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Blast again in Sri Lanka, piqued all around!

There was another explosion near Savoy cinema in Colombo in Sri Lanka on Wednesday morning. The explosion occurred in the motorcycle, in which the explosion occurred. However, no casualties have been reported yet in this incident.

It is noteworthy that in the Sri Lanka, the number of people killed in suicide attacks and serial blasts on Easter Sunday rose to 359.

According to news published on Zee News, Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said that a search operation was launched and many people were arrested on Tuesday in this regard. Gunasekera said, the number of people who have died has reached 359.

Islamic State took responsibility for these deadly attacks in the island nation and identified the suicide traffickers who carried out the attacks. On the eve of Easter, seven suicide bombers committed the attacks made by targeting the churches and hotels.

Islamic State took responsibility on Tuesday on the horrific suicide attacks on Easter in Sri Lanka and identified seven suicide bombers who carried out the execution.

In a statement, according to the Site Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadi activities, ISIS said in a statement, through its promotional dialogue committee 'Amak', "Two days ago, the people who attacked the citizens and Christians of the coalition member countries They were associated with the Islamic State Group.


Conflicts in Buddhists and Muslims have created hatred in Sri Lanka!

The National Towheid Jamaat is accused of the bomb blasts in Sri Lanka. This is a new fundamentalist organization. In the last few years, there has been a clash between Buddhists and Muslims in Sri Lanka, which is increasing radicalism. Do know the whole story of what it is.

More than 300 people have been confirmed dead in the bomb blasts on Easter in Sri Lanka. There are more than 40 foreign nationals, including many Indians who have been killed. The Sri Lankan government says the extremist group National Towheed Jamaat is in the hands of these blasts. It was helped by an external terrorist group.

Islamic State also took responsibility for these blasts. It is being speculated that the Tauhid Jamaat and the Islamic State have made these blasts together. The terrorists who carried out the suicide attack were Sri Lankan citizens. Police have arrested about 40 suspects, including a Syrian citizen.

The National Towheid Jamaat is a new extremist organization for Sri Lanka. It is considered to be a militant outfit separated from Sri Lanka Tauhid Jamaat. Sri Lankan Tawheed Jamaat secretary Abdul Rajik was arrested in 2016 in connection with inflammatory speeches against the Buddhists.

After this, he apologized for these speeches. The word Tauhid in the National Tauhid Jamaat means God is just one, that is just Allah. The term Jamat means a group of people. In this case, its name means only a group of people who believe in Allah. This is linked to the radical ideology of Islam. The National Tohid Jamaat's ideology meets the Islamic State.

For the first time, the name of the National Tauhid Jamaat (NTJ) was revealed in 2017. After the defeat of Mahinda Rajapaksa in the 2015 elections, the Buddhist fundamentalist organization, Bada Bala Sena, again started its anti-Muslim campaign.

In this way, the separation of Sri Lanka from Tauhid Jamaat and creating a new extremist faction, NTJ. On December 26, 2018, the bikaswaras carrying hammer and other tools in Magellela of Kigale district had broken some of Buddha's statues.

The police then arrested seven people on the charge, who told themselves to NTJ. While searching for two more people related to the same organization, the police got a huge explosion in a coconut field in Puthalam district of Colombo.

The police had arrested four people associated with this organization from this place. Since then, the National Towhid Jamaat has been recognized as a violent extremist organization.

A Hindu can never be a 'terrorist': Amit Shah

Chhattarpur (Madhya Pradesh): Defending the decision of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, accused of Malegaon blast, in the ongoing elections in Bhopal, BJP chief Amit Shah said that a Hindu can never be a terrorist.

While addressing an election rally here, Shah said, "A Hindu can never be a terrorist. Hindu culture has never harmed anyone, but Congress gave it the tag of terrorists. Sadhvi Pragya Thakur's nomination from Bhopal is our Satyagrah against him. "

He said, "People of Madhya Pradesh are waiting for Diggi Raja (Congress leader Digvijay Singh) because they want to take them on the issue of Hindu terror."

Keeping his pace against the Congress, Shah accused the grand old party of being involved in vote bank politics. He said, "But the security of Mother Bharti is the first priority for the BJP."

Priyanka Gandhi touched the hearts through the bond of relationships, photographs had viral

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra touched the hearts of people with the help of the door of the relationship when she reached Bhai's parliamentary constituency after campaigning for Sonia Gandhi's parliamentary constituency. While going to the shopkeepers to know about their business, the former Youth State President himself. Reached the house of RP Singh and rejuvenated the old relationship. In addition, people in the village sought support from the people.

