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Static Monitoring Group constituted to comply with the Code of Conduct


Static Monitoring Group has been constituted by Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak to comply with the Code of Conduct of Legislative Assembly Election 2018. The police officers and employees have been appointed to assist the officer in charge, Special Assistant Criminal Magistrate. According to the issuing order of collector and district election officer, for the Assembly constituency-06, Pratappur, in the team, nb Tehsildar, Mr. Keshav Ram Wasnik, Chakki Balgai's Principal Reserve Mr. Nirmal Singh, 3 rd Vehicle Chhattisgarh. 02 Rakshak from Armed Forces Camp Dhanwar, Women's Reservoir Godavari Rahi of Rescued Center Balrampur is included in the Static Surveillance Team. Similarly, in the Team Number 01 for Ramanujganj, assembly constituency -07, revenue inspector Ramanujaganj Shri Jitendra Nath Singh, Chaki Vijaynagar's Principal Reserve Shri Shiv Dahariya, 7th Corps Chh. 02 Rakshak from Armed Forces D Company Camp Ramchandrapur, Female Reservator of Police Station Policea Pramila Dimension, Revenue Inspector Shri Daljeet Ram in Team Number 02 Principal Rakshak of Ramanujganj, Thana, Mr. Jyesh Tirki, 7th Vahini Chh. Armed force D Company camp Ramchandrapur 02 Reserve and Reserved Center Balrampur Women's Reservoir Pushpa Toppo, Team No. 03 Revenue Inspector Balrampur Shri Jagranath Singh, Principal Rakshak of Thana Balrampur Shri Bhot Ram, 7th Vahini Chh. 02 Rakshak from Armed Forces D Company Camp Ramachandrapur and Women's Reservator of Thana Balrampur, Poonam Sahu. Similarly, in the Team Number 01 for Samarhi assembly constituency-0, revenue inspector Kusami Shri Sodhar, Principal Reserve of Rajpur Police Station, Mr. Gopal Dahria, 14th channel, Chh. 02 Rakshak from Armed Forces e Company Camp Balrampur and Women Reserve of Police station Police station Anupama Kapoor, Team Annexure 2 in Team Anil Kumar Principal Rakshak of Thana Rajpur Shri Bhanu Pratap Singh, 14th Vahini Chh. Shree Arishankar Sonvani, Mandal Convenor, Shankar Prakash Tirkey, 14th Vahini Chh., Shankargarh, Board Arbitrator Reshma Kuzur, 02 Araksha from Armed Force E Company Camp Balrampur and Reshma Rajpur of Police station No. 03; 02 Rakshak from Armed Forces e Company Camp Balrampur and Women's Reservoir Pooja Sonra Static Monitoring Team of Balrampur are also included.




A Flying Squad Party formed to comply with the Code of Conduct


Flying Squad Team has been constituted by Collector and District Election Officer Hiralal Nayak to implement the Code of Conduct in the Assembly Election 2018. The Flying Squad team has been appointed in the Flying Officers, Police Officers and Employees for the assistance of Special Executive Officers.

