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Inter departmental cricket competition collector made excitement of players

Bemetara 19 Jan

Inter-departmental cricket competition is being organized between January 14 and January 25, 2019 between the officers and employees of different departments in District Bemetra. Collector Mahadev Kaware reached the sports ground in Kobia this morning and saw the match of the cricket competition and encouraged the players. On this occasion, the Departmental Officer Revenue DN Kashyap, Executive Engineer PHE Examined Chadhi was also present. Final match will take place on 25th January.

He said that in the bank accounts, the location of the district in base siding should be in the tape ten. For this information about the basis of siding in NREGA accounts, from the district panchayats, CCB. In the accounts of farmers in the accounts of the farmers, the basis of the basis of the information of the basis of siding, from the cooperative banks and the Land Records, the basis of information of base synding on the basis of the synding, also suggesting the basis of the synding.

Collector XI vs PHE Department, Mahatma Gandhi NREGA vs Public Works Department and Final Combat Health Department vs Municipality Council Bemetara. The result of today's match was defeated by the Agriculture Department. In the second match, Collector XI defeated the Public Health Mechanics Department. Mahatma NREGA overturned the Public Works Department.



Promotion of the schemes of the Agriculture Allied Sector to boost the income of the farmers: D.L.C.C. Meeting held

Bemetara 19 Jan

The District Level Bancers Consultative Committee and the District Level Review Committee meeting was held in the presence of the Joint District Office in the evening yesterday. In this meeting organized under the chairmanship of Collector Mahadev Kaware, the collector said that CD (Credit Deposit) rationes which banks are less, raise more than 60 percent of the bankers' targets. It was told in the meeting that the CD recieages of 17 banks is fine, eight banks have less.

The collector said that to ensure the acceptance and delivery of transactions from banks under various government loan schemes, till January 31, do not wait for the final month of the financial year. These included key interest-generating schemes of Prime Minister's Employment Generation Program, Chief Minister Youth Swarozgar Yojana, Stand-up Scheme, National Urban Livelihood Mission, National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), Department of Exeter. This helps people to become self-reliant.

The collector has warned the bankers not to proceed with the recovery of their loan (installment of installment) from the bank account of the Prime Minister's housing scheme and social security pensioners, otherwise strict action will be taken against concerned bankers.

The collector told the bankers that Bemetra is an agricultural district. To increase the income of the farmers, work in the direction of agricultural production as well as animal husbandry, poultry farming, fishery and horticulture crops, and try to increase the income of the farmers. The state's new government also intends that the Bemetra Agro-based Industry will be established in this direction efforts are continuing. Rtgs in bankers' accounts Deposit promptly through the medium, so that the farmers can get relief on time.

He said that in the bank accounts, the location of the district in base siding should be in the tape ten. For this information about the basis of siding in NREGA accounts, from the district panchayats, CCB. In the accounts of farmers in the accounts of the farmers, the basis of the basis of the information of the basis of siding, from the cooperative banks and the Land Records, the basis of information of base synding on the basis of the synding, also suggesting the basis of the synding.

It was informed in the meeting that discussions and deliberations were discussed in the district panchayat headquarter of Deokar opening a new branch of State Bank of India and opening a new branch of any nationalized bank in Nagar Panchayat headquarters.

The district's leading bank manager told that the ATM will be set up soon in the collectorate complex located in Bemetara. District Panchayat CEO S. Alok, National Agriculture and Rural Development Bank (NABARD), Dy. D.M. of Raipur, Ashok Jalaghi, Manager of Reserve Bank of India Raipur Branch, Ashok Singh, Lead Bank Officer P Odaya, General Manager, Industries Division Kamal Singh Meena, among others. The bank was present.

In connection with the acquisition of paddy, the collector's took meeting of the Managers

Bemetara 19 Jan

Collector Mahadev Kaware took a meeting of the committee managers of cooperatives in connection with the procurement of paddy under Kharif Marketing Year 2018 in the collectorate meeting room at 11 am today. Due to his absence from the meeting, he instructed the District Co-operative Central Bank's Supervisor and Co-operative Committee to suspend Mr. Krishan Kumar Verma, the in-charge committee manager of Jhal Vikaskhand Nawargad.

The committee manager was found absent in the meeting taken earlier by the District Magistrate. The Collector has expressed his displeasure over this and directed the suspension of Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Department. A procurement of approximately 4.10 lakh metric tonnes of paddy has been done at support price from November 2018 to 18 January 2019 in Bemetra district. 86 paddy production centers have been set up under 54 cooperative societies. Paddy is being procured from Monday to Friday in the week as per the directions of the government. This work will continue till January 31 this year. The District Collector took information regarding the availability of barbines in the earning centers.

Collector Shri Kawre has directed the Managers and Charge Charges of procurement centers regarding procurement of paddy at the fixed price determined by the government that they should only take action of paddy procurement of the actual farmers according to the area provided by the paddy. The Collector directed in the strict words to the committee managers that strict action would be taken against the committee managers on purchasing paddy from Kochi / Bichalia.

