through people going from Bangladesh to West Bengal

The municipality of Kolkata fears this. .

And so the Kolkata municipality has written to the state government to make dengue test mandatory for Bangladeshis visiting West Bengal in order to prevent dengue. The letter said that the state government should talk to the central government about the matter.

Dengue outbreaks have increased over the past few weeks in West Bengal, especially in densely populated areas in and around Kolkata. There have even been cases of death from dengue.

Kolkata Mayor and State Minister Firhad Hakim called an emergency meeting today with the concerned parties to prepare and find ways to deal with dengue, malaria and other diseases.

Kolkata Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh said, “Dengue is spreading dangerously in neighboring countries, especially in Dhaka. I have spoken to the authorities in Dhaka about the matter. We will write to the state health department asking the Center to immediately set up blood testing centers at all immigration points.”



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