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MP Mr.Rahul Gandhi attended the Rajiv Yuva Mitan Sammelan and addressed the conference marked by a remarkable presence of youth

 Chhattisgarh Government has fulfilled every promise made to Chhattisgarh's public": MP Mr. Rahul Gandhi

 Chief Minister announced the discontinuation of the stipend system for state government appointments 

 Skill development increases employment opportunities for the youth, and the state government made remarkable efforts in employment generation 

 Chhattisgarh Government provides the highest MSP for paddy across the country 

 "Whenever we had the opportunity, we have tirelessly worked to strengthen and uplift our people"- Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel 

 Rajiv Yuva Mitan Sammelan witnesses the huge participation of the state’s youth 

Raipur, TNINS 

Chhattisgarh Government has fulfilled every promise made to Chhattisgarh's public

The ‘Rajiv Yuva Mitan Sammelan’ was held at Mela Ground in Nava Raipur on Saturday. MP Mr. Rahul Gandhi attended the event as Chief Guest. He stated that the Chhattisgarh Government, led by Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, has fulfilled every promise made to Chhattisgarh's public. The state has witnessed significant achievements, including the waiver of farmers' loans and a 50% reduction in electricity bills. The Chhattisgarh Government is also providing the highest minimum support price (MSP) for paddy, making it the top choice for paddy growers across India if ranking them in a list. "We have honoured our pledges made to the people wherever we've gone", he further stated.  

During the event, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel declared the discontinuation of the stipend system in state government appointments. Mr. Rahul Gandhi honoured the exemplary efforts of Rajiv Yuva Mitan Club members from various divisions. Newly recruited teachers received their appointment letters. They unveiled a table book titled "Vaade se Zyada" (Delivered More Than What Was Promised), published by Chhattisgarh's Public Relations Department.  

In a conference marked by a remarkable presence of youth, Mr. Rahul Gandhi stated that the state government has a focus on job creation in Chhattisgarh. He highlighted his discussions with Chief Minister Mr. Baghel, stressing the importance of utilising the diverse skills in the state to create unique products in each district. Mr. Gandhi urged to provide greater support for small entrepreneurs through bank linkages and emphasised the need for effective marketing strategies. Mr. Rahul Gandhi commended Mr. Baghel's efforts in this regard, acknowledging their success in creating new and better employment opportunities for countless young people. He envisioned Chhattisgarh as the logistical centre of India, urging investments in infrastructure to facilitate global connectivity through the state. Mr. Gandhi praised the Chhattisgarh Government's performance, believing that it has excelled in its efforts to promote economic growth and employment generation in the region.  

During his address, Mr. Rahul Gandhi emphasised the significant role of youth in the state's development and shared his vision behind the establishment of the Rajiv Yuva Mitan Club. The state government is providing Rs. 1,00,000 annually to each club, with three lakh youths joining the initiative. Mr. Gandhi highlighted the achievement of securing tribal rights through the PESA Act, underscoring the position of tribals as the primary owners of the nation's land, forests, and water resources.  

"Above all, we are Indians, and our fundamental duty is to coexist with love and respect for one another. This core message was a central theme during the "Bharat Jodo Yatra".", Mr. Rahul Gandhi stated. He underscored that progress cannot be achieved through hatred and violence and that a thriving economy is built on peace. He urged everyone to unite for the collective betterment of the country and encouraged Chhattisgarh's youth to shape its future.  

During the event, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel recalled Mr. Rahul Gandhi's visit five years ago and suggested schemes that would benefit the common people, tribals, and farmers. Mr. Baghel stated that the state government has initiated such schemes, particularly in support of farmers. Notably, Chhattisgarh doesn't charge fees for competitive exams. He highlighted the trust of the entire state's population in their government and the importance of harnessing the energy of the youth.  

The Chief Minister mentioned Unemployment Allowances for young people and their commitment to empowering the people, echoing the legacy of leaders like Prime Minister Mr. Nehru and Mr. Manmohan Singh. For the first time, the state is celebrating the youth’s participation in the state’s development. The state government is providing Rs. 1,00,000 annually to Rajiv Yuva Mitan Clubs, which disseminate information about culture, sports, and governance to marginalised communities.  

Mr. Baghel stated that the state government has an ambitious target of generating 10 to 12 lakh jobs in the next five years, emphasising the state government's commitment to better employment opportunities. Deputy Chief Minister Mr. T S Singh Deo expressed gratitude to Mr. Rahul Gandhi for his valuable time and presence at the event, underscoring the importance of their collective efforts in shaping Chhattisgarh's future.  

Higher Education Minister Mr. Umesh Patel, MP Mr. Deepak Baij, Mrs. Phulo Devi Netam, Mrs. Ranjit Ranjan, and Chairman of Chhattisgarh State Mineral Development Corporation Mr. Girish Dewangan also addressed the program. Advisor to the Chief Minister, Mr. Pradeep Sharma, delivered the welcome speech. Former Union Minister Ms. Kumari Shailja, Speaker of Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly Dr. Charandas Mahant, Agriculture Minister Mr. Tamradhwaj Sahu, Panchayat Development Minister Mr. Ravindra Choubey, Forest Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar, Urban Administration Minister Mr. Shiv Kumar Dahariya, Culture Minister Mr. Amarjeet Bhagat, Excise Minister Mr. Kawasi Lakhma, Tribal and Scheduled Caste Development Minister Mr. Mohan Markam, Women and Child Development Minister Mrs. Anila Bhediya, Parliamentary Secretaries and Presidents of Corporations and Boards were present.



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