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Overview of Sangbari Polling Station

Today during the migration of Chhattisgarh Chief Election Officer Mr. Subrat Sahu, during the migration today, Vidhan Sabha constituency number 07-Ramanujganj, located near District headquarters Balrampur, conducted a surprise inspection of Village polling station and Bhanaura and ensured all necessary arrangements in the Sangari polling station. Instructed


Inspection of Strong Room and Sangbari Polling Station by Chief Electoral Officer

Balrampur November 16, 2018 / Chhattisgarh Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Subrat Sahu today during the stay of Balrampur, during the Strong Room for distribution of voting material in Government High Secondary School and after submission of voting material, and accidental inspection of Government New College Balrampur. Done and gave the necessary instructions to the officials. He reviewed the security arrangements in the distribution room of the voting material and took the information regarding preparation of material distribution and vehicle parking on voting material distribution day. He asked the District Election Officer to complete all necessary arrangements immediately.

Subsequently Chief Election Officer Shri Sahu Government reviewed the Strong Room and the Counting Room for the voting material deposited in the new college Balrampur. During the voting, he reviewed the scheduled gallery for the visits of government officials and employees engaged in political parties and the counting of votes. During the inspection, the security of the assembly election, Nodal Officer and Inspector General of Police, Mr. Deepanu Kabra, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr. S. Bhartidasan, Collector and District Election Officer Shri Hiralal Nayak, Superintendent of Police, Shri T.R. Returning officer of Kosima, Samarhi Assembly, Shri Shiv Anant Tayal, District Magistrate, Shri Vivekanand Jha, Joint Chief Electoral Officer, Smt. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, Deputy District Election Officer, Shri Durgesh Verma, District Level Officers and staff were present.

Outstanding Performance of Child Scientists of the District

Balrampur 15 Nov.

Junior Group on 12th November at Government Balanced Higher Secondary School Balrampur and District Level 26th National Children Science Congress 2018 of Senior Group was organized on November 14, 2018. Talented students from all over the district presented their own projects with different types of models and charts on the theme. For two consecutive years, the students selected from the district are getting the opportunity to showcase their talents in the state-level program.

In the said program, a total of 89 projects were presented from various development blocks, including the first place from the senior group. Uma Soni, the government girl's higher secondary school, Vadafnagar, on the topic of medicinal plants, in the second place, Sonam Srivastava, Government Higher Secondary School, Baroow, got 'Third place' on 'Junk' from 'Junk' and Shubham Gupta of Government High School Sharadpur (E) presented short summary on ecosystem.

Khushbu Upadhyay of Kasturba Gandhi Residential School, Rajpur in Junior Group, secured second place on the basis of malnutrition and the first place on character and defense, the development of government secondary school Gopalpur; The team of selected child scientists will be representing Balrampur-Ramanujganj district in 2018 in the state level Child Science Congress, which is to be held in Campion School Assembly Road Raipur from November 30.

Chief Electoral Officer today on District Migration

Balrampur 15 Nov.

Assembly election 2018 Chief election officer of Chhattisgarh State, Shri Subrat Sahu will be on the migration of Balrampur-Ramanujganj District on November 16, 2018. Shri Sahu will reach Balrampur at 9.30 am in the Police Line Ground by helicopter.

They will observe the Strong Room Government High School Building Balrampur at 9.40 am and after 10.00 pm the Government New College will observe the Strong Room and the Counting Hall observed for the submission of material after voting made in Balrampur. Shri Sahu will inspect the Sanghwari polling station, made up of 10.25 till 10.35 pm in Dumour and Bhanaura. After inspection, they will leave a review meeting of work related to election in New Circuit House Building at 10.40 pm and depart from Balrampur at 11.27 hrs.

662 polling stations have been created for the total of 4 lakh 91 thousand 541 voters in the district.

Balrampur 15 Nov.

