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Jawahar Navoday Vidyalay Online application for admission in class VIII till November 30

Bemetra November 27, 2018: - The selection examination will be held on April 06, 2019 for the completion of vacant seats in class VIII for the session 2019-20 for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Khilora Tehsil Bemetra, District Bemetra. Collector and Navodaya Vidyalaya Sangathan Chairman Shri Mahadev Kaware said that the application form for the examination examination can be filled only on the Online Navodaya Vidyalaya website's website WWW Navodaya Dat Gov Dot Inn by 30 November 2018. He informed that those students who are studying in Class VIII in Session 2018-19 in Government / Non-Government Schools of Bemetara district, can only fill online application forms for student VIX VI. Student's birth date should be between one May 2006 to 30 April 2010 (both days are inclusive). For more information, telephone number - 9424244628, 9399532137, 9340196648, 9399363378 and 6263038025 can be contacted.


Constitution Day observed in Bemetra, College of Agriculture and Research

Bemetra November 27, 2018 - Constitution Day was celebrated yesterday at Bemetra, the College of Agricultural and Research. In accordance with the decision of celebrating Constitution Day on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar by the Government of India, the proposal of the Constitution in the College of Education Bemetara was organized with reading of students and assistants. Dr. Ambedkar was the President of the draft constitution committee. Who completed 2 years 11 months and 18 days on 26th November, 1949, completed the constitution and dedicated the nation to the nation. The Constitution Day was celebrated for the first time from the year 2015 to 26 November by the Indian government and on 26th November the election was selected to spread the importance of the Constitution. To implement this concept, Dr. K. Bemetara, a farming college, H. C. Nanda, the oath-taking was organized by all the faculty members and all the students, speaking the significance of the Constitution. The program was taken in the program to read and implement the preamble of the Constitution. On this occasion, Dr.CR- Netam, Dr. Asit Kumar Pandey, Shri R. s. Lanziana, D.C. Bharti Baghel, Shrimati Kanti Banjare, Shri Kamal Narayan Kaushal, Dr. Priti Pankara, Mrs. Pratibha Sinha and other faculty members and staff were present.

Organized program on Constitution Day in Juvenile Justice Board

Bemetra November 27, 2018 - The program was organized in the Juvenile Justice Board Bemetra to commemorate the Constitution Day. Constitution Maker Dr. They were reminiscent of Bhimrao Ambedkar and the first President of the country, wreaths on the drawing pictures. Addressing the program, Nathal Kothari said that Dr. The country is being operated only by the Constitution constituted by Ambedkar. His foresight is that he created a Constitution for all sections of the country. Member Shri Nivedita Joshi said that the Constitution is paramount. The Constitution has been created in very good manner to uplift the proletariat, I salute them. Shri Vyom Srivastava highlighted his biography and the biography of the President and mentioned when it came into force. He said that after becoming a constitution there have been about 100 amendments. Thanksgiving was made by Om Prakash Chandrakar. On this occasion, Shri Dinesh Sharma, Mrs. Sunita Sharma, Smt. Mandakani Chabe, Ms. Mumtaz Ravani, Ms. Yishwari Valde, Ms. Hiteshwari Sahu, Shaista Parveen, Rameshwar Singh Patel, Surendra Sahu, Krishnakumar Chandrakar, Ravi Shrivastav, Raju Prasad Sharma, Pt Narayan Sharma etc. has been present


