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Martyr of the martyr Veer Narayan Singh celebrated in tribal hostel

Bemetra January 14, 2019: - Shahid Veer Narayan Singh Jayanti was organized in the Government Post Matric Tribal Boys Hostel at Bemetra. On this occasion, the Collector Mahadev Kavre said that you have to decide from now what you have to write and what you will be able to write after reading, you will definitely get success. The District Magistrate said that the great martyr of Chhattisgarh, Veer Narayan Singh, will be the first martyr of Chhattisgarh if not exaggerated. Two lakh rupees are honored by the state government in their memory. The new international cricket stadium located in Raipur is named after Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh. While reciting his memoirs, the collector said that he has studied in his student life by staying in the Hastal. Staying here gives you a chance to meet different people. Use the facilities provided by the government. Use the facilities provided by the government. Mr. Kaware from 2004-2006, SDM in Bibhagad drafts of undivided Raipur district. Has fulfilled the obligation of For this reason, many times he got an opportunity to go to Sonnakhan, the birthplace of Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh. On receiving the correct answer in the quiz contest, the collector has rewarded the students. Student Dwarka Netam highlighted the personality of Shahid Veer Narayan Singh. Assistant Commissioner Ajak Smt Maneka Chandrakar gave information to the students on the personality and personality of Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh, the great saint of Chhattisgarh Mahatari. Former hostel superintendent T.S. Thakur, President of Adivasi Samaj, Rajkumar Thakur and Murray Ram Mandavi, parents of children Shambhur Dhruv were also present.

Action will be taken against committee managers on purchasing paddy from coaches

Bemetra January 14, 2019: - Collector Mahadev Kaware has directed the Managers and Fraud Charges of procurement centers regarding procurement of paddy at the fixed price determined by the government that they should only take action of paddy procurement of the actual farmers according to the area sown. . The Collector directed in the strict words to the committee managers that strict action will be taken against the committee managers on purchasing illegal and rice from the coaches. The collector instructed all the committee managers that before issuing a token to the farmers who brought the paddy to farmers in the remaining 16 days of procurement of paddy, the verification will be done by the concerned Patwari and Revenue Inspector, after which they issue the token immediately.
The collector also appealed to the farmers to sell paddy at the fixed price of the government according to the area of ​​paddy sown in their fields. He said that farmers should not use their loan booklets to sell paddy for another person. On getting information of selling paddy illegally, such farmers can also be tested for the paddy sold with the investigation of the area of ​​paddy. The collector said that if the sale of paddy illegally is proved, then according to the rules, the procedure can also be done. Investigation of the Hamalas and engaged weighing huts in the committee. Do it. Action will be taken against the committee manager if the committees are found to purchase more than their installed weighing capacity in a single day. The collector also gave instructions to supervise and control all the paddy procurement centers of Bemetara, Berla, Saza and Navagad in all the four development blocks of the district and ensure the payment of payment, procurement and transport of acquired paddy.

Action will be on the complaint of illegal platting around the city - MLA Mr. Chhabra

Constituent in Baitera tahsil's family meeting
Bemetara January 14, 2019: - In the presence of Bemetara collector Shri Mahadev Kanwar, Bemetra SDM Kashyap, under the chairmanship of newly elected MLA Ashish Chhabra, a review meeting of tehsildars, sub registrars and patwaris in Tehsil office at Bemetara. The MLA, Mr Chhabra, instructed the Patwari, saying that many complaints are coming, the work of the farmers and the general public is not being done, the complaint should not come forward, if the complaint is received, the strict action will be taken. The tahsil office and the broker should not be seen in the neighborhood otherwise the proceedings will be decided. The MLA directed that caste certificate should not be delayed in forming a death certificate. In addition, farmers have to face any type of problem in the office. MLA Mr. Chhabra asked the Patwari that illegal plating is happening, who is making available the map to them. Immediate action is taken against the complaint of illegal plating in Kanteli, Mohabhatta and Cobia. The MLA asked that the government has lifted the ban from the less than five-decimals of the Platts, now no registry should stop, it is the general government and the government of the farmers, the work of ordinary citizens before time under Public Service Guarantee Act 2011 Should be. Collector Shri Kaware said that the functioning of the revenue department is linked to the general public. Regular tour of their charge areas by the Revenue Officer and make sure to speedy expedite the problems of the common people. The District Magistrate said that Patwari should be in its designated headquarters, it will ease the work of the people. He directed to prepare the case of death relief from natural calamity soon after the Revenue Book Circular 6-4. The Collector directed to take immediate action on the cases of transfer, partition, demarcation and extortion. He also took information regarding Patwari and Revenue Inspector Housing.

