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Chief Minister will release Rs.8 crore 13 Lakhs to the beneficiaries of Godhan Nyay Yojana on October 6


Earns Rs.10.05 lakhs from selling 22,528 liters of cow urine based Brahmastra and Jeevamrut
Raipur, 04 October 2022

In a virtual conference that is being organized on October 6 at Chief Minister's residence office, Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, will transfer an amount of Rs.8 crore 14 lakh into the accounts of  the cattle rearing villagers, women groups associated with Gauthans and Gauthan committees under the Godhan Nyay Yojana. The amount will be transferred online directly to the accounts of the beneficiaries. Under this installment, Rs.5.34 crore will be paid in lieu of 2.67 lakh quintals of cow dung purchased from cattle rearing villagers, farmers and landless farmers in Gauthans from September 16 to 30, Rs.1.69 crores will be paid to Gauthan committees and Rs.1.11 crores will be paid to women self help groups. 

Beneficiaries of Godhan Nyay Yojana gets Rs.350.54 crore

Under the Godhan Nyay Yojana, Rs.342 crore 41 lakh has been paid to the beneficiaries in the state till date, which includes a bonus amount of Rs 18 crore. After the payment of 8.13 crores on October 6, this figure will increase to Rs.350 crores 54 lakhs.

It is worth mentioning that,Under Godhan Nyay Yojna, cow dung at the rate of Rs.2 per kg and cow urine at the rate of Rs.4 per liter is being purchased in Gauthans of Chhattisgarh. An amount of 165 crore has also been paid to the villagers in lieu of 82.50 lakh quintals of cow dung purchased in Gauthans till September 15. After the payment of Rs.5.34 crore to cow dung vendors on October 6, this figure will increase to Rs.170.64 crore. An amount of Rs. 159.41 crore has also been paid  to Gauthan committees and women self-help groups so far. This figure will increase to Rs.162.21 crore after payment of Rs.2.79 crore to Gauthan Committees and self help groups on October 6. So far, cow dung worth Rs. 20.60 crore has been purchased by self-supporting Gauthans with their own funds. 

Gauthan procures 53,231 litres of cow urine, earns Rs.10.05 lakhs from the sale of Brahmastra and Jeevamrut

Cow urine is being procured in 77 Gauthans of the state at a rate of Rs.4 per litre. In gauthan till now, 30,940 liters of pest control Brahmastra and  Jeevamrut growth enhancer have been prepared from the purchased 53 thousand 231 liters of cow urine in Gauthans, out of which Rs.10.05 lakh has been earned from the sale of 22,528 liters of Brahmastra and Jeevamrut.

24 lakh quintals of vermicompost manufactured in Gauthan, SHG's earns Rs.81.84 Crores

18.38 lakh quintals of vermi compost and more than 5.35 lakh quintals of super compost and 18,924 quintals of super compost plus manure have been manufactured by women groups in Gauthans, which are being sold through societies at the rate of Rs.10, Rs.6 and Rs.6.50 per kg respectively. Apart from the manure produced from cow dung, women's groups are also earning profit by manufacturing and selling go-kashts, lamps, incense sticks, idols and other materials. Apart from this, vegetables and mushroom production, poultry, goat, fish farming and animal husbandry, along with other income-oriented activities are also being conducted by women groups in Gauthans, due to which women groups have earned an income of Rs 81.84 crore so far. Moreover,There are 11,187 women self-help groups directly associated with Gauthans in the state, with  83,874 active members. Electricity generation has also been started in Gauthans through Bio gas plants .
Godhan Nyay Yojana includes 2.89 lakh of cattle rearing villagers
For the conservation and promotion of cattle in the state, construction of Gauthans is being done at a rapid pace in the rural regions of Chhattisgarh. After the establishment of Gauthans, facility of better management of livestock, treatment of livestock, free fodder and water has been made available in Gauthans. Also, an approval has been given for the construction of Gauthans in 10,624 villages in the State, out of which 8408 Gauthans have been constructed and 1758 Gauthans are under construction. More than 2 lakh 89 thousand rural, animal husbandry farmers are getting benefited from Godhan Nyay Yojana. It is noteworthy that among the beneficiaries earning additional income by selling cow dung, 46 percent are women.

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