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In Jashpur this is due to the debate between the employees of the rural and forest department

Once the information was received, the forest officials reached the spot but the officials had to face the anger of the family members.

Danthel Hathi has taken the life of a woman in Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh. The woman was sleeping at her house on Wednesday night. At the same time, the elephant attacked the woman. Elephant stabbed the woman and took the life of the woman. Once the information was received, the forest officials reached the spot but the officials had to face the anger of the family members. The angry family and the villagers have told the forest workers falsehood. This is the whole case of Narayanpur forest range.

Anger in people with the problem of elephants:

The whole case is the case of Rasmanna of Narayanpur forest range. The name of the deceased woman is being named Silibina Toppo. According to the information, the woman was sleeping on her Wednesday night. Meanwhile, Dental Elephant broke the door of the house late night and attacked the woman. An elephant attack killed the woman only on the spot. At the same time, when the information was received, the forest department employees arrived on the spot. But employees had to face the resentment of families and villagers. There was a great debate among the family members of the villagers. At present, the forest department has given assistance to the families. The villagers have also demanded to get rid of the problem of elephants.

Raipur: Supervision of more than five hundred cows, excellent food and water management

Gokuldham's view in Gautan of Duldula in Jashpur district
The state's most ambitious scheme Narva, Garuwa, Ghurva, Bari has changed the picture of the villages. In view of the view of the Gautan, which is being made for animals especially in the villages under the scheme, in Duldula, Vikaskhand headquarter of Jashpur district, it seems that now the rural economy will revolve around it. We know that village, rural, farmer and animal have always been dependent on each other. For the time being, in order to give a new life to the rural economy weakened due to the decreasing concern between them, the Chhattisgarh government's Narva, Garuna, Nirruva, Bari scheme will undoubtedly work for Sanjivani.
   Narva, Garuwa, Ghurva, Bari, in Duldula of Jashpur district, seeing more than 6 acres of land under this scheme, eating, drinking and feeding the animals in the Gautan and seeing the rest in the shade of Amrai, it seems like Gokuldham Duldula has settled on this land. Gautan has arranged for the restoration of 507 animals, arrangement of fodder and animal health care for their health.

     District CEO Shri Prem Singh Marakam said that 9 nos. Water tank for the animals in Gothan, 9 Nos. Kotana has been constructed for fodder. For the rest of the animals, there is a grasshopper shade and terrace. A large number of mango trees are engaged in this area of ​​Gothan. Arrangements have been made for the seating of animals in Amarai's shade. There is a committee of 84 people for the maintenance of animals. On daily basis, 5-5 members of this committee are responsible for maintaining livestock care.

    For the animals coming to Gothan, the women belonging to the village self-help group and the villagers are donning their feet in a form of fodder. To maintain the fodder, 7 scaffolds have been made. Here the ladies of the Self-help group are also building the swimming pool. Pit has been dug for the preparation of plantation of 500 coconut trees in Gautan area. Solar pumps have been set up for drinking water. Shri Merkam informed that for the preparation of Vermic compost by the Department of Agriculture here 25 Vermicelli beds and 2 Nadep stitches have been made. With the formation of Gobar Gas, Vermi and Compost Manure in Gothan, the villages will also be connected with the establishment of Gumutra Research Station and Agarbatti.
    Shri Murakam informed that arrangements for green fodder are also being arranged for cattle coming to Duldula's Gothan. Mecca and millet have been sown in about 5 acres of land. He told that the perennial Shardi Nala flows in the vicinity of Gautan. The stop dame has been built at Nadiratuku, which has plenty of water. He informed that under irrigation there will be arrangements for irrigation in the pasture through lift irrigation. To prevent the flow of water from the drain, there will also be construction of boulder checks etc. Work is also being undertaken by the Department of Horticulture in Duldula village. Here ten beneficiaries have been selected for development.

Chhattisgarh: Terror of wild elephants killed in Jashpur, crushed two villagers

In the Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh, the wild elephant attacked terrorists on Friday. Elephants crushed two villagers in the Kunkuri forest range. These incidents belong to two separate areas. On the information of the villagers, forest officials have identified both the dead. Along with this, the forest department has also given the assistance amount to the families of the dead. One Amaley has advised villagers to be cautious. There is panic in the village since the incident. Fear of elephants is also being forced into rural areas in many areas.