Collector meeting of nodal officers engaged in levy paddy procurement

Bemetra November 27, 2018- A joint meeting of the Nodal officers appointed at the level of food, marketing, district co-operative bank and procurement center was organized under the chairmanship of Collector Mahadev Kaware for review and effective implementation of the Paddy procurement in Kharif marketing year 2018-19. . In a meeting organized at the meeting room of the District Office, the collector instructed the nodal officers to perform physical verification of paddy and granules available in the procurement center on Saturday every week and said that strict action will be taken against any kind of negligence and disciplinary action in the paddy procurement. In the meeting, nodal officers were trained to make physical verification of paddy and rain water through mobile app. In the meeting, the officials of the Food Department promptly resolved the problems being faced by the nodal officers in the mobile application. Food officials said that during the last kharif season, two lakh 69 thousand metric tonnes of paddy was procured. The estimated target of procurement of paddy in the current season has been 4 lakh metric tons this year. Under the 54 cooperative societies in the district, the purchase of paddy through 86 rice production centers is in progress. The Collector took information from the Nodal officers of the District Cooperative Central Bank regarding payment to the farmers. Nodal Officer said that amount is transferred to the bank accounts of the farmers within two to three days according to the support price fixed by the government. Food officer Shri Bhupendra Mishra, District Marketing Officer Shri R. s. Nomadal officers appointed in all the Assistant Food Officers, Food Inspectors and Establishment Centers in addition to Mr. R.S. Kashyap, Nodal Officer of District Cooperative Central Bank were present.

Collector meets Lee Rice Millers D.O. To take steps to uproot paddy

Bemetra November 27, 2018 - A meeting of the concerned officers and the Rice Millers was taken to solve the problems of rice procurement under custom milling in collectorate meeting room by Collector Mahadev Kaware. Food officer Bhupendra Mishra, District Marketing Officer, R.S. Lohmore, Nodal Officer, District Co-operative Central Bank, R. Kashyap, District Manager, Civil Supplies Corporation, Branch Manager Jyoti Soni, B.M. of State Ware House Corporation. Mr. A.K. Dubey, Assistant Food Officer, Food Inspector, and Rice Millers were present. The collector reviewed the problems faced by depositing rice. The speed of depositing old boards in paddy earning centers is slow. Instructions were made to deposit the old rains by the Rice Millers, according to which the tanks were deposited in an empty manner, immediately through the District Marketing Officer.
Regarding the proportion of paddy lifting by Mr. Sunil Daga, Chairman of District Rice Millers Association, that there is adequate arrivals of sarna paddy in the district so that it can be improved by increasing the amount of Sarna paddy and getting 100% arwa rice in the district. Due to the decrease in the quantity of diluted paddy in rows, the request was made. The collector assured to make necessary amendments in the proportion of paddy upturn in the future due to increase of Sarna paddy. At the same time, issuing maximum delivery order in the current rows was instructed to lift the paddy. To increase the speed of rice depositing by them, the District Civil Supplies Corporation has been given instructions to the District Civil Supplies Corporation for making necessary arrangements in the warehouses located in other areas of the district. Nodal Officer informed about the purchase of paddy according to the criteria in the earning centers. If there is any reduction in quality then strict action will be taken by the district administration.

The collector must meet the meeting regarding preparations for counting 14-14 tables for counting

Bemetra November 27, 2018 - Collector Shri Mahadev Kaware today greeted the meeting of departmental officials and congratulated and congratulated the assembly elections in the district for unbiased, unbiased and peaceful completion. They gave necessary instructions regarding preparations for counting. The counting of the three assembly constituencies of the district will be done in the strong room set up in the agricultural produce market premises at 8 o'clock on December 11. Legislative votes will be counted in 14-14 tables. Each table will have a duty of one micro armor. The collector said that the first training for the counting of votes was proposed on December 04. Second redemption of officers / employees engaged in the counting of votes is proposed on December 10. The collector took information from the Executive Engineer of Public Works Department regarding the bribery of the counting site. E.E. Told that the proceedings of the bribery continue. The lattice is being leaked. The collector instructed to mark the vehicle parking spot. Government servants in the counting place, farmers will enter the consumer market gate. Similarly, candidates and their representatives will enter the main gate of Durg Road. Photometric entry pass will be issued, they will be eligible only to enter. The Collector directed the Food Department to arrange breakfast and food, to the Chief Municipal Officer, to make arrangements for sanitation, public health mechanics department to provide drinking water. The Executive Engineer of the Electricity Department asked to keep the power supply constant. Arrange generators as an alternative system. Pan, tobacco, bidi, cigarettes will be restricted in the counting place. Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. H.R. Manohar, CEO of District Panchayat Mr. S. Alok, A.D.M. And Deputy District Election Officer Shri K.S. Mandavi, Additional Collector Mr. S. District level officers including women and women were present.

