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Collector's misconduct case: Officer-Employees Federation union warns of statewide agitation

Angered by the misconduct of the Kanker collector, the officers and employees' federation has warned of statewide agitation.

Kanker Collector K. Ram in Kanker district of Chhattisgarh with Collector D. Ram L. The case of misbehavior of Chauhan is taking the form of statewide agitation.

Angered by this act of the Collector, the Federation of Officers and Employees Federation has warned of statewide agitation. Federation officials from Raipur called a meeting at a private hotel in Kanker, in which they strongly condemned the Collector's misbehavior with engineer D. Ram.

Kamal Verma, convenor of the Federation of Officers and Employees Federation said that all the employees and officers of the state are with the engineer. Collector K. L. Memorandum has been given in Raipur to take action against Chauhan. He said that if no concrete action is taken against the collector till October 9, then on October 10, he will protest in front of all the collector offices of the state.

What is the whole matter

In fact, on 30 September, during the visit of CM Bhupesh Baghel to Kanker, the Collector due to a flaw in the Green Room construction. L. Chauhan kept engineer D. Ram in the police station for 5 hours. All employees of the district, hurt by this incident, submitted a memorandum to the MLA. The response of all the top ministers of the state also came on this, but so far no concrete action has been taken against the Collector.

Due to this, now the Federation of Officers and Employees has warned of movement at the state level. He was the Collector K. L. Have mobilized and demanded action against Chauhan.

Tandupta Bonus Tihar and Adivasi Sammelan: Several senior people representatives including Chief Minister Raman Singh and Rajya Sabha MP Amit Shah.

Several senior people including Chief Minister Raman Singh and Rajya Sabha MP Amit Shah were present at the Tandupta Bonus Tihar and Tribal Conference organized in Uttarakhand headquarters, Narharpur, in Uttar Bastar (Kanker) district today. The state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra, under the leadership of Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, started from last 5 September, which was concluded today in Narharpur. On this occasion Bonus Tihar and Tribal Conference were distributed to 31 thousand 457 talideupata collectors of Kanker district for a sum of Rs. 18 crores 91 lakhs. The Chief Minister inaugurated various 20 construction works of 22 crore 39 lakh rupees and also Bhumi Pujan. Out of these works, 11 development works worth Rs. 16 crores 76 lakhs and 9 development works worth Rs. 5 crore 33 lakh 45 thousand rupees were done. In the program, distribution of material and aid amount of Rs.1.77 crore was distributed to more than 4 thousand 600 beneficiaries.
On this occasion, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said on this occasion that development is happening everywhere in Bastar, I always say that the Bastar is changing. Here the roads have been expanded, railway is connecting with connectivity, Bastar is being identified in the field of education. The Chief Minister said that many welfare schemes are being run by the state government in the interest of the poor. In one rupee kg rice and free two kg of salt is being given. Arrangements for distribution of gram have also been made in tribal areas. Free Cards have been arranged up to 50 thousand rupees for smart cards. LPG connections have been provided to women under Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme. Under the Communication Revolution Plan, free mobile phones are being distributed to women and youth. The state government has arranged paddy procurement from November 1. Paddy purchase support price will now be Rs 2050 and Rs 2070 per quintal. He said that the government is convinced for the all-round development of the state, whatever development it is looking for, it is only the beginning, there will be four times more development in the coming years
Addressing the program, Rajya Sabha MP Amit Shah said that former Prime Minister Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji made Chhattisgarh state and Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has worked to beautify and develop Chhattisgarh. Twenty-four hours of electricity is available here, every village has been connected with road connectivity. Forest rights have been given to forest dwellers, bonuses are distributed to Tendonducta collectors. The government of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has shown the way for development by taking Chhattisgarh out of the clutches of Naxalism. Dr. Raman Singh has taken a pledge to make new Chhattisgarh by 2025, under his leadership, Chhattisgarh is developing 'day twice in the night quadruple'
The program was also addressed by Lok Sabha MP Mr. Bikram Menandi and submitted by the Reporting Officer Mrs. Ranu Sahu. On this occasion, Minister of Tribal Welfare Shri Kedar Kashyap, Forest Minister and Minister in charge of Kanker district Mr. Mahesh Gagada, MLA Mr. Bhojraj Nag, President of Fisheries Welfare Board Mr. Bharat Matiyara, Former MLA Mrs. Sumitra Marcole and Mr. Mantaram Pawar, Nagar Panchayat Narharpur President Shri Bhopesh Netam and District President, Mrs. Kaushalya Shori, Mr. Dhananjay Devangan, who was the leader of Bastar, the Police great Rikshk Mr. Vivekanand Sinha, Chief Conservator of Forests Mr. H.L. Ratre, Superintendent of Police Mr. KL attended public representatives and senior officials, including pole