Priyanka visited the town. Firstly the former President of the state of Uttar Pradesh, himself. Came to RP's house. His son Raj Pratap Singh welcomed him. After this he traveled with the whole village. He told the youth that youth can bring change. On his watch shop at Rizwan's clock shop, Mohanlal reached Gupta's grocery store where his son sitting on Pappu asked about the shopkeeping. He told that GST has gone from going, shopkeeping has become flat. After that Priyanka bought the toffee from the shop. Ahmed asked the recent move to the clothes shop, followed by tea at the shop of Mansoor Ahmad.

Priyanka Gandhi reiterated on Tuesday that she will follow the party's decision about contesting the elections against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Varanasi Lok Sabha seat. When he was questioned whether he would fight against Modi in Varanasi, he said, "I have consistently said that I will do what the party will ask me to do." When the workers came to participate in the conference, three victims of the accident Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached the district hospital to meet Congress workers Priyanka asked- There is no problem here.

Two earthquake shocks in morning and early morning in India-Nepal, Arunachal was the center

In the country's UP and Arunachal Pradesh and neighboring Nepal, on Wednesday morning and Tuesday-Wednesday night, there were tremors of earthquakes after each other. On Wednesday morning, its intensity was 5.2 Richter scale. According to media reports, its center was the Naubat village of Dinding district of Bindu Nepal. There is no information about the loss of life and property of any person due to this shock.

According to the reports, earthquake tremors were felt in Arunachal Pradesh at 1.45 pm on Tuesday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Its intensity was 5.8 at the Richter scale. It is being told that its center was the West Siang of Arunachal. There is no information about the loss of life and property of anybody here.

 After this, earthquake shocks were felt in some areas of Nepal and adjoining UP at 6.29 am on Wednesday morning. Its intensity was 5.2. After this, earthquake shocks were once again felt at 6.40 pm. It was less intensely than 4.8. Apart from this, there is no information about loss of any property.

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: This matter was written by CM Bhupesh Baghel

Voting is going on in seven constituencies in the third phase of Lok Sabha elections in Chhattisgarh. The seven deadline for voting from seven in the morning to five in the seven seats is fixed. The Chief of the State, Bhupesh Baghel, used his franchise in the Patan assembly constituency of the Durg parliamentary area. Also, CM Bhupesh appealed to the people of Chhattisgarh to get as much votes as possible.

After voting, CM Bhupesh Baghel has a tweet. CM wrote Baghel - I have done my duty. Now all of you have to contribute to force Modi to take a bath. Sure to vote We have to establish the rule of justice in the country. In the discussion with the media after the voting, CM Baghel said that Congress candidates will win not only in Durg but in all the seats of the state. CM Baghel has consistently accused PM Narendra Modi of violating code of conduct.

Please tell that in the third and final phase of Chhattisgarh, voting is being held in Raipur, Durg, Korba, Bilaspur, Raigad, Janjgir and Sarguja parliamentary constituencies. There are a total of 123 candidates in the field. In the seven parliamentary constituencies, a total of 27 million 13 thousand 816 voters will be able to use their franchise. A total of 15 thousand 408 polling stations have been set up in seven Lok Sabha constituencies. 2343 in Raipur, 2221 in Bilaspur, 2327 in Raigarh, 2008 in Korba, 2178 in Janjgir-Champa, 2183 in Durg and 2153 polling stations in Sarguja have been set up.

Nominating Sadhvi Pragya for Lok Sabha elections right decision, allegations against her are false, says Amit Shah

Kolkata: BJP national president Amit Shah Monday defended the party’s decision to nominate Sadhvi Pragya as a Lok Sabha candidate saying the allegations against her are false and the real culprits in the Malegaon blast case have evaded the law.

Sadhvi Pragya, who is out on bail in the Malegaon blast case of 2008, has been fielded by the BJP from Bhopal constituency. “It is absolutely a right decision. The allegations against her are baseless. Nothing against her or Swami Aseemanad have been proved,” Shah said while addressing a media conference here.

Claiming that the “real culprits” were let off after being arrested, he said, questions should be asked why they were released. Speaking on the contentious NRC and the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, Shah said refugees need not worry as after returning to power, the BJP will first bring the bill in Parliament and then implement the NRC across the country to weed out infiltrators.

“The refugees will be given citizenship and they will remain in this country with full dignity. They should not pay heed to the misleading statements by Mamata Banerjee,” the BJP president said. The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on January 8 but was not tabled in Rajya Sabha where the BJP does not have majority. The picture of Rajya Sabha will change in favour of the BJP by 2020 and there will be no problem in passing the bill, he said.

To a question on alleged discrepancies over citizenship and educational qualifications in Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s poll affidavit filed at Amethi, Shah said the returning officer concerned should look into it. Asked if the BJP will seek support from the Trinamool Congress in case it falls short of majority, he said, “The question does not arise. We will get full majority.” Reiterating his charge that “democracy has ceased to exist in West Bengal”, Shah exuded confidence that people of the state will defeat the Trinamool Congress in this election.

