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Collector inspected Biranpur check post


During the assembly elections, barriers have been set up in the district to check the movement of suspected vehicles. Collector Shri Mahadev Kawre and Superintendent of Police Shri S.R. Manhar observed the check post (Barrier) near the Karra Nala of village Birnapur (Chechenmetta) on the border of Bemetra and Kabirdham district today. Apart from this, check posts established in Parapody also were reviewed. Ssp Instructed police staff to continue to investigate the suspicious vehicles. If any person is taking more than Rs. 50,000 in cash during the election, then be sure to inquire about it. Find out the amount of source information and a surety bill voucher etc. If you get more than 10 lakh cash amount, then inform it to the Income Tax officials. During the election on the interstate border of district, examine the contents of the voters, etc. Incentive to voters comes in the category of crime. During the inspection, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Mrs. U. S. Sahu, CMO Paropody Anuradha Rajamani was present.

Collector and S.P. Inspected the sensitive polling stations


Collector and District Election Officer, Shri Mahadev Kawre and Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr. H. R. Singh, for ensuring the basic amenities in the polling booths and making sure that voter use is exercised during the assembly elections. Manhar today unitedly inspected sensitive polling stations under the assembly constituency of the district. These include Kirki, Bija, Ghotwani, Donghitarai, Somaikhurd, Bhendarwani, Biranpur, Nawkessa, Devkar etc. The collector took information regarding the basic amenities of furniture, electricity system, drinking water, ramps for Divya voters and toilets etc. in the polling booths. Keeping in view the safety of voters, the SSP observed two entrance doors in the polling booths.

Today the collector and the SP Suddenly arrived at the remote polling booth of Saza area. The collector encouraged the use of his vote essentially by discussing rural voters. During this, the Superintendent of Police also discussed with the collector about the security arrangements and police force deployment at the polling booth. At the distance of 200 meters of polling stations, instructions have been given to make election agent booth. The collector asked to identify the voters of the polling center and bring them to the center for voting. He also instructed to arrange for wheelchairs, stick etc. in the polling booths to assist Divyan voters. On this occasion, Sub-Divisional Magistrate Sanja Shri U.S. Sahu was present.


Men and women multipurpose health worker training process from Oct 22


Due to the effect of Model Code of Conduct under the Legislative Assembly Election 2018, all the procedures for admission to the men and women's multipurpose health worker training session 2018-19 were postponed indefinitely.

Chief Medical and Health Officer of the District Dr. Satish Sharma said that this is the education and training course as directed by the Commissioner of Co-Operant, Directorate Health Services, Chhattisgarh, Atal Nagar Raipur and instructions have been given to the counseling and counseling for female and male multipurpose health worker training till November of the month. Counseling of the Male Multipurpose Health Worker Training will be held from 11.00 am on October 22, 2018 and all procedures for the women's multipurpose health worker training will be held in lieu of dates.


Election Training on October 22


The training of the first phase of the posting officer and voting officer serial no. 01 in the election process will be held on Monday 22nd October at 10.30 pm in the developmental headquarters of the district- Bemetara, Saza, Berla and Navagad. The second phase training will be held on November 10 and 11.

Legislative Assembly Election 2018: Training given to Master Trainers


Master trainers were trained today in the district panchayat meeting room to complete the fair, uninterrupted and peaceful assembly of the 2018 assembly in the district. In the beginning of the training program, Collector and District Election Officer, Shri Mahadev Kaware said that training is important in the election process, due to better training, the election is also peaceful and well done. In all Master Trainers' Blak Headquarters, you will get to the presiding and voting officers with the details of the details. During training, E.V.M. And VVPAT The machine was trained and demonstrated. E.w.m. The battery percentage will be displayed in the machine like the battery of a mobile battery. In the previous elections, M. to model machine was used.

Now the time will be used for the 3 rd model machine. In which four ballet units can be used. All the facility in M-3 machine will be self-operated (automatic), which will look like the battery information, not the medium and the high, just like the percentage of our mobile battery will be seen. Every polling station has at least 50 ma'polls before voting. If any voters have to vote for the test then they must obtain application from the test votes.

Visitor sheets will be available in every polling station. The voter register has to be prepared correctly. Tender vote will also be provided. After completion of the poll, close button is essentially to be pressed, otherwise the machine will be automatically shut down after twelve hours. Format 17...  is mandatory to be filled in.