The Legislative Assembly election 2018 Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak has stated that there are a total of 4 lakh 91 thousand 541 voters under the Balrampur-Ramanujganj district. There are 2 lakh 48 thousand 446 male and female voters 02 lakh 43 thousand 95. A total of 662 polling stations have been set up for the successful conduct of assembly elections. 134 polling stations have been set up for 01 lakh 05 thousand 300 voters coming out in Vidhan Sabha area no. 06-Pratappur, of whom 53 thousand 793 male voters and 51 thousand 507 are female voters. Similarly, in the 07-Ramanujganj, 264 polling stations have been set up for 01 lakh 88 thousand 650 voters, out of which 96, 27 are male and 92 thousand 623 are female voters and 08 Samari has been created in 264 polling stations for 01 lakh 97 thousand 591 voters. It has 98 thousand 626 males and 98 thousand 965 female voters.

Total 264 polling stations for Samaritan assembly

Balarampur, November 14, 2018 / District Election Officer, Shri Hiralal Nayak, has decided to set up the total polling booths for Assembly constituency No. 08-Samarari under Balrampur-Ramanujganj District. 08-Samaris have been created for 264 polling stations and in Vidarbha Samaria, there are 1 million 97 thousand 591 voters, of whom 98 thousand 626 are male and 98 thousand 965 are female voters.
08 -Samari Assembly has made 264 polling booths. In which the polling station No. 01-Karmidha Primary School, Karmidha, Center No. 02-Kodaura Panchayat Bhawan Kodaura, Center No. 03-Toni's Primary School Building Toni, Center No. 04-Cotihih Primary School Additional Room Cotihih, Center No. 05-Vandari Primary School of Jhansi, Center No. 06-Parsvarkhurd's Primary School Parsvarkhur, Center No. 07 -Pakradi Primary School Pudradi, Center No. 08- Primary school of Murka Murka, Central No. 09-Gopalpur Primary school Gopalpur, Primary schooling for center no. 10-Karwa, Primary school Khataharpara center center 12-std. Primary school, center number 13-Kundikhurd primary school Kundikhurd, center no. 14-Primary school booth of Bagadi, center number 15-Singchaura's primary school, Singchaura, Center No. 16- Narsinghpur, Primary School of Narsinghpur, Center No. 17-Primary School of Chilmakala, Jamuiya, Center No. 18- Primary School of Marakadad, Mercorad, Center No. 19-Dupi Primary School, Dupi, Center number 20-Chaura Primary School Chaura, Center No. 21-Chaura (A), Primary School Chaura Additional Room, Center No. 22-Pursva Primary school at Rakal Parsavakala, Center No. 23-Parvasakala (a) Primary school, Parsvasarkarakala New Building, Center No. 24-Primary school Khokhnia of Khokhania, Center No. 25- Dhandhapur-I Primary School, Dhandhapur-1, Center No. 26-Dhandhapur- Primary school of 2 Dumarpara, Center No. 27-Rivatpur primary school, Revattur, Center No. 28 Shivpura Primary School Shivpur, Center No. 29-Dump Secondary school of Kundikala, Center No. 30-Khodaro, Primary School Khodro, Center No. 31, Badauli Primary School Badauli, Center No. 32-Badauli (A) Secondary School Badauli, Center No. 33-Sidhma (A) Secondary School Siddhma (A), Center No. 34-Siddhma (B) Secondary School, Siddhma (B), Center No. 35- Akohar Khurd Secondary School Akohar Khur, Center No. 36-Sidhma (c) Prath Primary school, Madaneshwarpur, Primary School, Center No. 38-Kaka, Center No. 39-Kaka (a), Gram Panchayat Bhawan, Center No. 40-Ghatgaon Elementary School Ghatgaon , Center No. 41- Primary school of Balrampur, Balrampur, Center No. 42-Aara's primary school, Center No. 43-Aara (A), Gram Panchayat Bhawan Ara, center Number 44- Primary school of Amadipara, Amardipara, Center No. 45-Bada's Primary School, Badda, Center No. 46-Bhilikhur, Primary School, Bhilikhurd, Center No. 47- Primary School Bathindaand of Battiand, Center No. 48-Primary School, Bhuski, Primary school days of the number 49-brio (a) (a), child primary school year center number 50-brio (b), center number 52-biriye (c) primary school Chorpara, Center No. 52-Gahajima's primary school, Baghima has been built.

