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Sunny corpse with the blood of the woman found in the house, the police involved in the investigation

Sensation has spread in the area in Gram Ararmikal area of ​​Balod district in Chhattisgarh after getting Sunny dead from the blood of a middle-aged woman. The body of the woman was found in her house. This has become the topic of discussion in the entire village. According to the information, the woman lived in that house alone. In the morning when the people of the village went to the woman's house from some work, they saw the body of the woman lying near the door in the house. Signs of severe injury were found on the woman's head.

Here, on receiving the information, the Gurur police reached the spot and sent it to the post-mortem after the painting action of the body. In addition, the case has been investigated. While in the initial investigation, the police took help of Dag Skyway immediately, but it was not known. The police are expressing fear that some unknown person may have killed the woman due to robbery.

In the case, in-charge of police station Hemwant Chandrakrakar said that the woman was 50 years old. Baniharin Nirmalkar, a woman named, lived alone in her house in this village's house. Was working his life by wages. In the same sequence, on August 15, when the people of the locality went to his house in the morning, they were stunned to see him dead. At the moment, the police filed the case and interrogated the neighboring people and started investigations.

Balod transformed radically after becoming district: Dr. Raman Singh : Modern hospital will be reality at Dallhirajhara soon: Chief Minister

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh reached district headquarter town Balod after attending 'Welcome' meetings (Swagat Sabhas) at villages Dondi, Kusumkasa, Chikalkasa, Dallhirajhara and Gujra as a part of State-wide 'Vikaas Yatra' last evening. He said that the picture of Balod had transformed drastically after becoming district six years ago. The administrative facilities had reached at the doorstep of the citizens.

Dr. Raman Singh dedicated, laid foundation stones and performed 'bhoomipujan' of 144 development works worth Rs 158 crore at various places in district Balod. He also dedicated Balod-Dhamtari road laid at a cost of Rs 65 crore. Dr. Raman Singh also dedicated a high-quality bridge  constructed at a cost of Rs 10 crore 65 lakh over river Tandula, near villages Sundara-Deveenawagaon.  

  Chief Minister  also distributed 'population Lease' (abaadi pattas) to about 38 thousand 804 families, domestic gas connections to four thousand poor women under the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi's 'Ujjwala' scheme and cycles, sewing machines and to four thousand workers' families.

Dr. Raman Singh also announced that 'bhoomipujan' will performed soon for the construction of 100-bed modern hospital at Dallhirajhara. 'Population Lease' letters will be given to the poor Dallhirajhara soon. Dr. Raman Singh said that Co-Operative Sugar factory had been established in the area after a request and demand of the sugarcane growers. The network of roads, supply of electricity, drinking water supply, education and health facilities and other infrastructure amenities are being developed at a brisk pace.

Chief Minister said that the district will be developed at a faster pace in the coming days. The huge turnout of women, farmers and youth exhibits that the 'Vikaas Yatras' are other form of 'Vishwaas Yatras'. They are like 'Theerth Yatras' and he is getting blessings of senior citizens, poor and farmers. He revealed that development works worth Rs Thirty thousand crore are being gifted to the citizens of the State. Paddy bonus worth Rs 1700 crore is being distributed to the farmers.

Dr. Raman Singh threw light on the various social-welfare schemes of the State and Central Governments. Water Resources Minister Mr. Brijmohan Agrawal, Public Works Minister Mr. Rajesh Munat, MP Mr. Vikram Usendi and several prominent citizens were also present.  

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