Sri Lanka bombings death toll rises to 290, 24 arrested in connection with multiple blasts

Colombo: With the death toll in the deadly Easter Sunday suicide bombings in Sri Lanka increasing to 290, police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera on Monday confirmed that 24 people have been arrested for their involvement in the island’s bloodiest attacks in a decade.

Gunasekera confirmed the toll and the arrests to the media here. He also added that 500 people were injured. The Sunday night toll was at 207, which was revised as more bodies were recovered and some more succumbed to their injuries, the Guardian reported.  Gunasekara said that the police has seized a van and its driver who is suspected of transporting the suspects into Colombo and also raided a safe house used by the attackers. No group has yet claimed direct responsibility for the eight bombings that ripped through churches and hotels, mostly in the capital Colombo, on Sunday.

Police officials privately said the suspects were all from the minority Muslim community. Police said the van which had carried explosives to carry out bomb attacks at the three hotels was arrested with its Muslim driver.

A safe house where the bombers had lived for nearly three months leading to the attacks were discovered in the south of Colombo suburb of Panadura.  Sri Lanka Air Force said it found an improvised explosives device along a road leading to the departure terminal at the Colombo international airport Sunday night. “It was a crude six- foot pipe bomb that was found by the roadside,” an air force spokesman said. “We have removed it and safely defused it at an air force location,” he added.

Improvised pipe bomb discovered near Colombo’s main airport, defused successfully by Sri Lanka airforce

Colombo: An improvised pipe bomb discovered close to Colombo’s main airport was successfully defused by the Sri Lanka airforce, police said.

A police source told AFP that a “homemade” pipe bomb had been found late Sunday on a road leading towards the main terminal, which remains open with heavy security after Easter Sunday’s deadly bomb attacks. “It was a homemade bomb, with explosives put into a pipe,” said the source. Airforce spokesperson Group Captain Gihan Seneviratne said the IED was believed to be locally manufactured.

13 arrested in connection with Sri Lanka blasts: Police
The discovery comes after a series of eight devastating bomb blasts ripped through high-end hotels and churches holding Easter services, killing at least 207 people, including dozens of foreigners. “It was a crude six-foot pipe bomb that was found by the roadside,” an air force spokesman said. “We have removed it and safely defused it at an air force location.”

There were disruptions to flights, but Sri Lanka’s national carrier Sri Lankan has already asked leaving passengers to report to check-in counters at least four hours prior to departure because of tight security checks at the Bandaranaike International airport. The apparently coordinated attacks were the deadliest to hit the country in the decade since the end of a bloody civil war that killed up to 100,000 people and evoked painful memories for many Sri Lankans.

Congress acting as external PR arm of Pakistan government: BJP

New Delhi: The BJP on Sunday accused the Congress of acting as an external public relations arm of the Pakistan government, saying it was speaking the language of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao, while attacking Congress leader P Chidambaram, said rather than targeting Pakistan for exporting terrorism to India and indulging in anti-India activities, “the Congress party is blaming the Indian government for taking multi-pronged punitive steps against Pakistan including some trade related initiatives”. “It seems that the Congress party is not happy that the military and non-military punitive steps initiated by the Indian government have silenced Pakistan and forced it to mend ways,” Rao said in a statement.

The Congress party, he alleged, “had lent perverse support to Pakistan time and again betraying Indian interests”. He claimed the Congress was acting as an external public relations arm of the Pakistan government and it was speaking the language of the Pakistani prime minister. Rao said the statements of several Congress leaders sound like music to a cornered Pakistan that has lost all credibility internationally.

Delhi: Shoe hurled at BJP’s GVL Narasimha Rao during presser
“It is unfortunate and condemnable that there is a race among the Congress and other opposition leaders to make pro-Pakistan statements at a time when the whole country is rallying behind our government and security forces in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack and air strikes in Balakot, deep inside Pakistan,” he said.  The BJP Rajya Sabha MP cited Congress and other opposition leaders, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Kapil Sibal, P Chidambaram, Mamata Banerjee, Chandrababu Naidu, Arvind Kejriwal, Farooq Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, as being “the cheerleaders of Imran Khan”.

“They will be handed an exemplary punishment for betrayal by the Indian electorate in the ongoing elections,” it said. Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram Sunday said that in order to bring a change in Pakistan’s behaviour, India must also change its behaviour towards the neighbouring country. The former home minister also said that a way must be found to normalise India-Pakistan relations so as to answer the country’s “biggest external challenge” in terms of security and various other aspects.

“Whatever we do, we have to make Pakistan change its behaviour. That means we must also change our behaviour towards Pakistan. These attitudinal changes will happen over a period of time. But we must make an effort,” he said at a discussion titled — “Beyond Politics: Debating a new Security Manifesto”, organised by think-tank Observer Research Foundation (ORF) here.