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Assembly election 2018 Zonal officer appointed for Bemetara assembly constituency

Bemetra October 13, 2018: - Zonal officers have been appointed in the three assembly constituencies of the district to ensure smooth and peaceful completion of assembly elections 2018. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kavre appointed 21 officers under the Bemetara Assembly constituency as Zonal officers. Among them, Assistant Engineer, Pradhan Mantri G.C.O. a R. Dhruv to Zone-Picri, Project Officer Duda Bemetra Mohinder Sahu, Bemetara, District Education Officer Bemetra GR Chandrabakar was conferred with Cobias, Deputy Registrar Co-operative Societies S.K. Tigga to Matka, Rajiv Gandhi Education Mission, Kamod Thakur to Bawmohatra, District Planning and Statistical Officer Rajkumar Ogre Nino, Vikas Vikas Education Officer Arun Khare, Hardia, Mandi Secretary, Agriculture Produce Market, Bemetara, Tulsiram Sinha, Sarda, Assistant Assistant Professor (Project) ) Ajay Kumar Thakur, Shepherd, Deputy Director, Veterinary Services, Dr. Deputy Leader in charge, Dewarbija, in-charge of Agriculture, Shashank Shinde, Paropora, Vikramadh Education Officer, Barla Nirbhaylal Ravte, CMO Berla, D. L. Banerjee, Ledgeara, Sub-Divisional Officer, Water Resources, C.S. Sivahare, Barlow, Executive Officer, District Occupational Pravin Lata, Kusima, Six. Engineer PHE (Project) Bemetra Shyamdas Satyavanshi, Bargaon, Project Officer, Women and Child Development Department, Ramakant Chandrakar, Anandgaon, District Women and Child Development Officer, Manoj Sinha, Bhimbouri, Assistant Director, District Education, SK. Kathlee Hasda, CEO of District Birla Shishir Sharma, Kodha Abhishek Shukla of Godagiri and Energy Department has been appointed as Gudli Zonal Officer. Apart from this, two officials have been kept in the reserve, in which Sunil Tiwar, ASO Education Department, 6. Professor shah. big. Saaza IP Jyoti Soni of Dinkar and Civil Supplies Corporation is included.

Assembly election 2018 Navagadh VS Appointed zonal officer for

Bemetra October 13, 2018: - Zonal officers have been appointed in the three assembly constituencies of the district to ensure smooth and peaceful completion of assembly elections 2018 in the district. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware has appointed 26 officers under the Navagadh constituency as Zonal officers. Among them, Food Officer Bemetra Bhupendra Mishra was posted as Zone-Temari, Deputy Director Agriculture Mr. H.S. Rajput was detained at Nandghat, Superintendent ITI Bemetra Mr. Hari Singh Rana, CMO Beat Sanjay Singh, beat executive executive engineer, G.A. Seva Bemetra, Mrs. Sanaa Sonal Huffmann to Putpura, District Marketing Officer Bemetara R.S. Sambhalur, Vikalchand Education Officer, Navagad Balllal Chaturvedi, Lalmore to Gordhikala, Deputy Director Social Welfare Bemetara BR More to Badarana, District Excise Officer Bemetra S.N. Swapanji, Assistant Engineer, Prof. G.O. Bemetra B.C. Gupta to Nandal, CMO Nawagarh Sanjay Bhimte to Navagad, SDO Krishi Bemetara Rajkumar Solanki to Murata, Manager District Industry Center Bemetara Gopal Rao, Jhun, Dean Agricultural College, Bemetara, MC Nanda, Ganya, Assistant Engineer, Govt. S.D. Raman to Murkuta, Anne.PH.E.E. Bemetra S. Netam to Gangapur, A.D. Loniwi Navagad U.K. Devangan has been transferred to Umairia, Assistant Engineer, Prof. G. Sr., Bahaharsari, District Mineral Officer, Mrs. Meenakshi Sahu. K.R. Tandai bearded, assistant director Khadi Gramodyog KP Semaria to Parathas, work. A P.M.G.SY Bemetra S.K. Sahu to Khandasara, CEO District Deepak Thakur to Mohatra, Assistant Commissioner Tribal Development Bemetara Smt. Maneka Chandrakar, Attariya, Labor Officer N.K. Sahu has been appointed as the zonal officer of Moherniga, Assistant Excise Officer Ashok Kumar Singh, Chandanu, and forest officer officer Bemmetra Tilochan Sahu. Apart from this, four officers have been kept in the reserve, among them the principal Shah. Bemetara da D.D., Civil Surgeon Bemetra da Satish Sharma, Anu Officer Water Resources Navagadh CR Sahu and Assistant Engineer Public Health Mechanics include Bemetara extortion scullle.
It has been stated in the order issued by the collector that the concerned zonal officers should observe the route according to the route chart of their zone area, inform the concerned department if inspection and verifying the door, window, furniture repair and access road damaged by the polling station building. So that the necessary improvements can be made. To be present in the election training itself and also to train members of the polling party. In the polling station building, the assembly election 2018, the number of polling station, the name of the polling station, should be written at the intimate scene. By identifying the sensitive village in the form of fear, forming Village and Ward wise Awareness Group, give information in the enclosed form. Include 05 to 10 non-political persons in the group, which will organize group discussion, rally etc. in the village and give information about crimes under section 171B, will be the sign of the police station in the form.