The collector instructed all the committee managers that before issuing the token to the farmers who brought the paddy to farmers in the remaining 10 days of procurement of paddy, the verification will be done by the concerned Patwari and Revenue Inspector, after which they issue tokens only. He instructed the District Marketing Officer to increase the number of vehicles for the uptake of paddy in the committees.

He said that farmers should not use their loan booklets to sell paddy to any other person. The Collector also instructed to supervise and control all the paddy procurement centers of Bemetara, Berla, Saza and Navagad in all the four development blocks of the district and ensure the payment of payment, procurement and transport of acquired paddy. Food officer Bhupendra Mishra, Deputy Registrar Cooperative Department Sushil Tigga, District Marketing Officer S.R. Lahhmore and the committee manager were present.


Assembly Elections - Election Expenditure by the Candidates

Batemara January 17, 2019: - The details of the amount spent by the candidates during the assembly elections are as follows: According to the information received from the District Election Office - Assembly Segment 68 - Saaja Bhavchand Bafna (BJP) Rs 1874825, Ravindra Chabe (I. NC) 1811703 and Basant Agarwal (Independent) 1287081 rupees. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware said that Vidhansh area 69, Avadhesh Chandel (BJP) of Bemetra Rs 2116907, Ashish Kumar Chhabra (INC) Rs 1294726 and Yogesh Tiwari (JCJ) 1795359 Have spent. Similarly, in the 70 assembly constituencies, Dayaladas Baghel (BJP) has spent Rs. 1737010, Gurudayal Singh Banjara (INC) Rs. 1226743 and Omprakash Vajpayee (BSP) has spent Rs. 1080179. The limit for spending upto Rs 28 lakh was decided by the Election Commission of India by the Election Commission.
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DLCC meeting today

Bemetara January 17, 2019: - The District Level Advisory Committee (DLCC) and District Level Review Committee (DLRC) attached to the banks under the chairmanship of the Collector will be held on Friday 18 January at the Vision Meeting room of Collectorate on Friday, January 18.

In the Assembly elections 2018, bailout of three lakh rupees in Bemetra district 38 candidates failed to get bail

Bemetara January 17, 2019: During the assembly elections 2018, the security deposit of 38 candidates in the three assembly constituencies of Bemetra district has been seized. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware said that according to the provisions of section 158-4 of the People's Representation Act, 1951, the sum of the total amount of three lakh rupees was collected from all the 38 candidates. These candidates include Ashok Kumar Singhania, Gulab Singh Lodhi, Chitren Lodhi, Tek Singh Chandel, Rohit Sinha, Ashok Talukan, Kishan Sahu, Mrs. Kaushila Narang, Basant Agarwal, Bhagatram, Yashwant Bhargava, Rakesh Singh Rajput, Lokchan Sahu, Under the assembly constituency Bemetra, Churavan Singh Sahu, Dauam Chauhan, Baldau Prasar Sivare, Yashwant Sitaram Sahu, Syed Farooq Ali, Sohan L. Om Prakash Bachpai, Anjor Das Dhritlahr, Rajuram Pathe, Anand Ram Daharia, Tekram Kosale, Bharatlal Patale, Bhagabali Shivar, L. Nishad, Anjor Das Mahant, Bhuneshwar Satnami, Manmohan Thakur, Rajesh Dubey, Ramchandra Sahu, Sanjeev Agarwal and Vidhan Sabha area under Navagadh. Bhaskar Ghosh, Ramakant Rai, Lakhbir Singh Kaushal, Harikishan Kurray, Hiralal Anant, Hemant Kumar Woolang.

Inter departmental cricket competition collector saw match

Bemetara January 17, 2019: - Inter-departmental cricket competition is being organized between January 14 and January 25, 2019 between the officers and employees of different departments in District Bemetra. Collector Mahadev Kaware reached the sports ground in Kobia this morning and saw the match of the cricket competition and encouraged the players. On this occasion, Executive Engineer R.E. Mrs Sana Sonal Haffmann was also present. Today there is a match between the team of rural mechanical service division and social audit. It has been declared the team winner of the Rural Engineering Service Division Division. Yesterday, on January 18, the Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Development Department and the government Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru PG. There will be a match between the college Bemetra. The final match will be held on 25th January. Winners and runners-up teams will be rewarded in the competition. Apart from this, Man of the Match, Man of the Series, Best Baler, Best Batsman, Best Baller etc. will be given in each match. District Sports Officer Mr. Tiwari has been made Nodal and Steno Two Collector Dharmendra Sharma as Assistant Assistant for conducting Cricket match organizing.

School bags distributed to girls of girls hostel

Bemetara Jan 17, 2019 - Collector Mahadev Kaware has distributed school bags and wallets bags to 50 children in the Government Scheduled Caste Balika hostel, located at Bemetra this morning. They visited different rooms of the hostel and took information from girls about the facilities available in the hostel. The District Magistrate has also provided information regarding the computer set in the hostel. It is to be known that the District Settlement Fund (DMF) has been purchased from the computer set for the hostels of the district. The Collector also took information from the superintendent about the refilling of the sanitary napkin ATMs installed under the Shuchita scheme. He inquired about the quality of food and their education from children and gave them an explanation for reading. By which the name of the parents, society and the state can be illuminated. On this occasion, Assistant Commissioner Mrs. Menaka Chandrakar and Hostel Superintendent Mrs. Anita Sahu were also present.

