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Appointed as Returning Officer of the Assembly wise, Returning Officer will be Collector for Bemetra


According to the election schedule of the Election Commission of India for the three assembly constituencies under the District for the General Elections 2018 for the General Elections 2018, the Returning Officer and Assistant Officer and the Assistant Officer for the assistance of their nomination process have been given the legislative responsibility. Collector and District Election Officer Mahadev Kaware has issued orders for officials, employees. The Returning Officer will be the self-collector for the Assembly constituency Bemetra. Assistant Returning Officer ARO (SDM Bemetra) Mr. D.N. Kashyap and SDM Berla Shri R.P. Anchala, Assistant Grade of Bemetra-02, Ravilal Pahre, Assistant Grade-03, Narendra Singh Rajput, Steno Kamta Prasad Piyush will be present for their clerical assistance. Returning Officer for the assembly constituency will be Sub Divisional Officer Revenue Saja Umashankar Sahu.

Assistant Returning Officer ARO deputy collector Bemetra Shri D.R. Dhruv, Tehsildar Thankhmahariya Prafulla Rajak, Assistant Grade-02 Kailash Padoti for District Office Bemetra, V. Virendra Verma of Tahasil Office, Saza, Steno KL Srivastava of Berla, Tehsil office. Similarly, the returning officer for the assembly constituency Navagad will be the revenue department officer Navagad Dev Singh Uike.

Assistant Returning Officer, ARO, District Panchayat, CEO of Navagad. And Deputy Collector Anandop Tiwari and Tehsildar Bemetra Smt. Uma Raj, for their clerical assistance, SDM Office of Bemetara, Steno Vijay Kumar Verma, Tehsil office, Navadgad's assistant, Grade-03, Balaram Devdas, and Tehsil office will be Gokaran Prasad Dhruv of Bemetra. Assistant Treasury Officer, Shri O.P., at Room No.-05, ​​Collectorate. Rajput has been given the responsibility of depositing deposit amount. Nomination letters can be deposited in Collectorate Bemetra for all three assembly constituencies of the district.


The Collector gave information to the media representatives regarding election notification


Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre gave information in connection with assembly elections in the collectorate meeting room in connection with the assembly elections. The voting will take place on November 20 at 8 pm and 5 pm. The votes will be counted on December 11, 2018 in the strong room of Agricultural Produce Market Bemetra. Collector said that on Friday 26 October, at 11 am the information will be published by the returning officer for the assembly constituency of 68 constituencies, 69 Bemetra and 70 Navagadh constituencies. After that, the assignment and acceptance of nomination papers will be done from 11 am to 3 pm. The nomination papers for the three assembly constituencies and deposit of deposits will be done at the Room No. - 05 on Shri O.P. Rajput will be assisted by the treasury officer.

It is mandatory to give an affidavit in format - 26 with the name directive. In the nomination papers, paste the latest photo stamp size of two centimeters by 2.5 centimeters and deposit two additional photos. The collector said that all the columns of affidavit should be filled in full. In the event of incomplete affidavit, the returning officer will be given information regarding the incomplete in the check list. They have to submit an affidavit after completing them. Currently 815 applications have been received under the continuous revision of voter list. The District Magistrate told that after the formation of code of conduct, 1245 posters, billboards were removed. Action taken by lodging 3484 cases under property deportation act District Magistrate informed that on Thursday there has been action of District Badar on two people

Among them, Moitiram Sahu's father Jethuram Sahu, age 55 years Village -Khaira police station Barla and Baldau Sen father Azhuram Sain age 44 years Village - Pachabhaiya Thana Behari district Bemetara is included in the name. Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manhar gave information regarding law and order in the district. On this occasion, Additional Collector and Deputy District Election Officer Shri K.S. Mandavi was also present.

No permission to carry arms and mobile phones in polling booth


Strict arrangements will be made to secure the assembly elections in fair, uninterrupted and peaceful manner in the district. Presiding officers have been instructed during the training that no unauthorized person should ever go to the polling station within the time of voting. Do not try to give voting party or agent votes or votes when no voter is in the polling booth. Presiding Officer / Voting Officer should not be in the polling booth with any voters. No agent or voting officer should intimidate, threaten or threaten any voter. Weapons can not be taken within the polling station. District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre has directed the Presiding Officers to ensure compliance of guide line issued by Election Commission of India. Ballet unit, control unit and VV Keep the stomach fixed at the table in the polling place at the appointed place, in no case keep the three on the floor. The Presiding Officer should ensure that the voting ends at the right time as per the scheduled voting process. After voting for the last voter, press the close button of the control unit. The presiding officer will ensure that the voting compartment will not be photographed.