According to the order issued by Collector and District Election Officer, Legislative Assembly-06, Nayab Tehsildar for Pratappur, Mr. Anil Kumar Gond, Mandal Convenor, Vadaf Nagar, Mr. Mahendra Kumar, Principal Rakshak, Mr. Rajendra Rai, from Thana, Raghunathnagar, 3 rd Vehicle, Sixth Armed Forces from Camp Dhanwar 02 Rakshak and Thana from Basantpur are included in the women's recruitment Saroj Kerketta Flying Squad Team. Similarly, in the Team Number 01 for Ramanujganj assembly constituency-07, Naib Tehsildar Balrampur Mr. Amit Kerketta, Mandal Convenor Balrampur Shri Ramaratan Singh, Principal Rakshak from Thana Ramchandrapur Shri Krishna Gupta, 7th Vahini Chhagastra Force D Company Camp Ramchandrapur 02 Rakshak and Thanana Ramanujganj Women Rakshak Tasheela Tigga, Team No. 02 Naib Tehsildar Ramanujganj Shri Pancham Salam , Mandal Coordinator, Assembly constituency -08 Samari for Team No. 01 in Naib Tehsildar Kusami Shri Vivek Gohia, Garden Extension Officer Samaria Shri Arjun Singh Marabi, Chief Abroader Abhishek Dubey, Baris Chowki, 14th Corps Chhagastra Force E Company Camp Balrampur 02 Rakshak and police station Shankargarh women's reserve Alma Tirki, team number 2, Naib Tahsildar Kusami Shri Ramraj Singh Ramchandrapur Shri Ramesh Agre, Principal Reserve of Thana Ramanujganj Mr. Manish Jangde, 7th Corps 02 Rakshak from Camp Ramchandrapur, and Shan Devi, Women's Reservoir from Ramanujganj,Team number 03, Nayab Tehsildar Shankargarh Shri Pramod Kumar Patel, Deputy Engineer Water Resources Ramanujganj Shri Sujit Kumar Gupta, Principal Reserve of Ganesh Mod Chowki Shri Shipak Ranjan Sharma, 14th Vahini Chhagastra Force E Company, Camp Balrampur 02 Corps and Ganesh Rakshmi Kiran Tirkey, a female defender of the turnpost, is included in the team. Assistant Grade-II of Janpad Panchayat Kusme, Shri Vijay Kumar Mishra, Principal Reserve of Police Station Shankargarh, Rajendra Dhruv, 14th Vahini, Chhagastra Force E Company, Camp Balrampur 02 Rakshak and Police Station Reserved Neelam Yadav and Team No. 03 of Shankargarh. Naib Tehsildar Kusami Shri Omprakash Mishra, Assistant Grade-II of Janpad Panchayat Kusmi, Shri Ashok Gupta, Principal Reserve of Thana Kusami, Shri Ajit Lal, 14th Vahini, Chhagastra Force E Company camp, 02 Balarampur, and Shankargarh Women Rakshak Sonamati Flying Squad Team.



Claims objection till October 19

Balrampur October 12, 2018 / Chief Medical and Health Officer has informed that eligible non-qualified co-educational merit list has been issued for candidates for the Male Multipurpose Health Worker Training session 2018-19. Candidates can submit their claim-objection till October 19 in the office of Chief Medical and Health Officer Balrampur. For more information in this regard, you can observe the office information panel.


Organizing Voter Awareness Campaign

Balrampur October 12, 2018 / Assembly Election 2018 is in progress and voter awareness campaign is being conducted under the guidance of Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak with the objective of increasing the voting percentage in the district. By which all the citizens of the district are being made aware about voting.
Voter awareness campaign was organized at Government College, Ramanujganj. In the program, all college students who have been 18 years of age, were given the importance of voting and used their franchise during the elections to be fair and bold, and to make people aware of their voting about voting Was told. Voting through the electronic voting machine was given to the students in the awareness campaign. On this occasion, all the professors of the college and Assistant Nodal of the District Education Officer cum Sweep, Mr. IP Gupta, Assistant Project Officer of Bimal Higher Secondary School, Mr. Vimal Dubey, literary officer Om Prakash Gupta, Development Block Education Officer Mr. Lalit Kumar Patel were present on this occasion.

Meetings of political parties today

Balrampur October 11, 2018. The meeting of district presidents of recognized / non-recognized political parties has been held today from 12.00 am on October 12, 2018, in the old district panchayat auditorium Balrampur. Deputy District Election Officer Mr. Durgesh Verma has requested the district presidents of all recognized / unrecognized political parties of the district to work on the spot and time.

