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Oppressed class should be able to recognize their actual representatives : PM Dahal


Kathmandu. Prime Minister and Chairman of CPN (Maoist Center) Pushpa Kamal Dahal "Prachanda" has said that the real representative of the poor, disadvantaged and oppressed classes is the party Maoist Center and its leadership. 

Addressing the World Newar Day program held in Kathmandu on Saturday afternoon, the Prime Minister Dahal said that the poor and oppressed class should be able to recognize their actual representatives. 

In the program, the Prime Minister Dahal said, "Constitutional system with federalism, republic, secularism, inclusion and proportional features has been made on the strength of Nepalese people's sacrifice."  

However, the current constitution is not as complete as we would like. My party and I fought to establish identity and rights in the new constitution, he said. 

"We played a decisive role for whatever rights were written. If there is a sincere and continuous organized effort, the remaining rights to be institutionalized in the constitution will gradually be established. Therefore, it is important for all oppressed classes, castes and communities to know well who their true representatives are," said Prime Minister Dahal.


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