Similarly, the Primary School Dakva of Voting Center No. 53-Dakwa, Primary School Chanchi of Center No. 54-Chanchi, Central No. 55-Khukri Primary School Khukri, Center No. 56-Karji Primary School Karjhi, Center No. 57-Karji (A) ) Gram Panchayat Bhawan Karji, Center No. 58-Parsaguri, Primary School, Parsaguri, Center No. 59-Parsagudi (2) East Secondary School Parsagudi, Center No. 60-primary school in Chandragarh, Chandragarh, Center No. 61- Primary school of Digignar, Diagnor, Center No. 62-Okara primary school Okra, Center number 63- Primary school Patrapara, Patrapara, Center number 64-Amri, Primary school, Amri, Center number 65-Laduva Primary School Laduva, Center No. 66- Navapara Primary School Navapara, Center No. 67-Old Primary School of Old Age Old Age Old School, Rajpur, Central No. 70, Rajpur (1), Primary School of Old Age, Birenipara, Center No. 69-Rajpur (1), Senior Secondary School, Rajpur, Center No. 71-Rajpur (Old Age). 2) Primary school of Rajpur-2, Central No. 72-Rajpur (2), primary school, Rajpur-02, Center No. 73- Nauki's Primary School, Navi, Center No. 74-Navmi (A). Primary School, Balspur, Primary School, Center No. 76-Karra, Central School, 77-Carrot (A), Central No. 78, Primary School, Patrattu, Center No. 79 -Jingo's secondary school zhingo, Central No. 80-Dakhkhua's primary school house, center number 81- Primary class room of Kotagahna, center center Ramkank 82-Pahadhudaya's secondary school hilltop, Central number 83-Ghorghari, secondary school of Ghoragari, Central No. 84-Bhedi's primary schooling, Primary Section of Center No. 85-Lau, Central No. 86-Lau (A) Shala Lau Extra Room, Central Number 87-Pradar Primary School Additional Cell, Center No. 88-Seweri Secondary School Savvy, Center No. 89 Sewari (A) Primary School Savvy Additional Cell, Center No. 90-Kawadu's Primary School, Kawadu, Center No. 91- Elephantha's Primary School, Alhadiha, Center No. 92-Mahindra Primary Shala Mehooda Extra Room, Center No. 93-Secondary School Zighari of Zighari, Center No. 95-Ladkud Primary School Ladkud, Center No. 96-Ulia's Primary School Additional Room, Uliya, Center No. 97 Oops Primary school Uriya, center number 98-primary school return of fallow, center number 99-Birishchlagali's primary school, Bathichaligli, center number 100- Primary text of garlic text, center number 101-Asanapani's primary school Asanpani, center number 102- Primary school buses of Basakipi, Center No. 103-Buskapi (A) Secondary School Buskapi (A), Center No. 104 -For for Bhawanipur The school bhawanipur, Nvadihkla Primary School Center Krcha primary school of No. 105-Krcha, booth number 106-Nvadihkla (1), booth number 107
Primary Secondary School, Nabadihakal, Center No. 108, Primary School of Sonbarasa, Sonbarasa, Center No. 109, Khajuriaidih Primary School Khajuriyadi, Center No. 110, Kandari Primary School, Kandari, Center No. 111 Sukhri Primary School Sakhari, Center No. 112 Shahpur , New East Secondary School Shahpur, Center No. 113, Primary School, Dhanji, Center No. 114 Jodhpur Primary School Jodhpur, Center No. 115, Primary School, Bhojpur, Bhojpur, Central Primary School, Station No. 116, Primary School, Chandu (A), Center No. 118, Central No. 118, Primary School, Idarikal, 119 Primary schools of Madva, Madva, Primary schools of 120 centers, Primary school Kartih, Kurdi , Central No. 122 Primary school at Sabag, Sabgaon Primary school Ghadami of Center No. 123 Ghadami, Central No. 124 Chunchuna's Forest Quarter House Chunchuna, Center No. 125 Primary School Pundag, Center No. 126 Jaljali Primary School Jaljali, Center No. 127 