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Discussion has started among prominent people regarding the general elections.


New Delhi, 17 September 2023 (Agency). A round of discussion has started among prominent people regarding the general elections 2024. In this sequence, the political stir is expected to increase due to the activism of the famous social activist Arbind Pathak, who has been the bearer of many mass movements in the country. He met many celebrities in the last one week after a long time. People of all ideologies are included in this.
Mr. Pathak has described his activism as separate from political activities and has said that this is his courtesy call. Meeting these people after a long time. He also has a program to meet several prominent people at many other places including Lucknow, Jaipur, Bhopal and Raipur.
Mr. Pathak, who in the past had launched a movement for 50 percent share in power for the youth, protection of tribal rights, creation of small states and social concerns, this week consulted with his close supporters on the latest situation. He also held separate discussions with many senior lawyers of the Supreme Court and the district courts of Delhi.
Mr. Pathak met well-known educationist Prof. Yogesh Kumar and had an in-depth discussion on the latest situations of Mithila, Bihar and the country, on thursday.  Mithila has been a leader in the field of education. There have been many great personalities here, said Prof. Yogesh. On this occasion, Mr. Pathak urged him to visit the birth place of Maa Janaki and other Gods and Goddesses situated in Mithila.
Mr. Pathak later met Dr. Sanjay Srivastava, Vice Chancellor of Manav Rachna University in Haryana and J.S.S., Noida. He also met Dr. Amarjeet Singh, Principal of Engineering College. Earlier, Mr. Pathak had also discussed the latest situation with Dr. N.K Mohanti,  former Director General of Central Health Services and former Chairman of NEET & many other prominent people. LS.
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Rajendra Jha appointed as organisation secretary
New Delhi, 17 September 2023 (Agency). Pandit Rajendra Jha has been appointed as the organization Secretary of Brahmin Lok Sangathan of Delhi Pradesh.
National President of the organization Arvind Pathak made this appointment, today. Pandit Jha has been associated with the upliftment of the society for years.
Expressing his gratitude to National President Shri Pathak for his appointment, Pandit Jha said that he has been associated with him for the last three decades and he will try his best to fulfill the responsibility given to him. LS.

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