According to the information, elephants killed two people in two different incidents. The first incident is of Pandariopani village. With the help of his sister-in-law, Teresias Tirkey of Pandarianapani village went to the forest to take Datu on Friday morning. During this time they were faced with elephants. Both ran away to save lives but elephants threw Tarasus Tirki from his trunk and crushed with his feet. Tarakisho's Samadhi ran away and saved his life. Terasus Tiriki died on the spot. On the other hand, the second incident is of Chulapani area. Pulkariusus, a resident of Chalapuzhi, came out of the house on Friday morning. Meanwhile elephants made it their prey near the river Eb.

Since both of these accidents, there is panic in the villagers as well as there is anger against the forest department. Villagers say that the location of the elephants is not known to them, due to which such incidents are happening. At the same time, the SDO of Kunukuri forest department, Jitendra Upadhyay, says that the family members of the deceased have been given an amount of 25-25 thousand rupees. According to the forest officials, elephants attack is mostly in the morning. In such a way, the Department has told villagers to advise to be vigilant.

Talasili villagers took pledge to vote

Jashpurnagar 01 Aparl 2019 / Voters Awareness Campaign is being organized in village-village in Jashpur district. In the past, voter awareness program was organized by Tribal Welfare Department in village Talasili of Manora Vikaskhand. After giving the experimental information of voting through Electronic Voting Machin in this village, the in-charge of the Voter Awareness Party has vowed to vote villagers without any fear.

"Jashn-e-Jashpur" Post Matriculation organized by Rangoli Vowed to vote

Under the program, Jashpurnagar 01 April 2019 / Jashan-e-Jashpur, on 31st March, girls of post matriculate hostel of Jashpur gave a message of meritorious vote by making Rangoli. Girls' hostels of post-matric hostel took part in the Rangoli program with the objective of providing the information about voter awareness in the hostel premises, hostels of the hostel Meira Pradhan, Suman Chauhan, Aarti Singh and Swarnalata. On this occasion, hostel superintendent resolved to vote for girls on this occasion.

'' Jashn-e-Jashpur '' A huge bicycle rallied to give a message of voter awareness

Jashpurnagar 01 April, 2019 In the direction of awareness of the voters for voting in the April 2019 / Lok Sabha elections, organizing various programs under the Jashan-e-Jashpur program in Jashpur district is continuing with the objective of organizing the vision of Collector Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar. This morning, in the city of Jashpur, the Vishal Cycle Rally was organized to give a message of awareness to the voters. In which thousands of people of the city, people of social organizations and government officials were involved in self-interest. The cycle rally was inaugurated by Jai pillar check at the heart of the city of Jashpur.

Collector Shri Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar, Superintendent of Police Mr. Shankar Lal Baghel, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Mr. Rajendra Katara, Deemandal Officer Mr. Krishna Jadhav, SDM Vijender Singh Patale, and other senior officers led by CRPF Command, Maharaja Check, Sana Road Check, Virasamunda Check, Nagarpalika Parishad, Bus Stand, Pur Ni group arrived in Rnjita Stadium. The people involved in the rally at the Ranjeetan stadium have been committed to the participation of the people in the monastery of the country for the strengthening of democracy in the presence of District and Sessions Judge Mr. Rajneesh Srivastava, Collector Shri Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar, Gathered as
On this occasion, Shri Nileshkumar, collector, while addressing the people said that all of us must participate in voting for the strengthening of democracy. He told people to vote for the people and motivate their family and the people around them. He said that we should vote for better government. On this occasion, the District and Sessions Judge, Mr. Rajneesh Srivastava, resolved to keep the people present in the democratic traditions of the country and keeping the dignity of free fair and peaceful election as intact, without fear, they resolved to vote without any temptation. At the end of the program, SDM Shri Patale expressed gratitude on behalf of the district administration of all the people involved in the voter awareness cycle rally.