Primary school Kudag of Kudag, Center No. 128 of Bata Primary School Bata, Center No. 129 Rajedarpur Primary School, Rajendrapur, Center No. 130, Primary School, Dumurkholi, Center No. 131, Primary School, Idri, Textile Center, Datram, Central Primary School, Datram, Center No. 133, Primary School, Bardihakha, Center No. 134, Maggi, Primary School Magazine, Center No. 135 of Primary School in Charhakkala, Primary School of Center No. 136, A Primary number of Amthahi, Amtali Primary School, Gopatu, Primary School Gopatu, Center No. 139, Jamira (1), Primary School Jamiara East, Center No. 140, Jamira (2) Primary School Dumarpath Jaminera, Center No. 141, Gazadharpur Primary Shala Gazadharpur, Central No. 142 Gajadharpur (a) Primary School TormiPiani, Center No. 143, Seerangada Primary School of Ranganga , Center No. 144 Gram Panchayat Bhawan of Tatjaria, Tatrajaria, Center No. 145 Laxmanpur Primary School Laxmanpur, Central No. 146 of Jigenia Primary School Jignia North, Central School No. 147, Jaggania (2) Secondary School Jignia, Center No. 148, Anganwadi Building, Lafuautoli of Lafuautoli , Central No. 149 Primary School Jirohul, Central Number 150 Primary School, Amarpur Amarpur, Central number 151 Secondary school Bhulasikhurd, Center No. 152, Girls Primary School, Bhulasikal, Bhusilikal, Gram Panchayat Bhawan, Harri, Center No. 154, Primary School, Balspur, Central Primary School, Chanpur, Chainpur, Chainpur, Center number 156 Primary school Kothali, Center number 157 Kothali (A) Primary school Kothali, A Ndra No. Primary School 158 marine, Nawadih Primary School Center No. 159 Nawadih, Gugrikla Primary School Center No. 160 Gugrikla, booth number 161 Primary school UMLO of Ummco, Central number 162 Primary school of Lerangi, Central number 163, Uram Taloli's primary school Karmi Urantoli, Central number 164 KM, Uran Toli's primary school Karmi Uraon Toli, center number 165 Primary school Ghamardiih, Central No. 166 Bharatpur Primary School, Bharatpur, Central No. 167, Primary School, Karasi, Center Number 168 Jokpal Primary school Jokapath, Center No. 169 Jamapani's primary school Jamapani, Center No. 170 Mahuadih Primary School Mahuadih, Center No. 171 Lalitpur Primary School Lalitpur, Central No. 172 Belasar Primary School Balasar, Center No. 173 Primary School Shala Ghgharikhurd, Center No. 174 Indakona Primary School, Indakona, Center Orders A 175 primary schools of Harganas, Hargawan, Central No. 176, Primary school depot of Dipedikhkhurd, Center No. 177, Primary School Jigima of Jigima, Center No. 178, Primary school of Bhairavpur, Bhairavpur, Center No. 179, primary school worker, center number 180, Kumari ) Primary School, Silphili, Center No. 181, Primary School Additional Cell, Murka, Center No. 182 Primary school of Manekepi, Center No. 183 Sargwan Primary School Sargawan, Center No. 184 Sarima Primary School Sarima, Center No. 185 Primary School Additional Sector of Sehore, Central No. 186 Laduwa Primary School Additional Room Ladu, Center No. 187 Primary school of Bhodna Bhodna, Center No. 188 Devasarakhurd's primary school, Devasarakhurd, center order A 189 Primary school of podikhurd, Kisanapara Podikrurd, Center No. 190, Primary school of Vinayakpur, Vinayakpur, Central No. 191 Manoharpur (1) Primary school of Manoharpur North, Center No. 192 Manoharpur (2) East Secondary School Manoharpur, Center No. 193 Primary of Jargiga Shala Jargim, Center No. 194 Khairidih Primary School Khairadi, Center No. 195 Belkona Primary Shawl Elementary school of Belkona, Center No. 196 Korongha Primary Corona, Center No. 197, Primary school of Manpur Manpur, Center No. 198 Dupa Primary School Additional Room, Center No. 199 Shankargarh Primary Shala Shankargarh, Center No. 200 Shankargarh (A) Shankargarh, Center No. 201, Shikwarpara Primary School Shankargarh (Bachwarpara), Center No. 202