Dr. Raman Singh today released 52 works of cost of Rs. 144 crores in the General Assembly of Village Makadi of Kadgaon District.

During the Atal Vikas Yatra, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh inaugurated 52 works of cost of Rs. 144 crores in the General Meeting of Village Makadi of Kondagaon District, Bhumi Pujan and Shilanyas. They constructed the land and lay foundation stones of 24 works of about 28 crores and costing around Rs. 86 crores for the cost of Rs. 58 crores. On this occasion, the Chief Minister distributed the material and assistance amount to the beneficiaries in various beneficial schemes of governance.
The completed development works which were inaugurated by Chief Minister Dr. Singh, in which 100 crores of Scheduled Tribe Pre Metric girl hostel in Urnda Bera and Bhongpal at a cost of Rs. 3 crore 76 lakhs, Government girl of Vastrapuri at a cost of Rs. Higher Secondary School, Higher School, Surface Dhanora High School and High School Dhanora, Additional Room, worth Rs.1.15 crore. Office Building, Antagarh Bedhma route at a cost of Rs 38 crore 23 lakh was released widening and improvement works.
They renovated the motel in Kondagaon at a cost of Rs.1.42 million, transit hostel in Kodagaon at a cost of Rs 92 lakhs, magnificent water supply scheme at Narmit Rathpuri at a cost of Rs.67 million, Rajgaon, Korgaon at a cost of Rs. , Opening of the Naljal Yojana at Otenda, Manjibhorand and Sirikkalar.
The construction work that was done by Dr. Singh, constructed the construction of the Amravati Mohallai Marg at a cost of Rs 2 crore 14 lakhs, costing Rs.25.5 million and the cost of construction of Kadangaon-Kanker Gaonipara Kudur road from Kalmagaon Karmail road, costing Rs. 3.7 million to school level at Salhameta (Dudhva), Vishrampuri Keshakal Road and Rs. The Matwal Ganunapara road from Kudur to Tondiwal, costing Rs 3 crore, Indoor Stadium in Kondagaon,


Railway connectivity will prove to be milestone for development of Bhanupratappur area: Dr. Raman Singh

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has said that rail connectivity will prove to be milestone for the development of Bhanupratappur area. He said that the rail operations have started from Bhanupratappur right now, the day is not far when Bhanupratappur to Raughat and Jagdalpur will run on the rail. He said that the work of laying rail line from Bhanupratappur to Durg and Jagdalpur has been approved.

