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Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh gave a Development fund of Rs. 122 crores in the Bagicha (Jashpur)

Jashpur ; Bagicha The Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today inaugurated 345 different works and bhumi pujan at the cost of approximately 122 crores in the General Assembly held in the Garden Development Headquarters of Jashpur District under the state-wide Atal Vikas Yatra. Out of these, 61 people of 61 works of Bhumi Pujan and Rs 56 crore 284 different works were released.
On this occasion, Dr. Singh distributed checks and amounts of rupees 16 crore 21 lakh rupees to the 47 thousand beneficiaries in different beneficial schemes of the state government on this occasion. Out of these, 41 thousand 737 distributed to the Tendupta collectors Rs. 15 crore 78 lakhs Tandupta Bonus, and in the Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojana distributed more than five thousand women to LPG cylinders and stove.

Among the works which the Chief Minister inaugurated, 132/33 KV built at Khotera costing 16 crores 18 lakh rupees. Souvenir Anicat built in Dokki river in the garden at a cost of Rs.36.22 million, Pongro Aninet in Ghaghri river at a cost of Rs.27.8 million, 55.26m in Lava river at a cost of Rs.27 million. The 33/11 KV power sub-station set up at a cost of Rs. 26 million rupees is built in Spawn's multi-purpose bridge and Runpur.
The newly sanctioned works undertaken by Dr. Singh include Samadma Annikat, built at a cost of 15 crores 10 lacs, 500 seater children in Jashpur costing Rs 14.77 crores, Girl Hostel hostel building, 7 crores 52 lacs The cost of rupees includes Chadia Annikat, Indoor Stadium built at Kunkuri at a cost of Rs. 2 crore 83 lakhs, and 100 citre hill Korwa Balak Ashram, built in Jashpur with a cost of Rs. 2 crore 12 lakhs.
On this occasion, Shri Shivshankar Pakra, Parliamentary Secretary, Rajya Sabha MP, Shri Ranvijay Pratap Judeo, Vice President of Sarguja Development Authority, Mr. Rajsharan Bhagat, President of Chhattisgarh Khadi Gram Industries Board, Mr. Krishan Kumar Rai, President of Chhattisgarh Small Forest Post Co-operative Association Shri Bharat Mr. Prabal Pratap Singh, Vice President, Zilla Panchayat, Jashpur, along with many public representatives and rural big organizations Were present in Khayya.


Announcement of tribals of these villages in Jashpur, now our government

The Home Ministry of India has removed the name of Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh from the list of Naxal-affected districts. After the removal of Jashpur from the Naxal-affected district, tribals have opened a front against the government here. Adivasis have started the practice of Pathholgir while claiming to lift their voices.

The words of the government have been raised in the words written in Pathholgiri and it is seen as separatists or the nukasal ideology of the government. On Sunday, Jashpur did not have any representative of the government in the event of tribals. It is discussed that the government has either made the tribals freehand or ignored it as a strategy.

From 22 in the morning on April 22, thousands of tribals of three villages in the village Vikkhkhand's Bachharan established Pathhalgadhi under the banner of Sarv Adivasi Samaj.
Writing the contents of the constitution in Siharandand, Butanga, Bachharon, the villagers are saying that they do not get full rights of tribals on water, forest and land.

Adivasis say that we are not being given the benefit of the fifth schedule. By putting Pathagari, this village will be governed by the tribal Gram Sabha government. It is clear that this village has now declared itself free from non-tribals and government intervention.

During this rally of tribals organized in Jashpur and during the general assembly, no single police personnel were present on the spot.
Nor was there any representation of local administration. In these villages, the tribal society has gathered in preparation of Pathaldhari. In Bachharon, despite the ban of the administration, the youth have prepared stone carpets.

If tribal leaders like Joseph Jigga and Kundan Panna believe in the tribal people, they want to tell the non-tribals by writing about the constitutional rights given by Baba Ambedkar that this area belongs to the tribals and according to the customary practice, apart from the Gram Panchayat, All will be ruled.

In addition to Article 244 of Indian Constitution, Article 19, apart from making decisions of the Supreme Court, would like to establish a village government. By them, it has been written in Pathargarh that there is no inch of land in the Scheduled Areas of the Central Government or the State Government. Non-tribal or non-tribal villages in the government's tribal villages will not do any work without permission.

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