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The meeting will take place today in Bemetra

Bemetra October 11, 2018: - Shri Dilip Wasnikar, Commissioner, Durg Division and IGP, Durg Range, Mr. G.P. Singh will remain on the migration of Bemetra district on Friday 12th October. In the wake of the assembly elections, a review meeting will be held at the headquarters of the district at 10.30 pm, followed by the Strong Room and the polling stations. Mr Vasnikar will then leave for Kawardha district.


73 polling stations in the district will be webcasting

Bemetra October 11, 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Mr. M.D. Kaware said that webcasting will be done in 73 polling stations under all three assembly constituencies of Navagad, Bemetra and Saza in the district. Which will be connected online directly to the Election Commission of India. He said that Webcasting will be done in the polling booths with respect to 10-10 percent of each assembly constituency in the district. The District Magistrate instructed the officers of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited to ensure necessary preparation in this regard. The Collector directed BSNL officials to provide internet facility in New Circuit House and Strong Room Agricultural Produce Market, Bemetara, instead of the stay of the election supervisor (Abrajwar). Collector said that 10-10 Model polling stations will be developed in every assembly constituency of the district. Under this, the wearing of clean clothes in the presiding officer's table, the name of the name of the shadow, water and benches, presiding and voting officer names for voters, in the plate plate, there are two entrances in the polling booth, one to the voter entry And will exit from the other. Collector said that five-five Pink booths will be formed for all the 3 assembly seats in the district, in which the women's staff will be deployed as Presiding Officer with the presiding officer. Pink Booth's pandal will not be pink. This time the theme of election is kept- an easy, well-attended and inclusive poll is included.

The collector apprised of the test vote

Bemetra October 11, 2018: - This time VVPAT machine will be used in assembly elections, in which voter has voted, his name and symbol will be visible for seven seconds. Collector Mahadev Kaware reached all five tehsil headquarters in the district and took a meeting of the field workers. During this, he told that in which the voter's name is displayed for a slip of 7 seconds and after that the VVPAT machine gets cut off. But if the voter complains that the candidate who is casting the slip is being seen by someone else's name, in this situation the presiding officer will issue a declaration from the concerned voter that he is speaking the correct saying and will be found to be false. It will be punishable under section 177 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). After filing of the announcement, the voting contractor will take a constituency vote and hold a test vote regarding the agent and related voters present by the presiding officer. If the voter is found to be false, he will be handed over to the police immediately. During the election, if a voter of a name has voted and the actual voter comes and speaks that he has not voted and after his investigation it is found that in fact he did not vote, then by such voters The tender will be voted, which according to the old method is voted with the arrow marking in the ballot paper and this opinion is kept separately in the envelope.


Notice the suspicious people immediately - collector Organizing Meetings of Kotwar and Patwaris

Bemetra October 11, 2018: - The district administration is completely free to make fair, unbiased and peaceful full assembly elections in the district. Collector Shri Mahadev Kavare directed at 9.30 pm at Tahasil headquarters, Thankhmaria, at 10.30 pm, at 10.30 pm, at 12.30 pm Berla and at 2.30 pm Bemetara and at 4 pm, at Navagadh and arranging a meeting of Kotwar and Patwari related tehsils and strict instructions to follow the Model Code of Conduct. . If any complaint is received in this regard, strict action will be taken against the concerned people. During the election, civil servants and government servants remain away from temptation. There is no restriction of any type of pampal poster hang in the government building. Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manhar informed about the law and chawl-chat security arrangements in the district. He informed that on the instructions of the District Magistrate, the Kotwars will be given special police officer status during the elections. Voters can not take mobile phones in polling booth on the instructions of the Election Commission of India. The Kotwar district district will also make the announcement three days before the voting. Ssp Said that if an unknown person comes in the village then write his book in the register. The collector said that in the window screen of the promotional vehicle, the original letter of the authorization should be original (paste), especially check it. If any effort is made to give any temptation to the voters in the village like blanket, sarees, sports goods, liquor and cash etc., its information will be immediately notified immediately to the concerned revenue officer and the nearest police station / check. Do it. The collector said that only the voter's number and name will be mentioned on the voter slip. In the slip to be distributed by the candidate and his agent, neither will the candidate's name be nor his signature. The Commission has fixed the date of voting in the three assembly constituencies of the district on November 20. In such a situation, the campaign will end in the district on November 18 at 5 pm. The citizen who is not the voter of that constituency, the outsiders will go out of the area after the campaign expires. In the meeting, the SDM Saaja Shri Umashankar Sahu, Berla - Shri R.P. Anchala, Bemetara-D. Kashyap, Navagad - Shri Dev Singh Uike, Tehsildar and Nayab Tehsildar of the concerned Tehsil were present.

The fortified fortification on October 12 at Bemetra

Bemetra October 10, 2018: - Shri Dilip Vasniker, Commissioner, Durg Division and IG, Durg Range, Mr. G.P. Singh will remain on the migration of Bemetra district on Friday 12th October. In the wake of the assembly elections, review meeting in the district headquarters from 12 noon to 1.30 pm, then go to the Strong Room and the polling stations. Shri Vasnikar will leave for Kawardhaa district at 2.35 pm.


Changes in the timing of liquor shops

Bemetra October 10, 2018: - Collector and District Magistrate Shri Mahadev Kaware issued an order today and the Chhattisgarh government excise department, using Maha Mahanadi Bhavan, the authority given by Atal Nagar Raipur, in view of maintaining law and order, Foreign liquor shops F.L. The scheduled time of opening of -1 is scheduled at 12 noon and the time for closure has been fixed at 9 p.m.