In addition to the regular voter for the voting center, the following person can enter the polling station - the voting officer, the candidate, his election agent and one polling agent appointed by each candidate at one time, the media officer authorized by the Election Commission, In relation to the election, a senior public servant, supervisor appointed by the commission, Micro Abrzvar, webcasting worker, if the boy / child is in the lap with the voter, the person who comes with those visually impaired and illiterate voters who can not walk without assistance. Similarly, if any security personnel with the elector or candidate or his election agent or the polling officer, should not be ordered to enter the polling station. But in the case of Jade Plus security person's arrival, their security personnel can enter plain clothes and enter their arms completely by logging in. It was also clarified by the commission that in any situation within the polling station, permission to carry cell phones, cardless phones, wireless etc. would not be allowed. In no circumstances can anybody be allowed to send a slip out, reflecting the order number of the voters who have voted or did not vote. Voting centers should be made in such a way that the voting agents can sit inside the polling booth and look at the voters coming in for voting and challenge their identity if necessary. The agent should not be placed in such a place from which he can see the voter cast and vote confidentially. Smoking is not allowed inside the polling station. If a voting agent expresses his desire for smoking, he will be asked to leave the polling station without obstructing the voting.




Nomination letter from Collectorate today


Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre said that voting will be held on November 20 under the ballot for second phase of the state. Notification will be issued on Friday, 26 October for district's assembly constituencies Saza, Bemetra and Navagadh. The time for filing of nominations in the room of the respective Returning Officer of Collectorate Bemetra has been fixed at 11 am to 3 pm. The last date for nomination will be November 02, scrutiny date 03 November and the last date for nomination will be 05 November 2018. The symbol will be allocated after 3 o'clock on 05 November. Normal candidates will have to deposit Rs. 10 thousand as nominal amount for nomination papers, whereas for the scheduled castes / tribes candidates Rs. 5 thousand will be given.SC / ST candidates will have to submit the shadow copy of cast certificate issued by competent authority for exemption in defaulting amount. The collector said that on Saturday 27th October, banks will remain under the Negotiable Instrument Act.

The nomination papers can not be accepted on Sunday, October 28. Mr. O.P. Rajput's for receipt of name deposit amount.  duty has been installed, which will be in the collectorate room number 05. Will be briketing, any candidate will be able to go to the returning officer along with up to four people. There will be adequate police force arrangements. D.S.P. Mr. Sunil David will be in charge of this.


Collector felicitates Divyang voter rally


To promote voter awareness today, a rally rally of Divyang voters was lifted from Jayastambh Chak Bemetara today. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre released the rally with a green flag. He said that the citizens should vote freely without fear of fear. Become involved in strengthening democracy without coming to any temptation.

Wheelchair arrangements have been made in each polling booth to facilitate the Divya voters in the district. The percentage of voting in last assembly elections is 77, this time it is to increase this percentage. It requires the participation of ordinary citizens new voters. Social activist Tarachand Maheshwari also expressed her views. Mr. B.R.More, Deputy Director, Social Welfare Department expressed gratitude. In the rally, the Departmental Officer Revenue Mr. D.N. Kashyap, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.K. Sharma, District Education Officer, Shri G.R. Chandrakar, Chief Municipal Officer Shri Mohinder Sahu, B.E.O. Shri Arun Khare, Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat Shri Deepak Thakur, In-charge Sports Officer, Shri Nageshwar Tiwari


Guidelines required for Presiding Officers

Bemetra October 24, 2018: - During the assembly elections in the district, the Directors of the Election Commission have issued necessary guidelines for the presiding officers. It has been said that voting should be stopped at regular intervals, but at the time of the end of polling, all voters present in the polling booth will be allowed to vote, whether the polls continue for some more time. Keep in mind that no person can come in line after voting ends. For this, you must distribute the perciean to all the voters standing in the line. It should be started with the final voter standing in the job row. A check memo has been made to the Presiding Officers by the Commission, the said check memo should be properly filled by you. Take training classes and rehearsals seriously. In the past, although you have already acted as a presiding officer or a voting officer and have used the machine, in these training classes, in rehearsals, you are present to be familiar with some new facts so that you can vote on law and Get information about the process. Election rules and procedures are amended from time to time. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kavre gave instructions to the Presiding Officers to follow the instructions issued by the Election Commission of India.

