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Collector's meeting of political parties Detailed information given in relation to Model Code of Conduct

The Model Code of Conduct has become effective with the announcement of Balrampur 07 October 2018 / Election Program. Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak asked the representatives of all political parties to ensure the adherence to the Model Code of Conduct issued by the Election Commission.

The collector said that Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure has been enforced for conducting peaceful and unbiased election in the district. Until the election is completed, it will be effective in the district. He said that the armed forces of the district were asked to deposit their weapon in the police station. The Collector expects the representatives of all political parties to cooperate in making fair and peaceful polls. The Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Shiv Anant Tayal gave detailed information regarding the Model Code of Conduct issued for the guidance of political parties and candidates. He told that the political parties should not criticize all aspects of one's personal life during campaigning, which are not related to the public activities of leaders and activists of other political parties. Do not invite ethnic or communal sentiments to vote, and mosques, churches, temples or other places of worship should not be used as election campaign. All parties and candidates should avoid all such acts like bribing, intimidating voters, impersonating voters, soliciting votes on polling booths etc, so with honesty. No political party or candidate is imposed on anyone's personal property, hanging the flag, pasting information, writing slogans, etc. without prior permission. Permission should be taken before the election of the election rally or procession and inform the local police and the use of sound expansions etc. should be obtained. If any rival candidate's assembly or procession is already being organized then he will not be taken near his procession. Likewise, the Chief Executive Officer apprised the representatives of political parties in detail about other directives of Model Code of Conduct and following the instructions given by the Election Commission, expecting cooperation in making peaceful and fair polling in the district.

Content rate set for the use of electoral work

According to the order of Balrampur 05th October 2018 / Chief Election Officer Raipur, Collector, Mr. Hiralal Nayak, on the recommendation of the committee constituted for fixing the standard rate, determine the rate of material for the forthcoming Assembly elections to be used by political parties / candidates for the use of electoral work. Have given. They have set rates for hotel food, hotel rooms, videography, banners, furniture, loudspeakers, vehicles, pylons, rosary and bouquets etc. Which can be viewed in the election office.

Application of pre-matric, post matriculation and merit cum minus scholarship till October 31

Balrampur 05th October 2018 / Minority Affairs Ministry of Government of India, for the minority community students in the year 2018-19, the date of online application and renewal was made by the pre-matric, post-matric and merit cummin scholarship scheme till September 30, 2018. . Assistant Commissioner Tribal Development Balrampur Shri B.K. Rajput has informed that while increasing the said date by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, now on October 15, for postmortem pre-matric scholarship and post matriculation and merit cum means scholarship till 31 October 2018. Now, the online application and renewal of talented student scholarship from Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain and Parsi communities can be done by October 30.

Miguel Rubella vaccination campaign from today

Balrampur 05 Oct2018 / Meijles Rubella Vaccination Campaign Starting today, 06th October. This campaign will run from 06 October to 19 December 2018. In which the vaccine of 2,67,489 children from 09 months to 15 years of the district will be applied. 4691 vaccination center has been created for any child not to be exempt from vaccination in the district.
All necessary preparations have been made by the Health Department for the Meijles Rubella Campaign 2018. The Chief Medical and Health Officer has said that this campaign will be used to control the erosion of the mangals and the rubella. The campaign has been widely circulated to bring public awareness for the vaccination of children living in village, para, shahalaha, tola in all panchayats of the district and to encourage the campaign in general public. During the campaign, vaccination will be done daily in schools, anganwadi centers and community health centers and primary health centers of the district. In this campaign, the Meijles Rubella vaccination will be done in collaboration with the Department of Education and Women's Child Development.


DL.ED. Second year contact class from 07th October

Balrampur 04 Oct 2018 / NIOS D.L. ED. Run by Raipur Second year connection will be conducted from 07th October 2018 in Government Higher Secondary School Balrampur. School Principal Mr. Vimal Dubey has informed that in the first class of the first year of the syllabus, the attendants must register their presence in the second year of contact classes. Assignment date is fixed till 23 November and the forthcoming first examination will be held in December 2018 and the second examination will be held in February 2019. Therefore, compulsorily submit the examination fee of Rs.1000 by October 15 online.

