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Jharkhand's renowned philanthropist Luthfal Haque received twin honors in Malaysia for his commercial success and outstanding contribution to social service

 Jharkhand's renowned philanthropist Luthfal Haque received twin honors in Malaysia for his commercial success and outstanding contribution to social service


He is already at the pinnacle of fame. He has been awarded various honors from different parts of India. Now a new feather has been added to his crown. He got two honors together. He was awarded the Indo Global Excellence Award 2023 by the US organization Global Human Rights Council for his outstanding contribution to social service. 

Commonwealth University also awarded him an honorary doctorate for commercial success. The event was organized by the Commonwealth University at a five-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Former Education Minister of Malaysia, renowned educationist, entrepreneur Mr. Dr. Majli Malik was present as the chief guest on the occasion. On this day Mr. Luthfal Haque was presented with an honorary doctorate degree and Indo Global Excellence Award 2023 by the Commonwealth University by Dr. Majli Malik, the former Minister of Education of Malaysia.

Mr. Luthfal Haque was born in a very poor family. To earn a living, he started working as a day laborer in a stone quarry. He started his career as a day laborer but had big dreams in his eyes. Mr. Luthful Haque dreamed of being successful one day in life. Through long hard work and dedication, he is currently working with a reputation as a successful businessman across the country. Due to his hard work and never looking back habit, Luthfal Haque is not only in Jharkhand, but his commercial success and humanitarian service is being talked about all over the country outside of Jharkhand. This is the first time Dr. Malik Luthfal Haque's humanitarian service in foreign soil. Dr. Malik said, Mr. Luthfal Haque has become a hero from zero. He struggled with poverty as a child and teenager. Today he is a successful businessman on a large scale. But he did not forget about the poverty of his childhood. So he is still engaged in the service of thousands of poor and distressed people. Mr. Malik said, Luthfal Haq's social service will inspire many people. The event was organized at the five-star hotel Swiss Garden Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Many dignitaries from India including America, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia were present. It may be noted that Lutfal Haque was previously honored for his outstanding contribution to society by the All India Journalists Protection Committee in Mumbai in the field of social service, where his social service was published in various Mumbai newspapers and TV channels. Moreover, a couple of months ago, Lutphal Haque was honored with the Bengal International Excellence Award for his selfless work in social service at a five-star hotel in Kolkata. Bollywood's legendary actress Sharmila Tagore presented this prestigious honor. Luthfal Haque received two awards on the soil of Malaysia today, there is a flood of praise throughout Jharkhand and Bengal.  Many luminaries of society have congratulated Luthfal Haq on receiving this award. Meanwhile Luthfal Haque in his characteristic manner says, I have struggled with poverty in my childhood, I have seen poverty very closely. Today I am successful as a businessman, so I have not forgotten the poor people. Luthfal said, as long as I live on earth, I will serve the poor and helpless people.


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