Organizing Sky Watching Program in Basic School Ground

Bemetra January 14, 2019: - Through the telescope after the sunset in the historic Basic School Ground Bemetra, a large number of students and students, led by trust Meshram, provided the opportunity to see the moon. In his team, Rattan Gondale, Smt. Linear Gondale and Laxmikant Chair were coming from the science center of Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University. Collector Mahadev Kawre has been a student of science. He invited the team of scientists and basic science center Raipur to provide educational and information related to the planetary constellations in Bemetara, with the view of understanding and understanding the celestial view of students and students from curiosity and moon, through their special efforts. The collector clarified to the children that he got the answer to the questions he asked, whether he got the answer. The children expressed happiness and thanked the collector. Collector Mahadev Kaware honored the team of scholars and asked them to give great knowledge to the children in Bemetara district and thank them for becoming a partner in the enlightenment of the children. Dr. Laxmikant tried to remove the curiosity related to the science of children. The children asked questions about ozone layer and black hole, which Lakshmikant handled in response to their order.
Dr. Laxmikant said that if the star starts to shrink, then coming in the form of a point, holding the shape of a light, it contains a point form, it represents it as a black hole. He further stated that the source of energy in the stars is converted from hydrogen to helium and then carbon is produced in it, in the same way when the stars explode, the material that comes out of that explosion i.e. things like gold, silver etc. from those substances Is available to us The children saw the moon through the telescope in the Basic School Ground, in the Moon, the size of the small point which is big in size, like the caves of several kilometers. Considering the curiosity of the children, Collector Mahadev Kaware asked the district education officer and the visiting scholars to buy a telescope in Bemetara and why not be established by buying them for the enlightening of children in four blocks of Bemetara district. The information about the purchase of the telescope and the ammunition in Bemetara was taken by the Collector Kavre and directed the District Education Officer to get it done by acquiring other information to get it. Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur. From Laxmikant, the children asked questions based on various scientific facts, which they answered well. Mainly children who questioned include students like Abhishek Gaikwad, Bharti Sahu, Dhritri Sahu, Roseline Public School, Bemetra's Dali Yadu, Kiran Sahu of Indian Public School etc. and many other questions. Whose answer he satisfactorily received. Hundreds of children attended the massive program through the telescope to observe the sky in Bemetra's Basic School Ground. Many people have contributed to the office of the District Education Officer. District Education Officer G.R. Chandrakrakar, Sunil Tiwari, Dinesh Sharma were present. The program was conducted by Mrs. Sushma Sharma.

Reflect the name of the district by constructing a new stove in the field of sports - MLA Mr. Chhabra

Bemetra January 14, 2019: - District level marathon race competition was held in the last days at Sahu Sadan Durg Road Bemetara. The contest was organized by MLA Bemetara Ashish Kumar Chhabra, Collector Mahadev Kaware, ASP Vimal Bas flagged the runners with a green flag. In the marathon race, 20 km for the male runners And for women 10 km Was decided. The result of which is as follows: In the men category, Rajkumar Bemetra 5 thousand rupees in the first place, second Omkar Verma Berla Rs.2500, Third Haleshwar Navagad Rs.1500, 4th prince Birla Rs.1 thousand, Pancham Umesh Nishad Berla 500 rupees, Chhathwaan Ajay Pal Barla, seventh Parasaram Bemetara, eighth Devanand Saza, Ninth Rakesh Saja, Ganesh got 10th position. Similarly, in the women category, Mira Bemetra first place 5 thousand rupees, second place Dhaneshwari Sahu Bemetra 2500 rupees, third Mukeshwari Sahu Rs 1500, fourth chitrekha Berla Rs.1 thousand, Pancham Gomti 500 rupiah, Chhathvan Pallavi Navagad, seventh Jaleshwari Navagad, 8th Kunti nishad, Ninth Kamalesh and Tenth Preciousness remained in place Participants from both classes from sixth to tenth position were awarded 250-250 rupees cash prize.
In his remarks, MLA Mr. Chhabra said that there is a significant possibility of the game mode in the district and we will make efforts to reconnect with this new beginning so that the name of this district can be illuminated. It will be our endeavor to build new stages in the field of sports. Collector Shri Kaware said that today is the birth anniversary of Vivekanand ji and his motto was to rise, till the goal is achieved, should keep moving forward. Your goal is to highlight the district, state and state at the national level. Then he congratulated all the participants and congratulated them. Avinish Raghav congratulated all the runners in his explanation. He said that you came here from all the development blocks to showcase your talent, it is good that victory and defeat are normal. In the program, 60 people from four development blocks and 60 women participants attended. Nodal Officers of four development blocks, the teaching teachers played a vital role in making the program successful by providing support. The program included Suman Goswami, Manoj Sharma, Lalit Vishwakarma, Vikas Bhuval, Roshan Dutta, Milan Chauhan, Parshad Ajay Sen, Santosh Rajput, Ajay Sharma, Purushottam Rajput, Pradeep Bhawal, Mohan Kosare, Ram Nirmalkar, Jawahar Kurray, Somprab Shrivastava, Chuvaram Madhukar , Pawan Sahu, Khemraj Sahu, Sunil Sahu, Ambika, Poonam, Pratibha, Puja Purohit, Amol Singh, Umesh Sahu etc. were present. Manoj Bakshi and Nageshwar Tiwari performed the program.

