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Hardworking farmers of the diocese will receive a Rs 2400 crore Paddy bonus: Dr. Raman Singh

Bilaspur: Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh, addressing Amsabha at village Kotami of Pedara Vikasakhanad of Bilaspur District on Sept. 24, said that hardworking farmers of the state would get a bonus of Rs 2400 crore this year upon purchase of Paddy at the support price. In order to unleash a fair price of paddy to the farmers, Shri Narendra Modi has made a lump-sum increase of 200 rupees per qtls in Paddy's support price. The state government is giving paddy bonuses of Rs 300 per QTLs this year. The farmers will get the price of qtls Paddy from 2050 to Rs 2070 per farmer. Unhoene will also be paid a bonus amount with Paddy's support value to farmers upon starting Paddy's purchases from November. Marwahi is also the area of hardworking farmers. It will also benefit the farmers of the region with the whole state.

In the General Assembly of the Government of Marwahi Higher Secondary school field, urban Administration Minister Shri Amar Agarwal, chairman of Zila Panchayat, had several janaparatinidhi and a large number of rural villagers including Shri Deepak Sahu. The Chief Minister has occasion

The chief minister said that farmers are being given the facility to pay flat-rate electricity bills on more than one irrigation pumps of up to 5 horsepower. The state's single-light stripe is being facilitated by over 12 lakh impoverished households, whose power consumption is more than 40 units per month, paying for a flat rate electricity bill. The farmers are being provided with a loan without interest from the cooperative banks. The chief minister said the Teduupatata bonus of Rs 750 crore will be disbursed to teduupatata collectors of the state during the one-month development journey. He said that the mother Danteshwari and mother Bamleshwari had started taking blessings. In this development journey I have raced to seek the blessings of the public Janardan. It is a journey of public confidence. I consider it sacred to visit pilgrims.

The Chief Minister mentioned various schemes of the State Government, including the Chief minister's Food Safety plan, Chief Minister's Health safety plan, prime Ujjwala plan, prime housing scheme, solar Sujala scheme on the occasion. He said the Prime Minister Mr Males







ASP Neeraj Chandra Kadam, PHQ Attach on Lathi Charge Case on Congressmen

Action taken by the government in Lathicharge case on Congress workers in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Bilaspur Neeraj Chandrakar has been removed. Neeraj Chandra has been attached to Bilaspur Police Head Quarter Raipur. Dr Raman Singh, who arrived at Surajpur under the Atal Vikas Yatra, informed about the action during the discussion with the media.

Dr Raman Singh told the Surajpur CM that Additional SP Neeraj Chandrakar has been attached the PHQ to the magistrate's inquiry. On Wednesday, CM Dr. Raman Singh had announced a magisterial inquiry into the matter in the media in Korea. However, Congress state president Bhupesh Baghel was demanding a judicial inquiry into the case. There was a political spate in the state over the incident. In the protest against the incident of Tuesday's lathi charge, Congress performed in the entire state and blew the effigy. With this, State President Bhupesh Baghel said in the manner of the warning that if the culprits of the case did not take action within 24 hours, they would be strongly welcomed during the visit of the Prime Minister to Chhattisgarh on September 22.

It is noteworthy that the Congressmen threw garbage at the residence of minister Amar Agarwal in Bilaspur on Tuesday. From this, the Bokhalai police lathicharged the Congressmen. So much so that the protesters were beaten up by entering the Congress office. After this incident, Congress has opened a front against the government after the incident.

Chief Minister inaugurates signature campaign under cleanliness service campaign kota in bilaspur dist.

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has said that former Prime Minister Late Shri Atal Bihari Bajpayee has increased the value of Chhattisgarh by creating state. The development that has taken place in Chhattisgarh in the past 15 years is only the responsibility of Atal ji. This development journey is dedicated to Atal ji, the creator of Chhattisgarh. Atal ji has settled in the minds of the people here.