Primary school of Chalgali, Chalgali, center number 203, Bijaidih Primary School of Bijadih, Center No. 204, Amgaon Primary School of Amgaon, Primary School Kharkana, Center No. 206, Primary School Amara, Center No. 206, Central No. 207, Jaswantpur Primary School, Jaswantpur , Central No. 208 Elementary School of Jaradih, Jaradih, Center No. 209 Primary School of Durgapur La Durgapur, Center No. 210, Primary School Bhagvatpur, Center No. 211, Jhamor Primary School, Jamhore, Center No. 212, Bhubneshwar alias Patasi, Primary School, Bhubaneswar, Primary School Cheetah of Center No. 213 Cheetah, Central Primary School Ayeri, Center No. 215 Primary School of Changro, Changro, Center No. 216 Primary School of Dipedehalka Primary school for Dada Vidyalaya school, Center No. 217, Dipedhi Haqla (A), Primary school, Dipedihkala Navapara, Center No. 218, Primary school at Badda, Center No. 219, Primary School, Kodawa, Central No. 221, Primary School, Deosarakala Primary Shala Deosarakala, Center No. 222, Farhad Primary School Rehada, Center No. 223 Kot Primary school of Civil Hospital, Central No. 226, Karkali (West), Karkuli, West Central No. 227, Primary School Semra of Samra, Center No. 228, Elementary School, Seemratala, Primary School, Central Civil Hospital, Central No. 225, Primary School, Krishnnagar, Center No. 224, Krishnnagar Primary School Shala Cemetala, Kendra of 229 Kusami (1), Virgo Higher Secondary School Kusami, Center No. 230 Kanji Kendriya Kanya Primary School Kanjiya, Central No. 231 Kusami (1b) Child Higher Secondary School, Kusmei 1, Center No. 232 Kusami (1a), Child Higher Secondary School Kusmary 1, Center No. 233 Kusami (2C), Boys Higher Secondary School Kusami 2, Central No. 234 Kusami Primary School Kusami, Center No. 235 Primary School of Natwarnagar, Natwarnagar, Center No. 236, Ghuthridh Primary School Radhe, Center No. 237, Primary School, Ratasili, Rathasili, Center No. 238 Ramnagar Primary School Ramnagar, Center No. 239 Shahpur Primary School Shahpur, Center No. 240 Sikkot Primary School Srikot, Center No. 241 Deori Primary School Devi, Center No. 242 Jawahar Nagar Primary School Jawahar Nagar, Center No. 243 Jawahar Nagar (A) Primary School Jawahar Nagar, Ken Primary school of Kamlapur, Center No. 245, Surabena Primary School, Surbena, Center No. 246, Primary School Khajuri, Khanduri, Central No. 247, Koranha Primary School, Center No. 248, Primary Primary School Koranha, Center No. 249, Premnagar Primary school Premnagar, Center No. 250 Hanspur Primary School, Hanspur, Center No. 251 saffron Elementary school of the primary school of Godpur, Central No. 252 Madguri (A), primary school Madguri, Central No. 253 Madguri (B) primary school Madguri B, center number 254 Kanchantali primary school Kanchantali, center number 255 Katima's primary school katima, Center No. 256 Pakatoli Primary School Pakatoli, Center No. 257 Nilkanthpur Primary School Nilkanthpur, Center No. 258 Lakhspur Primary school of Lakhshpur, Central number 259, Primary school of Bhawaniipur, Bhawanipur, center number 260, Kedali primary school Kedali, center number 261 Larima primary school, Lerima, center number 262 Primary school Tripuri of Tripuri, center number 263 Primary school of Dhanespur Dhanshpur, Center No. 264, Sonpur Primary School, Sonpur has been built.

