Constitution of SAARC Journalist Forum, SJF

 Organisation Name:

SAARC Journalist Forum is a non-profit international organization of Journalists and it is called as ‘SJF‘ in short form.

Kathmandu, Nepal.
: Address of Headquarter can change its location by Executive Committee if needed.

Organisation’s vision & mission:
To organise journalists of SAARC region to fight for press and expression freedom and raise the voice of rights of journalists is main aim and mission of this organisation.

As well as SAARC Journalist Forum, SJF’s mission is to strengthen the quality, reach and viability of journalism across all media internationally.

To develop the journalism of South Asia, to promote their quality of life, to promote towards mutual trust, understanding and appreciation of the problems of one another.

SAARC Journalist Forum is recognized as a regional journalist body by South Asian journalist member states of SAARC.

The rationale behind creation of SAARC Journalist Forum of the SAARC countries was to promote journalism, to develop, promotion, networking, policy reforms and achieve common objectives in the areas of SAARC countries.

Founded Date :
SAARC Journalist Forum, SJF was founded in 2019 A.D. and registered under Government of India by group of award winning senior journalists, reporters and editors of SAARC countries.

Founder Members:
1) Senior journalist of Nepal Mr. Raju Lama

2) Senior journalist of India Mr. Ramnath Vidrohi

3) Senior journalist of Bangladesh Mr. Md Abdur Rahman

Founder Executive Committee Members:

President : Raju Lama, Nepal
Vice President : Ramnath Vidrohi, India
General Secretary : Md Abdur Rahman, Bangladesh
Secretary : Khalil Omaid, Afghanistan
Treasurur : Saghirahmed Qamar, Pakistan
Members :
Rinzin Wangchuk, Bhutan
Amila Balasooriya, Srilanka
Ismail Shahu, Maldives
Journalists from member states includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka can take membership of Forum.

Membership of Forum should be proposed by Central Board Committee and approved by Executive Committee but for first term Executive Committee is responsible for membership.

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