Voters Variable Paper Audit Trail Machine will be used for the first time in Bemetara district, including Chhattisgarh. Apart from McPaul, for the second seven-second week, VVPAT has been approved. Which will report whipettes. District level master trainer Bhanu Soni gave EVMs And detailed information about the heating of the wattet. In the training, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok, District Education Officer, GR Chandrakar, B.E.O. of the district Including election-related employees were present.


Collector's meeting of Sector officials


In order to conduct fair, uninterrupted and peaceful elections in the district, Collector Mahadev Kaware gave necessary guidelines to the sector officials during the time-limit meeting today. He said that all the Sector Officers should present their tour report in the District Election Office. The Collector reviewed the facilities provided in Sector wise polling stations and the arrangements made under the instructions given. They instructed to ensure the arrangement of furniture, electricity system, drinking water, street voting for ramps and toilets etc. in the polling booths. In the meeting, SSP Mr. H.R. Manhar, CEO, District Panchayat, Shri S. Alok, ADM Shri K.S. Mandavi, Additional Collector Mr. S. R. Other officials including Woman were present. The District Magistrate asked the departmental officers not to keep their mobile switch off.

Follow the guidelines that are given in the mobile phone market. Every officer, employee, attend their prescribed headquarters. Do not leave the headquarters for a day without the prior permission of the collector. Given the priority of election work, except for special circumstances, the ban has been banned. It was informed in the meeting that five to five ideal polling stations will be set up in all three assembly constituencies of the district. In which the name plate of the presiding officer will be displayed, the table should be clean table and the shade and water system will be arranged for the voters. The collector said that till the completion of the voting process, sector officers have an important role. Sector Officers will be nominated as Sector Magistrate for the said Sector during election duty and they will be given the powers of Special Executive Magistrate.



Postponement of Collector's election till election


Collector Mahadev Kaware told that the weekly demonstration program will be postponed every Tuesday in the collectorate meeting room of the Joint District Office Building, till the completion of the process of assembly election 2018.

Seized 18 vehicles by mining department, fined 21 thousand rupees


On receipt of complaints of repeated mineral exploration / transport of the illegal mineral exploration / transport under Bemetara district, during the strict operation by the Mineral Department, Bemetara, according to the order of Collector Mahadev Kawar, in October 2018, sand 11, murum 03 and ballast 04 total 18 The total amount of recoveries of the vehicles has been recovered to 21 thousand 700 rupees. Action taken on illegal mineral transport has been banned illegal transportation to a large extent and the proceedings will continue further.

Collector meeting of School Operators


Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kaware held a meeting of the directors of various schools of the district in the District Panchayat Samiti. He apprised of the bus acquisition for assembly elections.

The collector informed that on 18th November, 12 am to ensure that the vehicle is sent to Bemetara in the agricultural produce market Bemetara. Come in the driver uniform and hold the card issued by the school management. Do not drink alcohol during duty, it should be carefully taken care of. Voting will take place on November 20 in the three assembly constituencies of the district. The said date will be declared public holiday in the district. Holidays in schools due to Sunday on 18th November The collector said that the drivers of the drivers who will feel duty driven for the postal ballot. Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manohar, CEO of District Panchayat Shri Sachchidanand Alok, District Education Officer Shri G.R. Chandrakar, B.E.O. Navagadh Shri G.R. Chaturvedi, Bemetra Shri Arun Khare, Berla Shri Nibhalal Ravte, were also present.

Collector's meeting of Li political parties


Collector Mahadev Kaware informed about the new guidelines of the Election Commission of India regarding the Assembly Election 2018, meeting of representatives of political parties in the collectorate meeting room this afternoon.

The first randomization was done in the presence of political parties. Under this, the candidate should be informed of the pending criminal cases as well as the cases of crime being proved. Candidates will have to file an affidavit in Form 26 along with the nomination papers during the assembly elections. It has to declare information about criminal cases, properties, liabilities and educational qualifications. Candidates will be able to spend up to Rs 28 lakh in their constituency. The collector said that till date, the application has been submitted for permission of 04 public vehicles by the Indian National Congress from Saza assembly constituency. Similarly, for the Bemetara constituency, one from Bharatiya Janata Party, one from BSP and six. A application related to Janata Congress has been submitted to the Returning Officer. Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manhar, A.D.M. And Sub-District Election Officer Shri KS Mandavi, Election Supervisor Mr. Santosh Namdev, Mr. Yashwant Kumar Dondera of various political parties, Shri Sunil Kumar Namdev, Shri Bhogendra Nirmalkar and Mr. Prahlad Mishra were also present.


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