One day training from Panchayat secretaries from today on election

Balarampur 14 November 2018 / One day training of all Panchayat secretaries of the district by the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat for providing information regarding related works and other activities under Vidhan Sabha Elections 2018, in the old District Panchayat Auditorium Building on 15 and 16 November 2018 have been conducted. In which the training of Panchayat Secretaries of Janpad Panchayat Balrampur and Ramchandrapur will be given from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm on 15th November and Panchayat Secretaries of Vadafnagar will be given training at 2.00 pm. Similarly, the training of secretaries of Janpad Panchayat Rajpur and Shankargarh will be given from 11.30 am to 01.30 pm on 16th November and the Kusimi Secretaries will be given training at 2.00 pm.

08 'Sangbari Voting Center' set up in district

According to the intention of the Election Commission of Balrampur 14 November 2018 / In order to promote women empowerment in the General Elections 2018 and to encourage voters to vote, Collector and District Election Officer, Mr. Hiralal Nayak, in the district, to the total of 08 polling booths '' Sangbari Voting Center '' has been made.
Assembly constituency number 06-Pratappur's polling station No. 55 has been made the Sangli polling station for the government primary school pandari. Similarly, assembly constituency 07-Ramanujganj's polling station No. 117, Kanya Higher Secondary School, Ramanujganj, Center No. 121, East Secondary School, Ramanujganj, Center No. 212, Primary School, Bhanaura South (Bhanaura-02), Balrampur, Center No. 213, Primary Education Department, Balrampur and Assembly Area No. 08-Samrri Center No. 201 Primary School, Bachwadesh, Shankargarh, Kendriya Number 229 Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Kusami, Center No. 231, Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Kusme, has been created as Sangwari polling station.

Nodal officer appointed for cleanliness of District Joint Office Building

Balrampur November 14, 2018 / Joint District Office Building, Balarampur, for the necessary arrangements for cleanliness, by Collector Shri Hiralal Nayak, Assistant Commissioner, Tribal Development Department, Shri B.K. Rajput has been appointed as the nodal officer.


12 alternative documents are valid for voting Anyone can show a document on voting

Balrampur November 14, 2018 / Collector and District Election Officer Mr. Hiralal Nayak said that photo identification cards have been issued to all the voters for the assembly elections. Before voting, voters have to show their electorate photo identity card to ensure their identity. 12 alternative documents have been approved to establish their identities for those elector who can not submit their electoral photo identity card. These include Passport, Driving License, Public Sector Undertaking by State Public Limited Companies, Central Government / Photo Identity Identity Card issued to the employees, photo passbook issued by the Post Offices, issued by PAN card, RGI and NPR. Smart card issued, MNREGA job card, Health Insurance Smart released under the Ministry of Labor Includes card, pension documents with photo, authentic photo voter slip released by the election system, government ID and Aadhar card issued to MPs / MLAs and members of Legislative Council. Voters will be able to use their franchise by showing any of these 12 documents.


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