Wine shops will remain closed on 26th and 30th of January.

Bemetra January 14, 2019: - On the occasion of "Mahatma Gandhi Nirvana Divas" is proclaimed a dry day on Saturday, January 26, "Republic Day" and Wednesday, January 30, 2019, under the Chhattisgarh Excise Abadi Desi / Exotic Wine Administration Rule. Collector and District Magistrate Mahadev Kaware on the said date all the country / foreign liquor located in the district. -2 (Ghag) and F.L. - 1 (Ghag) and Wine Storage Wandering has been directed to keep it completely closed. He has also instructed to strictly monitor the sale of narcotics by keeping constant monitoring and control over possible illegal liquor bases of the district. Collector, strictly following the instructions to the Excise Department and Police Department officials, according to administrative facilities, the duty of Excise Chief Reconstruction and Respectors is to impose duty. Penalty action will be taken after determining the liability on receipt of a complaint of drug sale on dry days.

Bird flu symptoms and defenses

Bemetra January 14, 2019: - Bird flu is viral infection and highly contagious disease. Chief Medical and Health Officer, in the wake of the possibility of bird flu in the state, has described its symptoms and prevention of prevention and prevention. Symptoms of bird flu in humans - fever, throat disorders, cough, headache, muscle pain, colds and nostrils etc. Management for treatment- Oseltamivir capsule, PPE kit, Triple layer masks, N95 masks etc. are available in the District Hospital of Bemetra district and all Community Health Centers for the management of bird flu. Accelerated diagnosis and rapid treatment of infection in humans can result in better results. Measures for rescue- If there is a complaint of cold, cough fever to any person in the field of birds, contact the immediate nearest physician, do not touch the birds' wings, saliva and waste, while always looking after the birds, nose and mouth Cover with a mask or a dense cloth, avoid pregnant women and children coming in contact with animals and birds, do not stop the dead birds or poultry from the disease. Do not eat raw or uncooked meat, those who come in contact with poultry birds or their products should wash their hands frequently with soap and water, use only after washing the meat and eggs properly, as far as possible. Try to be a vegetarian, if there is sudden death in the pet and non-petal birds, then immediately inform it to the nearby veterinary officer, do not take the dead birds away Ayen and Javae proper execution.

National Pulse Polio Campaign Meeting Today

Bemetra January 14, 2019: - The meeting of the District Level Task Force Committee for the implementation of National Intensive Pulse Polio Program under the chairmanship of the collector will be held in the collectorate meeting room after the meeting of the time-limit on January 15.

Health Games Very Important - Collector Shri Kaveray

Bemetra January 14, 2019: - Inter-departmental cricket competition is being organized between January 14 and January 25, 2019 between the officers and employees of different departments in District Headquarters Bemetra. Collector Mahadev Kaware inaugurated this morning at the postgraduate college grounds in Kobia. He said that the defeat in the game has to be won, the game should be taken from the game spirit. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The game for health is very important. The District Magistrate congratulated the players and organizing committee on their congratulations and good wishes. ASP Vimal Kumar Bass said that the subject of Harsh is that inter departmental games are being organized by the district administration. Sports is essential if we want to stay healthy. Today a cricket match was organized between the police and the treasury. This match was kept 10-10 overs. The Collector launched the match by batting. ASP Mr Baias first baked. On this occasion, umpire K.K. Soni, organizing committee's Dharmendra Sharma, in-charge sports officer Nagesh Tiwari, including players and dignitaries were present. The collector first got acquaintance with the players. Mr. Sharma of the organizing committee said that every day the match will begin at 9 o'clock and will be completed by 10.30 hours. The final match will be held on 25th January. Winners and runners-up teams will be rewarded in the competition.

Shockage notice to Sambalan Sambalan Sambalan on not stitching from Paddy Bora's machine

Bemetara 11 Jan

Paddy procurement center Sambalpur and Sub Kendra Putpura were inspected by a joint team of Food Department, District Marketing and District Cooperative Central Bank. The collector has issued a showcause notice to Assistant Committee Manager Sambalpur Ashok Verma for his negligence in the work. It was found by the inspection team that paddy stoves were not properly sewed in the procurement center Sambalpur.

In addition, 210 Katta paddy was not stacked and 310 quota non-standard paddy was purchased, which is a clear violation of the Paddy procurement policy Kharif marketing year 2018-19. The collector issued a show-cause notice to the Assistant Committee Manager Ashok Verma Sambalpur in the presence of the office collector (food branch) Bemetara within three days in this regard, otherwise a sided action will be taken against him.

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