It has been stated in the instructions issued by the commission that the control unit, ballot unit and VVPAT given to you have been made available for use on your polling station. It should be examined in the context of the attached AdE-texts of the above mentioned units, such as the number and names of the polling booths on each such adaye tege by the Returning Officer. Check that the absence of the marked copy of the electoral rolls, elsewhere transferred voters, if any, that list is being given to facilitate you to mark the voters at the polling station. To connect both the control unit and the ballet unit, a five meter long cable is sufficient for 16 candidates, including a ballet unit note. Errors show that the control unit is not worth the use. The inoperative indicates that the control unit can not be used further. Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VV Pet) is an independent printer system connected to the electronic voting machine, which allows voters to verify that their votes have been entered as desired. When the vote is cast, VV Pat Porter has a slip print on which the candidate's serial number, name and election symbol is visible through a transparent window for seven seconds. After that, this printed slip is automatically cut and falls into the sealed drop of VV Petet. If any voting officer appointed for the polling booth is absent or is not present in performing his duty then the presiding officer has the right to appoint any other person present in his place and accordingly inform the District Electoral Officer. Ensure that high voltage bulb / tube light should not be placed above or above the voting compartment, as VV due to extra light The stomach can go into error mode. Polling agents should be seated in such a way that they enter the voters' face or voters polling station and the first voting officer can see his identity. If there is a large number of female voters in your polling booth, you should arrange for their identification and keeping in mind the secrecy, dignity and dignity, arranging for their inward box in a separate room by an indelible female voting officer. needed. The assistance of Anganwadi worker can be taken for this work. No reason should be allowed for cooking or burning for any purpose within the polling station on polling day. When the voter will enter the polling station, he will first reach the first voting officer and the first voting officer will identify the voter by the election commission or other documents which is specified by the Election Commission. The voter will make the necessary entry in the marked list of the list. Then the voter will go to the other voting officer who will put an indelible ink on the index finger of his left hand and will sign the signature or thumb impression from the voter in the voter's register, after giving thumbs mark, the voting officer will give him the additional ink of the thumb on the table He will ask to wipe the wet cloth.

National anthem begins with government work

Bemetra October 24, 2018: - Government work begins with the national anthem at the collectorate building in Bemetra. During the time of government employees and officials, the National Anthem is being operated in the Joint District Office coming to office and on time. The National Anthem starts at 10.30 am in Collectorate Bemetra every working day. In which Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware and Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manor himself is present. Apart from this, other officers of the collectorate are also involved in this. After this, reading of good advice and computer-related new technical terminology is also made aware. The information was given by the Superintendent of Police to follow the traffic rules. Continuing the tradition of the national anthem, where officials and staff are reaching the office on time. With this, a new working culture is evolving, the common citizens coming from far away are also joining it.

Various programs to increase voter awareness will be in the district Today's Day rally