Newborn infants get better medical care

Balrampur 04 Oct 2018 / In order to provide better medical facilities to newborns, intensive neonatal medicine unit has been set up at Balrampur District Hospital. Which was inaugurated today by Municipal Council President Mrs Ravika Ekka.

With the introduction of intensive newborn unit, the reduction in infant mortality rate in the district will be possible and severely ill children will be treated better. Specialist Pediatric Disease Dr. Liladhar Singh said that during the 0 to 28 days of the medical unit, children will be taken care of with children born with low weight and children with ventilator support. Opportunity for the launch of the unit was reviewed by the Additional Collector, Mr. Vijay Kuzur, District Hospital. He asked the Chief Medical and Health Officer and other officials of the health department to give special attention to the cleaning of the hospital. On this occasion, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Dnyanesh Kumar Choubey, Shivil Surgeon Dr. R.K. Tripathi, including health officials of the Health Department were present.

The unveiling of Mahatma Gandhi statue, Gandhiji's realization of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is to come true: Collector


Try to move forward in life by following Gandhiji's shown paths and ideals. On the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, on October 02, the Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak said on the occasion of the unveiling of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the newly constructed Joint District Office Building.
Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak today unveiled the statue of Mahatma Gandhi established in the newly formed District Office premises. On this occasion, collector, district level officer and NSS Students wore wreaths on the statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak told everyone present to Gandhiji to follow the paths and ideals shown by him.

He asked Gandhiji to come forward and work to achieve Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The Collector said that on September 19, the newly created joint district office was inaugurated by the Chief Minister, Dr. Raman Singh. Today, which is being duly inaugurated on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. The collector asked all district officials to listen to the grievances of the villagers coming from far away and to solve their problems promptly. He said that to fulfill the theme of Vidhan Sabha Election 2018 Smooth Goodwill Inclusive. More and more people have to increase their percentage of voting by making conscious of voting. On this occasion, the District Panchayat Vice President Mr. Taseasi and Additional Collector Mr. Vijay Kumar Kuzur also spoke about Gandhiji's ideals and said that he would work in the interest of the country. In the program, the symbol of unity of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, was displayed. The message of Sanitation service was presented through dance and solo by students of New College Balrampur. On this occasion, NSS students of district level officers-employees and colleges were present.

The press conference in relation to the election


As per the Election Commission of India, Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Hiralal Nayak shared the preparations for the forthcoming assembly elections in 2018 with the press and the media. While addressing the reporters present in the press, the collector said that the final voter list has been published by the Election Commission. He said that there are a total of 4 lakh 90 thousand 722 voters in the district. There are 2 lakh 47 thousand 881 male voters and 2 lakh 42 thousand 816 voters. A proposal has been sent to the Election Commission to create a polling booth in the district where the number of voters is more than 1200 hundred. He said that the voters who have voter ID The cards are old and lost, the work of making such an epic card of those voters is being done. Voters do not have to face any difficulties during the election, for this, all the voters go to their home-house 05 days before voting for the area's BLO. Voting slips will be given by photo. Thereby facilitating the voters to exercise their right to vote. During the press, Additional Collector Shri Vijay Kumar Kuzur, Deputy District Election Officer Mr. Durgesh Verma, representative of electronic and print media of the district and representative of political party were present.

Mahatma Gandhi's statue unveiled in Joint District Office today


On the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, on October 02, the unveiling of the Mahatma Gandhi statue of the Mahatma Gandhi at the newly formed United District Building Office, Balrampur, is to be unveiled at 8.00 AM. Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak has directed the District Head Office and Officers-employees of all departments to be present inevitably.

Dry Day declared on 02 October

Balrampur 29 September 2018 / Gandhi Jayanti by commercial tax excise department, Chhattisgarh, has been declared a dry day on Tuesday, October 02, 2018. On this day, shops of all the country / foreign liquor shops of the district will be closed and the sale of liquor will be closed on this day.

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