The collector has taken a look at the goods purchased for the hostel.

Bemetara Jan 17, 2019 - Collector Mahadev Kaware met the children on arrival in the pre-matric scheduled child hostel Kobia (Bemetara) today and took information about the facilities available there. He made physical verification of the bed, mattress, furniture, computer set etc material purchased for the hostel of the district. The District Magistrate directed the Assistant Commissioner Ajak to supply the goods purchased in other hostels of the district soon. He has applied for hostel kitchen and drinking water. He also visited the filter water set machine and explained the students drinking water there. He instructed the Assistant Commissioner to repair rack of bedroom bedroom. It has to be known that the department has purchased 120 beds, 137 Gadas and pillow gem portals for the ashram hostel of the district. The collector inquired about the breakfast and quality of the food received from the children in the hostel. He gave a lot of attention to the children and taught them to study. Assistant Commissioner, Mrs. Maneka Chandraqar and hostel superintendent Mr. Banjare were also present on this occasion.

Collector did casual inspection of government offices

Bemetara January 17, 2019: - Collector Mahadev Kaware conducted a surprise inspection of the transport office, Deputy Director, Women and Child Development Department and Block Education Officer (BEO) office at Bemetra at 10.40 am today. During this time many employees had not been present on time. He instructed Stahf to reach office at the scheduled time. By the common citizens, the District Magistrate received a complaint of delay in some offices to reach the employees' office. The collector informed about the services being given to the general public under the Public Service Guarantee Act 2011 in the Transport Office. He gave instructions to the District Transport Officer to display Public Service Guarantee outside the Flexi office. He also asked to take special care of cleanliness in the office premises. Preeti Thakur has not been signed by the Transport Officer for the last three days in the attendance register. Similarly Praveen Sahu assistant grade-03 did not sign for two days. Asked at the time of inspection, he was told by his staf that he is on a trip to Raipur today and this is not his signature. Both employees have been instructed to issue showcause notice. The Collector directed the repair work of the stairs of the office of R.T.O. Given to
Only two employees were found in the inspection of the Office of Women's Development Department. Office clerk Mansingh Kshatri has not signed the attendance register from 10th to 17th January. Similarly, Rajlakshmi Soni has not been signed from 06th to 17th of January, instructing him to issue ShowCaz Notices. Similarly, during the inspection of the BEO office, only three out of 11 employees were present. In which an affiliate is attached and an employee is on earned leave while 6 employees did not reach the office on time, instructed them to issue ShowCaz Notices. Bero Dharlal Dahariya himself did not appear on time in the office. In the employees who are not present at work on time - S. Narayan Geharwar, Bhupendra Kumar Pandey, Dhanulal Sahu, Jaiprakash Karmakar, Bhanu Pratap Sharma. The collector has warned the employees coming late that they are present on the task at the time or they will take strict action against them.

District's Elevation Arrived Project

Bemetara 15 Jan

Collector Mahadev Kawre informed that under the Bemetara development block, the Lift Arig release Mau Project along the Shivnath river has started from January 14. In the first week of July, 2018, the Collector visited Mau and had an opportunity to visit him and instructed the officials of the water resources and power department to start the elevated system immediately.

Keeping in view the interest of farmers, the district collector took personal interest and discussed the correspondence and telephone of the Chief Engineer (Engineer-in-Chief) of the Water Resources Department located in Raipur, to implement this pending project. Officials of the irrigation department said that it was tested in the year 2002. The system was not operational due to low-voltage of electric power. The Executive Engineer of the Electricity Department said that the transformer will be installed here shortly.

Executive Engineer of Irrigation, Kuldeep Narang said that the process of tender etc. was resumed and the project was started. With the introduction of Rabi and Kharif crops in future, about 1350 acres of irrigation facility will be available. Officials of the Irrigation Department said that in 2001-02 the machinery in the system has been installed, but was closed due to low-voltage.

Lift Arrival Mau - Executive Engineer of Water Resources Department informed that in the year 1980, Rs. 09 lakh 15 thousand was approved. It was constructed during the undivided Madhya Pradesh by lift artery carcation. In 1985, it was transferred to the Water Resources Department. Whose revised administrative approval was Rs. 57 lakhs, against which 77 lakh rupees was spent by the Department.

Its work was completed in 2000 and the test was done in 2002. Executive Engineer informed that in the year 2012-13, under the approval of Triple R item 11 KV The power line of 33 KV In order to conquer the line, the amount received under Triple R item was given to the Chhattisgarh State Electricity Distribution Company in the year 2017 to 60 lakh 51 thousand rupees. For the canal, one million rupees spent in the lining work.

For steamet of 23 lakh 08 thousand rupees for the electricity sub station work, the Electrical and Mechanical Department (E.N.M) of the Water Resources Department (E.N.M) has been sent to Raipur. 238 lakhs have been spent till July 2018 for this elevated project.


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