Mobile Phone Restrict - In addition to the officers and employees engaged in the counting of votes during the counting of votes, candidates and their election agents and media representatives will not be allowed to carry mobile phones at the counting place. Returning officers and assistant returning officers will not be allowed to keep mobile at the counting place. Only observers can keep mobile during this period. Journalists will be allowed to carry mobile phones only to the media center.

Regarding preparations for the counting of votes, the collector held a meeting of political parties

Bemetara 22 Nov.

Collector Mahadev Kawre gave a briefing on the preparations for the counting of votes by taking a meeting of political parties this evening. During the meeting organized at Joint District Office, Bhawan, he said that the percentage of the district polling on 20th November was 77.88. He congratulated the representatives of ordinary citizens and political parties for peaceful voting in the district. The collector said that the Legislative votes in the Strong Room set up in the Agricultural Produce Market Complex will start on December 11, 2018 at 8 AM. First postal ballot will be calculated. The collector said that the applicant and their agents who will participate in the calculation process will be issued a photographed introduction letter. For this, the candidate will have to submit the photograph of his agent and his own passport size before the prescribed date before the officer.

No passee will be allowed to enter the Strong Room premises. There will be tight security arrangements. The District Magistrate informed that the security of the Strong Room is being done by the BSF personnel for 24 hours with strict surveillance. On the day of counting, 14-14 tables will be installed for each assembly. The SP gave information about the security arrangements on the counting day of the counting day.

He told that the police personnel would be deployed around the market. ADM in the meeting And Deputy District Election Officer K.S. Mandavi, Returning Officer Saza - Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - D.S. Uike and political party representatives were present.

So far 1256 postal ballot deposits

Bemetara 22 Nov.

2945 postal ballots were issued to the government servants of the district for three assembly constituencies. Out of these 1254 postal ballots have been deposited. These include the number of personnel issued on election duty under the Saza assembly constituency, 1002, Bemetra 1041 and Navagad 902. Out of these, the included postal ballot 402, Bemetra 484 and Navagad 370 are included under the Saza assembly constituency.

The government servants who have been issued postal ballots and their duty was in the election process. They can not be deposited till now, they can submit their postal ballot from a government servant joint district office building collector Saza, Bemetra and Navagad in the returning officer's room in the box, one minute before the commencement of their postal ballot dated Dec 11. .The collector said that the army officers and staff who are in the army etc., they are the service voters ETPBs. The e-postal ballot was issued through which the number was 135. Two of these have accumulated.

Polling in the district was 77.88 percent, the collector gave details of the legislative election poll

Bemetara 22 Nov.

District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre today gave information in connection with the voting process under the Vidhan Sabha Elections on Thursday by the media partners in APRANHAN. Of the total 6 lakh 80 thousand 741 voters, 5 lakh 29 thousand 480 voters exercised their franchise under the three assembly constituencies of the district. These include 99 voting centers of Dhandhana Vikas Mandal under Saza assembly,

Similarly, 22 voting centers of Bemetara Assembly are included in Durg district. The collector said that 77.88 percent voting was registered in the district under the assembly election. A total of 850 polling booths were set up under the three assembly constituencies of the district. Out of total two lakh 24 thousand 328 voters, one lakh 84 thousand 530 voters exercised their franchise under the Saza assembly constituency. They include men 93 thousand 277 and women 91 thousand 253. Male-82.17 percent, female-83.61 percent, thus VS The total voting percentage of the area is 82.26. Under the Bemetara assembly constituency, total voters used 1 lakh 71 thousand 975 out of two lakhs 19 thousand 383 voters. These include 86 thousand 917 men and 85 thousand 058 women. Male - 79.04 percent, women - 77.73 percent, total poll percentage - 78.39.