This is the journey of realizing their dreams. To make their dreams come true, by 2025, an unseen vision letter has been made to make new Chhattisgarh. Dr. Singh was addressing the massive general meeting held in the Kota, Tehsil head quarters of Bilaspur district under the state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra.
On the occasion, the Chief Minister announced the acceptance of a new building in Kota College from next academic session to start postgraduate classes of science and commerce faculty and in place of Virg Bhawan of Virgo College. He also inaugurated 35 different development works of the Kota area and about 600 crore rupees. The Chief Minister launched the signature campaign in Kota today under the Sanitation Service Seva campaign being run from 16 September to 2 October.
While addressing the general body, the Chief Minister said that this Atal Vikas Yatra started with the blessings of Maa Danteshwari and mother Bambleshwari today on the holy feet of Koteswar Mahadev. He bowed down to the freedom fighters of the region Shri Ramsankar Tiwari, Shri Chandrashekhar Kurray, Dhaniram Thakur, Shri Virendra Kewal, Mr. Sanutt Kumar Tiwari and Shri Shivkumar Marakam.
The Chief Minister said that the development that has not happened since independence has happened in the last 15 years. Today, the poor are given a permanent house, a rupee kilo of rice, every person is given 50,000 health insurance in a year and 50 lakh women and college students are being given smartphones. These are not just plans but it is changing the lives of people.
Under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, every poor has a provision of a permanent house, arranging treatment up to Rs 5 lakhs for people, crop insurance for farmers, and many more schemes are being run. As a result, people from all sections of the villages, poor, farmers and laborers are benefitting. The program was also addressed by MP Lakhan Lal Sahu.
Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has said that the Chhattisgarh government will receive a bonus of Rs. 750 crores within a month for the tribal brothers of Chhattisgarh.


Chief Minister to inaugurate-lay foundation of development works worth Rs 130 crore in general assembly to be held in Kota

Power substations of capacity 33/11 KV capacity in Ratanpur and Kota Foundation laying of Nal-Jal Praday Yojana of Kurdur, Billiband and Tendua

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh will be addressing general assembly to be held in Kota block headquarters of Bilaspur district during state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra on September 18, tomorrow. On the occasion, Dr Singh will be inaugurating, laying foundation and doing bhumipujan of 44 development works worth nearly Rs 130 crore 89 lakh for development of the region. In the general assembly, Chief Minister will also distribute goods and financial aid to 587 beneficiaries under various beneficiary-oriented schemes of government.

Chief Minister will be inaugurating 25 construction works worth nearly Rs 111 crore 34 lakh, which includes Sakri-Ganiyari-Kota Road (nearly 22km) worth Rs 76 crore 57 lakh, Bansajhal Diversion Scheme worth Rs 11 crore 72 lakh, Kota-Belgahna Road (5km) worth Rs 11 crore 58 lakh, power substation of capacity 33/11 KV worth Rs one crore 70 lakh in Ratanpur, and CV Raman Kota power substation of capacity 33/11 KV worth nearly Rs one crore 55 lakh.

In the general assembly, Dr Singh will lay foundation and bhumipujan of 10 works worth Rs 19 crore 55 lakh, which includes construction works related to Lufa Diversion Yojana worth nearly Rs 9 crore 17 lakh, construction works related to Navagaon Diversion Scheme worth nearly 7 crore 77 Lakh, Billiband Nal-Jal Paday Yojana worth nearly Rs 46 lakh, Kurdur Nal-Jal Praday worth Rs 44 lakh, and Tendua Nal-Jal Praday Yojana worth nearly Rs 44 lakh.


Positive change in the lives of farmers from state government schemes: Dr. Raman Singh

Sub-divisional Revenue Officer in Takhtpur

Office announcement

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has said that the schemes implemented in the interest of farmers by the state government are coming to positive effect in the lives of the farmers. With the purchase of paddy at the support price starting from November in the state, the support price for the paddy and the amount of bonus on the paddy will be collected simultaneously. An amount of Rs. 2400 crores for the payment of paddy bonus in the special session called on 11 and 12 September of the Assembly will be taken from the assembly.

Dr. Singh was present at the state-wide J.P.P. located at Takhatpur Tehsil headquarters of Bilaspur district under the state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra. The school was addressing the mammoth gathering held in the plain. Regardless of the rains, citizens of Takhtpur have received unprecedented attendance and have immensely welcomed the Atal Vikas Yatra. On the stage, people of various sections of society and organizations welcomed Chief Minister Jashila.
On the request of the public, the Chief Minister announced the approval for the development of facilities in the Indoor Badminton Hall in Takhtpur, granting the post of post-graduate officer (revenue) to the Government College of Takhtpur, granting Graduate College status to Takhtpur. In his address, Dr. Singh informed that the amount of Rs. 190 crore has been sanctioned for the reconstruction of the Bilaspur-Takhtpur-Mungali National Highway. Soon the work of this highway will start
While mentioning the memorials related to Takhtpur, Dr. Singh said that he used to come here to play cricket.
    Minister of Panchayat and Rural Development, Shri Ajay Chandraqar, Food Minister, Mr. Punnulal Mohale, Lok Sabha MP, Mr. Lakhan Sahu, Parliamentary Secretary, Mr. Raju Kshatri, President of Chhattisgarh State Women Commission, Smt. Harshita Pandey and Former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Mr. Dharamlal Kaushik. Were.







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