With the introduction of this railway line, new employment opportunities will be created with industry entrepreneurs and the development of the region will be speeded up. The Chief Minister was addressing a mammoth gathering organized in the Vidhan Sabha Headquarters Bhanupratappur in Kanker district during the state Vigi Atal Vikas Yatra today. Dr. Singh announced the acceptance of Rs. 15 lakhs for setting up of statue of Amar Shahid Veer Narayan Singh in Bhanupratappur and Rs. 50 lakh for pond beautification of Bhanupratappur on this occasion.
Dr. Singh said that the power sub-station of 132 KV capacity being built in Panjangur will be charged on the 20th of this month. The low voltage problem will be solved in the surrounding 222 villages from this electrical deputy center, constructed at a cost of about Rs 90 crores.
While addressing the General Assembly, Dr. Singh said that Kanker district is the district of the largest state of Tandupata, where more than one lakh four thousand Tendupta collectors are being given a Tandupata bonus of Rs 99 crore 71 lakhs. He said that a bonus of Rs. 750 crores is being given to Tandupta collectors across the state.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister inaugurated 32 different construction works, land sanctioning and foundation stones at a cost of about Rs. 68 crores 35 lacs. In the General Assembly, he distributed material and aid amount of Rs 101 crore 55 lakh to more than two lakh 16 thousand beneficiaries.
He distributed Tendupta Bonus of 99 million 71 lakh rupees to more than one lakh four thousand Thandupta collectors of the district. On this occasion, the Chief Minister bowed down on the occasion, remembering the landlord gundadur, the martyr ball of Parelk Singh, Indra Kevat, Pandit Vishnu Prasad Sharma and Shri Ram Prasad Potta
Dr. Singh said - Under the Prime Minister's housing scheme, eleven thousand houses are being constructed currently. By 2022 all poor families will be given permanent houses. He informed that under the Communication Revolution scheme, more than 42 thousand sisters are being provided mobile smartphones. Dr. Singh said that today the farmers are happy in the face.
Tandupta collectors are getting Tandupta Bonus, preparing for paddy bonuses and this year good rain will also make the crop good. The time will come for the state's progress and development. Singh also promised to remove the difficulties in the distribution of the population in the Korar Nagar Panchayat of Kanker district. Regarding development tour, he said that this visit is a journey of public trust and development of the state. He said that by 2025 we will fulfill the dream of building new Chhattisgarh.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh dedicates, performs 'bhoomipujan' of works worth Rs 326 crore

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh late last night said that there is radical and positive transformation in the lives of poor and downtrodden due to the several social-welfare projects of the State Government. The authorities made earnest efforts to understand the aspirations and needs of the farmers, poor and villagers during the past 15 years. Dr. Raman Singh was addressing a huge gathering at district headquarter town Kanker.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh dedicated, laid foundation stones and performed 'bhoomipujan' of 638 development works worth Rs 328 crore. He dedicated nine development works worth Rs 70 crore 42 lakh  and laid the foundation stones of 629 works worth Rs 258 crore. Dr. Raman Singh said that no citizen goes to bed on empty stomach as State Government had enacted Food Security Act. It provides subsidized rice at Re 1 a kilogram, free salt and grams at Rs Five a kilogram. Speaking on Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's 'Ayushmaan Bharat' Yojana, Dr. Raman Singh added that no poor man will be deprived of expensive medical treatment.

Dr. Raman Singh said that twelve lakh fifty thousand  'residential pattas' had been distributed in the State. In the year 2003 the wages of Tendu patta collectors were Rs 400 per bag which had been increased to Rs 2500 per bag at present. Chief Minister said that Internet services had been developed in backward Bastar region with an investment of Rs Three thousand crore. Ten thousand  gram panchayats in the area are connected with Internet services. Dr. Raman Singh revealed that 50 thousand Smart phones will distributed to students, farmers, workers, women and youth during 'Vikas Yatra'.

MP Mr. Vikram Usendi gave details of several social welfare schemes. Higher Education Minister Mr. Premprakash Pande, Forest Minister Mr. Mahesh Gaagda, Public Works Minister Mr. Rajesh Munat and Antagarh MLA Mr. Bhojraj Nag were Special Guests on the occasion. Dr. Raman Singh dedicated- Kanker-Amoda-Narharpur road up-gradation bridge over river Mahanadi connecting Sahawada-Tarasgaon. He also dedicated several culverts bridges. He distributed relief materials worth Rs Two crore 52 lakh to about  37 thousand beneficiaries. He gave away cycles to about 3500 women workers, mini rice mills to 30 persons. He launched the distribution of 'population pattas' project to  29 thousand  826 beneficiaries. He gave away domestic  cooking gas connections to 333 anganwadi centres.  Former MLAs Mrs. Sumitra Markole and Mr.Brahmanad Netam, Commissioner Public Relations Department Mr. Rajesh Sukumar Toppo, prominent  citizens and large number of common citizens were also present.


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