The District Magistrate said that the total voters under Navagadh assembly constituency are two lakh 37 thousand 030, of which one lakh 72 thousand 975 voters cast their votes. These include 88 thousand 358 males and 84 thousand 617 women. Male - 73.40 percent, Female - 72.53 percent, V. The total voting percentage in the area of ​​Navagad was 72.98. As many as 285 polling booths were set up under the Saza assembly segment, of which 99 polling stations are included in the Dhadha development block of Durg district. 267 booths under Bemetara assembly constituency in which 22 polling stations are covered in Durg district. Navagadh VS 298 booths were established under the area. Webcasting was done in 85 polling stations of the district. Election Commission of India, Chhattisgarh Chief Electoral Officer attached to the office

Regarding the counting of votes on December 11, the District Magistrate told that the candidates and their agents and media representatives will enter the agricultural produce market by the gate of the fort of Durg Marg. Likewise, admission from the Gate of the Kisan consumer market will be given for government officials and employees. Photos related entries will be issued to the concerned people before the counting day. They will be able to enter the strong room campus. The collector said that 2945 postal ballots were issued in the district, of which 1254 postal ballots were deposited. Service Voter 135 was released, in which the e-postal balllet is two. Post ballot can also be deposited on December 11 a minute before counting.

Post-ballots will be counted first, after EVM. The machine will be calculated. For each assembly, 14-14 tables will be installed. E.w.m. E-rickshaw will be used for carrying. The driver will be issued a photo pass. Three cases were registered under property distortion. Senior Superintendent of Police, Shri H.R. Manhar told that during the election process, under the Nandghat check-up check 80 thousand rupees, one lakh 45 thousand rupees under the beating and cash amount of Rs 2 lakh rupees under the Khandasara was seized. This amount has no connection with the election campaign, the valid documents will be returned to the concerned within one week.

Collector and ssp Thanks to the peaceful completion of the assembly election process, the colleagues of the citizens, the Minister and the electronic media thanked them. Three employees suspended during election process - VS During the election process, three employees have been suspended in the district so far and issued a showcause notice to a presiding officer. Among them, the Patwari Lata-Kehka Lakhan Lal Sahu, Nb Najir Saza Sharad Verma and Panchayat Secretary Kruparam Sahu were suspended on the Saza tehsil. Lecturer Lecturer overseeing the government high school, Tahsil Thanhkhamaria, whose duty was set up as a presiding officer in the polling booth Kura under Navagad assembly constituency.

A showcause notice has been issued to him due to negligence on the polling day. During the press conference, CEO of District Panchayat s. Alok, A.D.M. And Deputy District Election Officer K.S. Mandavi, Returning Officer Saza - Umashankar Sahu, Navagad - D.S. Uike was present.

Legislative votes cast

Bemetara 21 Nov.

77.87 percent voting was registered in the district under the assembly election. A total of 850 polling booths were set up under the three assembly constituencies of the district. According to information received from the District Election Office, total voter population of two lakh 24 thousand 328 under Saja assembly constituency has been used by one lakh 84 thousand 530 voters exercising their franchise. They include men 93 thousand 277 and women 91 thousand 253.

Under the Bemetara assembly constituency, total voters used 1 lakh 71 thousand 975 out of two lakhs 19 thousand 383 voters. These include 86 thousand 917 men and 85 thousand 058 women. Total voters under Navagadh assembly constituency are two lakh 37 thousand 030, of which one lakh 72 thousand 975 voters cast their votes. These include 88 thousand 358 males and 84 thousand 617 women.

In the three assembly constituencies of the district, an average of 77.87 percent of the votes were recorded. The highest voting was done in the constituency assembly constituency 82.26 percent, in Bemetara assembly constituency 78.39 percent and in the district of Navagadh 72.98 percent.

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