Medical Board Meeting on 22nd October


Medical board was to be organized on 19th October 2018 in Balrampur District Hospital. The said date was postponed due to the declaration of government holiday. Now the meeting of the Medical Board has been scheduled on the coming October 22, 2018 days.

Control Room Establishment & Property Distortion Act


A control room has also been set up at the office of Chief Electoral Officer. The telephone number of this control room is 0771-4913677. Any citizen can also provide information on the said telephone number for property deformation related complaints.

Property deformation act

Section 3 of the Property Discrimination Prevention Act, it is mentioned that anyone who distorts it by writing or marking any marking of ink, patch, color or any other substance in public view without the written permission of the owner of the property, It will be punishable with up to Rs. 1000. In an order issued under the Act, it has been said that before any political party or contestant contesting candidate banners on any private property, posting, posting or flags related to election campaign or color, written by Khadiya, private property owner Make the necessary documents available in the election office from the written consent of No political party or candidate will be able to do so without the permission of the Swami to write his supporters, followers to the followers, hang banners, paste the notices, slogans etc.

This includes building, land, courtyard etc. If there is a banner on any private property without the consent, poster sticking, election campaign flag or written by color or account will be found to be distorted, then not only will be punished under the Property Discrimination Prevention Act. But the expenditure incurred in the removal of him will be realized from the candidates who contest the election, the political party etc., like the arrears of land revenue. With this, the expenditure incurred will be linked to expenditure accounts of political parties or candidates. Penal action will be taken under the Code of Indian Penal Code and the Code of Punishment Code.

Assembly Elections-2018 : So far, two lakh 17 thousand 969 hoardings, posters, wall writing, banner flags, removal proceedings


Chief Election Officer Shri Subrata Sahu said that the proceedings under the Property Distortion Act have been intensified under the Vidhan Sabha Elections-2012. Under this, action has been taken to remove two lakh 17 thousand 969 hoardings, posters, wall writing banners and flags from government assets for the period of 8th October.Including removal of one lakh 10 thousand 286 hoardings and posters 69 thousand 745 wall writing and 37 thousand 917 banner flags etc. Similar actions will be taken against government assets as well as private assets. For this, necessary instructions have been given to collector and district election officials.

He informed that till the October 7th, one lakh 34 thousand 578 hoardings and posters, wall writing, banner flags were removed. Including 74 thousand 645 hoardings and posters 41 thousand 642 wall writing and 18 thousand 291 banner flags. Similarly, on 8th October, 83 thousand 391 properties under act of deception were done. In which 35 thousand 641 hoardings and posters, 28 thousand 104 wall writing and 19 thousand 646 banner flags were removed. It is notable that the Model Code of Conduct has been effected from October 6, 2018 in the state, keeping it in view, action is being taken under the Property Discrimination Act. Which will continue even further.

Day-to-day expenditure of candidates The information will also be displayed in the website

In the meeting, representatives of political parties were informed that day-to-day expenditure accounting by candidates will be displayed daily in the website of the District Election Office and on the website of the Chief Electoral Office office office and also by the District Electoral Officer to the political parties. It will be reported. In the meeting, information regarding the instructions received from the Commission regarding the election expenditure surveillance was given about the assembly election -2018.
In this important meeting held with political parties, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr. S. Bharatidasan, Joint Chief Electoral Officer and Senior Officers attached to the election work were present.

Election of Panchayat, local-urban bodies restricted

Panchayat and urban bodies and other elections have been banned by the Election Commission of India till the results of the General Elections-2009 results are announced. Restrictions on the use of local bodies, government undertakings and co-operative vehicles etc. Until the results of the election are announced by the announcement of the election, the central and state government undertakings, joint ventures, autonomous institutions, district panchayats, janapad panchayats, municipal corporation, municipality, and municipal council and marketing boards, marketing institutions, Agricultural Produce Divisional Committee, Authorities or other such bodies in which government vehicles have been used will be restricted on their vehicles. The funds from MP and legislator's funding can not be approved.

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