Assembly Election 2018: Formation of Standing Committee


A staging committee has been constituted for officers and officials of Bemetara district to resolve the difficulties during the electoral process of the Assembly elections 2018. In the committee, collector and district officer will be Bemetara coordinator. According to the order issued by the District Election Officer, the members of the committee, Superintendent of Police, Bemetara, Deputy District Officer, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat, Bemetara, Berla, Navagad and Saja, Sub-Divisional Officer (Police) Bemetara, President of Bharatiya Janata Party, District Bemetra , President of the Indian National Congress, District Bemetra, Chairman and Problem of Bahujan Samaj Party, District Bemetra Candidates (since the date of the allocation date) will be candidates.

Examination for admission in Sainik School on 6th January


The All India Sainik School entrance examination will be held on January 6, 2019 for admission in sixth and ninth grade in the session 2019-20 in the only Sainik School, Ambikapur (Sarguja) of the state. Application form for entrance examination in Sainik School, Ambikapur, can be filled online from Sainik School Society's official website, SainikSchoolAdmission, from November 26, 2018.

Activities of Sainik School, Ambikapur, can be seen on the school's website, WWW.SynciskAmbikipur.org. For detailed information regarding this, contact can be made on the telephone number 07774261609 of the Sainik School, 7747032999. Principal of Sainik School has said that the date of birth of the student should be between April 1, 2007 and March 31, 2009 for admission in class VIII. Similarly, for admission to Class IX, the student's birth date should be between 1 April 2004 and 31 March 2006. For admission in class IX, it is compulsory for the student to be eighth grade.

Students can take examination in the camps at Ambikapur, Bilaspur, Raipur, Raigad, Kanker and Jagdalpur for admission in Sainik School. Students will be able to take admission test in Sainik School, Ambikapur only for admission to Class IX.

Sugam, Suvidha And Samadhan app launch


During the assembly elections in the district, an app launch has been launched at Collectorate District Election Office, Bemetara. In which application can apply online and avail this facility. Collector Mahadev Kaware said that this app is accessible, convenience, solution.

In the Sulabh app, the vehicle system for selection, detailed description of the vehicle, entry of the vehicle owner and driver, petrol-diesel, driver's payment, vehicle allocation will be determined at the district level. The collector said that the concerned citizen can apply online without applying the manual. Facilities and allowances for the permission of vehicle, rally, gathering etc., by the returning officer (RO) of the concerned assembly constituency, under the convenience app, are permitted. The solutions related to election through the solution app include disposal of National Governance System etc.


The Commissioner observed the Strong Room


Commissioner Durg Shri Dilip Vasnikar and Inspector General of Police Shri G.P. Singh today observed a Strong Room made for Bemetara, Navagad and Saza in Bemetara Agricultural Produce Market Complex in the three assembly constituencies of the district. During this period, he also inspected the voting material distribution - deposit room, counting room. On this occasion, Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware, Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manhar, A.D.M. Mr. K. S. Mandavi, Executive Engineer, Lonivy Shri M.R. Jatav, PHE, Shri Parikshit Chaudhary and other officials were present.

Legislative Assembly Election 2018: Vigilant did inspect the polling station


The deceased fortress Shri Dilip Wasnikar and the Inspector General of Police Shri G.P. Singh today inspected the polling station situated in village Kodawa of Berla Vikaskhand in the district. During this time, he got information about ramps, electric power, drinking water and toilets. Valuing writing has been done outside the polling station for the convenience of the voters. Collector Mahadev Kaware, Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manhar, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Mr. R.P. Imphal, DEO Mr. G.R. Chandrakar, Tehsildar Neeta Thakur, Naib Tehsildar, Shri Ajay Kumar Chandravanshi and other officials were present. Officials said that two booths were constructed in the government primary school and middle school premises. There are 669 voters in booth no. 113. These include male 343, female 326. Similarly, booth number 114 has a total of 602 voters. These included Men's 311, Women 291. In order to increase the percentage of voting, the CPI (M) instructed to take action against the voters to bring public awareness among the voters under the sweep plan.