Tariff list of different materials for assembly election

Bemetra October 10, 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware said that the rate for various materials has been determined for assembly elections. On submission of details by the candidate, his election expenditure will be recorded in the account. These include daily jeep of vehicles Rs.1500 per day with diesel, Tango 800 rupees per day with diesel, truck with Rs 4 thousand daily diesel, Sumo / Bolera with Rs 2 thousand per day diesel, Qualis / Scarpies with Rs 2 thousand diesel per day, cars cost Rs 1800 Daily diesel, including INO 3,000 per day diesel, three wheeler / e-rickshaw Rs 600 per day, including diesel 500 bicycle rickshaws up to 24 hours per day Including driver, Television rental 1300 daily diesel separately, helipad construction cost Rs 10 thousand per day, hotel rooms / guest houses rental expenses - AC room 2 thousand rupees per day 24 hours double bed, AC room 1500 rupees 24 hours a day Bed, common room one thousand rupees per day 24 hours double bed, common room Rs 700 per day, 24 hours single bed, the cost of the drivers of the vehicle is 500 rupees Rather, furniture freight spend bases (plastic) per piece daily at 6 rupees, Sofa per piece per 700 rupees, Whikaikpik 150 rupees per person per chair chair, billboard rent and construction cost 14 thousand rupees per person, food plate Rs. 100 per plate per bag, samosa, kachadi, big, Bhajia 15 rupees per plate, potato poha per plate 15 rupees, pulse vegetable copy Plate 30 rupees, Jalebi 50 grams 20 rupees, Milk per plate 15 rupees, Tea per cup 5 rupees, Coffee per cup 15 rupees, Water bottle 5, 10, 20 rupees per nut, Coldrich 15 rupees, Color flakes Square Feet) 7.30 per square feet, multi color flakes (per square ft) 10 to 15 rupees per square foot, wall printing per square feet 30 rupees per square foot, election booth 3c 4.5m 500 rupees per bust per day, band baja one hour per hour Thousands per hour, party agent 300 rupees per day, flower bag 20 rupees per nos., Bookie 100 rupees per book, video graffiti one rupee per day, photographed 250 daily, dance 8 thousand to 15 thousand rupees A per day, T-shirt 80 to 100 rupees per person, sticker lace of 4 rupees per lace, silk shiny ribbon (bunch per m) 5 rupees, badha (paper) 6 thousand rupees per lakh, metal 5 rupees per head, cap 8 10 rupees per head printing, Rs. 50 to 100 rupees per person.


The meeting of the Superintendent of Police in connection with law and order


Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manohar reviewed the situation of law and order in the district, taking a joint meeting of the police station and police check-in-charge of the district in the meeting room of his office this afternoon. In view of the assembly elections, they instructed the police officials to ensure speedy and effective action to curb crimes in the district. At the meeting, the ASP Vimal Kumar Bass, Sub-Divisional Officer, Police Bemetra Mr. K.P. Banjara, Berla- Mr. Jagdish Uike, D.S.P. Other officers of the Police Department including the headquarter Mr. Sunil David were present.

Ssp In the district, give necessary guidelines regarding law and order. During the election, the code of ideal conduct code is necessary, it must be ensured. The responsibility of conducting peaceful elections in the district is of the officers of the district administration and police department. The SSP asked the police officials to take action under prohibitory orders against those who disturb the peace. Immediately, the arrest warrant of Tamili. The number of security forces will be increased in sensitive and highly sensitive polling booths. He gave instructions to the police station to act under the gambling act, curbing the sale and sale of illegal liquor. During the election, check posts will be set up in the district, in these check posts the investigation of illegal liquor, investigation of the cash amount of more than Rs. 50 thousand and the temptation material given to the voters during the election will be examined. The monitoring team will be monitored and tested from time to time by the Flying Squad team. 

Information about sweep plan is being given after the national anthem


In the collectorate building located in Bemetra, the national work begins with the national anthem. The collective national anthem is sung in the Joint District Office coming to the office of punctual and timely officials of the government employees and officers. After this, information about brief reading and brief on topics is given by the collector. Apart from this, new technical terminology related to computers is also made aware. After the collective national anthem, an increase in the percentage of voting under the Voter Awareness Campaign is appealed to make maximum voting through Systematic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (sweep plan).

In addition, information about Voters Variable Paper Audit Trail (VV Pat) machine is also being provided. The National Anthem starts at 10.30 am in Collectorate Bemetra every working day. In which collector Shri Mahadev Kaware is present himself. Apart from him, other officers are also involved in this. During the national anthem today, senior police superintendent Mr. H.R. Manhar was also present. Continuing the tradition of the national anthem, where officials and staff are reaching the office on time. This is developing a new working culture and the common citizens coming from remote areas are also joining the collective national anthem. The Senior Superintendent of Police was informed today about the compliance of traffic rules during the mass prayer.

Police Department appeals to follow traffic rules


Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manhar has appealed to the citizens to follow traffic rules to curb road accidents. Always use helmets when driving two-wheelers and do not have three rides in the vehicle. He said that look at the right-hand side while turning, after which the vehicle turns. Human life is precious.Black spots have been identified at different places in Bemetara district by the Public Works Department. The Superintendent of Police appealed to the cattle owners to keep their animals tied. Otherwise, open cattle will be closed at Kanji House.

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