Bemetara October 24, 2018: - Bemetara to increase district fair and the percentage of voting with transparent voting district sweep (Systematic Voters Education and Ilektorol Participation) Committee meeting today Collectorate chaired by Mr. Mahadev Kavare Wednesday Collector and District Election Officer The meeting was organized in the chamber. Various programs will be organized in the district under voter awareness. The collector instructed new young voters to motivate voting. Mr. Kavare has instructed the public enlightening art-group, Nook, drama, seminar, discussion, rally to spread propaganda through various competitions and posters Pamplet. He told the electorate voting machines, telling the credibility of Electronic Voting Machines and VV Patts. It was decided in the meeting that on November 01, the citizen will bring a clay lime in the Jayastambha check. The name of which has been named a Deep (Diya) voting will go through the message of voting for ordinary citizens. Apart from this, you can burn the lamp in your homes too.
Collector also directed to conduct various activities through the selected electoral literacy club established in the schools. Rally divyanga ones in the October 25 morning at 8 o'clock Jaystnb check Bemetara, 26 in the morning at 6 am yoga Local Agricultural Produce Market Complex October October 27 at 12 noon Basic School grounds in voter Festival, 01 November the Evening Glory column checks Deeppan - Candle on November 4, at the Gandhi Bhawan Bemetra at 11 o'clock consonant competition, in which the inter-school folk dance and folk song presentation, on 15th November Will be organized bicycle rally today to highest secondary school Bemetara. In the meeting, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok, A.D.M. K.S. Mandavi, District Education Officer, GR Chandrakar, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Satish Sharma, Principal Diet G.S. Netam, Principal P.G. College da Debashish Day, Dean of Agricultural College, Dr. Nanda, Chief Municipal Officer Mohinder Sahu, Yoga instructor Dilharan Tiwari, social activist Tarachand Maheshwari, Mrs. Varsha Gautam, among others were present.


Assembly election-2018 : In the print and electronic media candidates and political parties will have to give information about criminal cases


Candidates of the Assembly election must give information about their criminal background to the voters through print and electronic media. Political parties will also have to display information of criminal cases of party candidates on their website. Political parties have to publish this information in newspapers and electronic media as well. Based on the notification issued recently by the Law and Justice Ministry of the Government of India, the amendment in format 26 of the affidavit submitted by the Election Commission of India has been amended by the Election Commission.

According to the directive of the Election Commission of India, such candidates against whom criminal cases are registered or have been in the past, will have to give the information of the cases registered against them to the political party of their affiliation. At the same time, they have to declare before the returning officer that they have given information to their team of criminal cases. Candidates must publish the criminal cases registered against them in the format prescribed by the Commission (C-1) in the multi-pronged newspaper of the field in three separate dates. The publication of such announcement is mandatory from the last date of withdrawal of nomination from the date of voting till two days of voting. The candidate will also have to broadcast the announcement of criminal cases in three separate dates on the television channel. TV This announcement on the channel can be broadcasted till 48 hours before the end of polling. Recognized political parties and registered non-affiliated parties must display their candidates on the criminal background announcement website. In addition, it will have to be published in three different dates in a wide circulated newspaper in the field in the format set by the Commission (C-2).

The publication of such announcement is mandatory from the last date of withdrawal of nomination from the date of voting till two days of voting. Political parties have to broadcast the announcement of criminal cases in three separate dates on the television channel. Parties to TV This announcement on the channel must be confirmed 48 hours before the end of the poll. Returning Officer Candidates, Newspapers and TVs Regarding publication of the announcement of criminal cases for broad publicity in channels, the memorandum will be issued by the Commission in the prescribed format (C3). Candidates will submit copies of news papers to the District Election Officer as also the election expenditure articles as proof of publication. Details of the format C-1 and C-2 and their respective instructions are made on the website of the Election Commission of India (PPA) and the website of the Chief Electoral Officer office of Chhattisgarh, the President's Office (WWW.com Chhattisgarh Dot, NIC Dot-in) A copy of the details and instructions can also be obtained from the respective Returning Officer.




Collector held a meeting of officials


The district administration is fully prepared to make fair, uninterrupted and peaceful elections in the district. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre has instructed the employees to conduct election training responsibly responsibly by taking a nodal officer meeting in the collector's room this evening. The collector said that the responsibility of all officers and employees engaged in election work is important. With the cooperation of everyone, the work of election will be completed. The collector said that the task of election is the responsibility of responsibility. Responsibility of all nodal officers is important. The responsibilities have been submitted by the written order to the staff for the formation and training of the polling party, distribution of the material and the submission of the return, the transport system etc.

The responsibility of the Nodal Officer is to ensure that the regular attendance of employees engaged in the election work and to edit the work on time and submit the report to the district election office. ADM in the meeting Mr. K. S. Mandvi, District Panchayat CEO Shri S. Alok, Additional Collector, Shri S.R. Mahilang, Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Mr. D.N. Kashyap, deputy collector, Shri B.R. Dhruv, Deputy Registrar Co-operation Shri S.K. Tigga, district public relations officer were present.

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