Seriously discharge election duties and obligations - Commissioner


The Chief Minister, Shri Dilip Vaasinikar took a meeting of the nodal officers attached to the Vidhan Sabha election in the collectorate meeting held today and got information about preparations for the elections. Shri Vasaniikar said that by establishing mutual co-ordination, the officers discreetly discharge their responsibilities with their duties. Follow the Model Code of Conduct during election work. He said that with a special strategy for every polling booths in preparedness and sensitive areas, to face the challenge, to achieve unbiased, fair, transparent and peaceful elections. Commissioner Shri Vasaniikar said that the officer remained fair, and looked unbiased, it is the responsibility of the most important responsibility. Follow the electoral process fully. Be informed to senior executives on receipt of every sensitive information.

Inspector General of Durg Range, Shri GP Singh gave necessary directions to the officers in connection with the peaceful elections in the district.
Collector Mahadev Kaware informed about preparations for assembly elections in the district through PowerPoint Presentation. The collector said that a total of 726 polling stations were established under the three assembly constituencies of the district. Out of these, 59 polling stations are covered under the Urban Body. In addition, 99 polling stations, under the Saja assembly, are included in Dhadha development block of Durg district in 726 polling booths. Similarly, 22 polling booths of Bemetara assembly constituency are included in Durg district. There are 5 lakh 85 thousand 144 voters registered under three assembly constituencies. These include 2 lakh 96 thousand 376 male and 2 lakh 88 thousand 768 female voters. Wheelchairs are being arranged in the polling booths of Divyang voter. Arrangement of necessary infrastructure, power, water, ramp, toilet and furniture has been ensured in the district's polling booths. 62 sector officers have been appointed in the district and 128 route charts have been prepared for the three assembly constituencies.

The training and orientation of various teams, including MCMC, EEM, MCC and other teams, including the Sector Officer, Nodal Officer, related to election has been given by District Level Master Trainers. IG Shri Singh said that in order to ensure the safety of candidates in the sensitive areas, there will be a firm strategy. Make a strategy in this regard by taking a meeting with the candidates. He said that special role of intelligence will remain during the election.

Intelligence information can come from every front. For this, the administrative officers and the police will have to stay in alert mode for twenty-four hours. After the election is over, the security personnel want to return to their home as soon as possible. In such a situation, it is available very little time to honor them. Make such arrangements for the security forces to get paid very soon and they do not have to wait at all. Senior Superintendent of Police provided information regarding law and order in the district. He said that the number of arms licenses in the district is 181, in which 176 have been verified. 159 weapons have been deposited in the police station. The number of amperses engaged in the bank security guard is 19. Ssp Said that there are 267 in sensitive polling stations in the district and 13 polling stations of the highly sensitive category are included. In the meeting, CEO of District Panchayat Mr. S. Alok, A.D.M. And Deputy District Election Officer Shri K.S. Mandavi, Additional Collector Mr. S. R. Apart from female sex, the nodal officers associated with the election were present.




Collector Scott meeting in connection with Lee C-Visil

Bemetra October 11, 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Bemetra Shri Mahadev Kaware today took a meeting of officials associated with Flying Skat regarding the use and operation of the C-Visil App in the collectorate meeting room. Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manhar, A.D.M. And the Deputy Electoral Officer Shri K.S. Mandavi, all four SDMs in the district. Were also present. The Collector told that the assembly elections in Chhattisgarh are going to be held in two phases. In which the first phase of polling for 12th and second phase will be held on November 20. Notification of the first phase will be issued on October 16. From that day, C-Will will start working. The Collector directed the Flying Skat team that if any complaint is received regarding the election, ensure immediate action on it.
It was told in the meeting that the common people can download it from the Google Play Store and send their complaints with evidence. Mr. Kaware said that any person can download an Android-based C-Wisel app in a mobile phone. This app has been effective in the state since the date of election announcement. The most important thing about this app is that the complainant's identity will be kept confidential in it. Through this Android app, voters of the state can get election related information from their name or voter ID number. App will get information about part number, serial no, and polling center in few seconds through the app. Apart from this, the convenience of seeing the names of family members can be found through this app.


Regarding the voting, the collector gave the oath

Bemetra October 11, 2018: - Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware administers oath in connection with the voting of government servants in Gandhi Bhawan at Bemetra today. Office of the Chief Electoral Officer Chhattisgarh, General Administration Department Ministry, Mahanadi Bhawan, Atal Nagar (New Raipur) issued a circular by issuing a circular to the President Revenue Board Chhattisgarh Bilaspur, all the Heads of the departments, all the leaders and all the collectors in a week's voting. Instructions have been issued to all the officials, employees to take oath. Were. This oath was administered by the collector. In which there has been talk of motivating all citizens to vote while participating in the democratic system. Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manhar, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Mr. D.N. Apart from Kashyap, Tehsildar, Mrs Umaraj, Patwari and Kotwar were present.

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