All polling booth camps in Jashpur district will be no-smoking zone

Jashpurnagar 27 March 2019 / In the direction of Collector Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar, efforts have been made to make the District and Tobacco Smokeless District in Jashpur district. After declaring all the government offices and educational institutions in the district as tobacco and smoking area, the district administration has now started the process of prohibiting tobacco and smoking in all polling stations and its premises. All polling booths and their premises will be no smoking zone. No person here will be able to use tobacco or made products such as beedi, cigarette, gutka, khaini and gudakhu. Those who violate it, the notice of imposing a fine of 200 rupees is being written on the wall of all the polling stations.
It is worth mentioning here that the decision to make Jashpur district as a tobacco-free district was taken in the meeting of the District Level Coordination Committee organized under the National Tobacco Control Program, held on March 12 under the chairmanship of the collector. In the implementation of this decision, the ban on the sale of tobacco in 100 yards of academic institutions, as well as declaring tobacco and smoke-free areas of all schools, colleges, government offices and public places as well as informal board has been applied. All the office-bearers are giving strict instructions to completely ban the use of tobacco and cigarettes in their respective premises, while ensuring the participation of the people is also being constructed. In the academic institutions of the district, through the Socio Economic and Educational Development Society (Seeds), giving information about the harm caused by tobacco to students, they are being given an explanation to keep themselves and their families away.

Haradeepa and Visa's villagers took the pledge to vote

In the direction of Jashpurnagar March 27, 2019 / Collector Shri Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar, organized EVM school in Village Haradipi and Visapur in Jashpur block under Votant Awareness Program, conducted in the district today. In these two villages, the villagers are being told how to vote through EVMs. The teacher is also telling the villagers that after giving a vote of their choice to the candidate, a slip comes out of VVPAT, which can be seen by seeing that the votes given by them have got the candidate of his choice. An experimental training is also being conducted for villagers to vote through the EVM ballot unit so that there is no doubt in their mind. Loknath, Sushil, Angunu, Gajendra, Dashrath, who lived from Vishodhi after making an experimental vote from EVM, told that it is the easiest way of voting, the possibility of mistake in voting through it is negligible. Similarly, a large number of villagers, including Babulal Indar, Bitnaram, Radhabai, Hari Kumar, Lalita of Harrodipa Village, got practical training to vote with EVMs and resolved to vote.

EVM school running in Tehsil offices

Jashpurnagar 27 March 2019 / Collector Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar is organizing various activities under the Voter Awareness Program in Jashpur district, while ensuring participation of people. In order to increase the voter awareness in the district and to increase the voting in the Lok Sabha election, EVM school is being organized regularly in the Hats-Markets, Bus-Stand and Tehsil Offices of the district. Through this school, people are being given the resolution of voting with the method of voting through EVMs.
 Tehsildar Garden said that the doubts about the doubts and dilemmas in the minds of the villagers regarding EVM through EVMs are also being addressed in detail by giving information in detail. During the EVM semester of the program, the villagers are also informing that this is the safest and transparent medium of voting. The experimental demonstration of slip emanating VVPAT from pressing the button of EVM machine is being done by the villagers. He said that similarly the organizing of EVM school is also being organized in the polling stations, bus stands and weekly markets.

Workshop organized to stop the water of Navy and increase groundwater

Jashpurnagar 27 March 2019 / One day workshop organized by the Agriculture Department on the selection of water storage structures for the prevention of water flow of Narva (drainage) in Jashpur district and on the selection of water storage structures has been held in the Collectorate Assembly Hall on the last day. In this workshop organized in the presence of Collector Shri Nileshkumar Mahadev Kshirsagar and CEO of District Panchayat Shri Rajendra Katara, officers working with the implementation of the Prime Minister's Agricultural Irrigation Scheme, including the Agricultural Water Resources, Rural Engineering Service, to stop the flow of water from the effluents and make the ground water level. Details were given in detail about keeping technology.
Collector Shri Nileshkumar said that there are hundreds of rainy and perennial grooves in the rural areas of the district, which still continues the flow of water. Identifying these nallahs should be obstructed by ensuring the participation of village panchayats and villagers at suitable places. Due to this, water supply in drains can be made available to villagers and drinking water for the animals. Filling of water in the drains will improve the ground water levels of the surrounding villages. The Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Panchayat spoke about using sand sacks, boulders, etc. for drainage bond. He said that with the arrangement to stop the water from place to place, the increase in ground water level will increase. It will also be used for irrigation and water ponds of the village by lifting water as per the requirement.
In the workshop, the training expert of Chhattisgarh State Water Management Agency, Mr. Jitendra Ekka gave useful information about the use of water bodies for use as a tool for the use of water of the water, selection of water storage structures and selection of drainage bonds. Officers of other departments including Deputy Director Agriculture, Executive Engineer, Water Resources were present in the workshop.

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