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Arunachal Pradesh: Mob drags two rape-murder accused out of jail, lynches them to death

In a classic case of vigilante justice and mob going berserk, two alleged rape and murder accused were dragged out of a police station and beaten to death by a mob on Monday. The incident took place on Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh.

Thirty-year-old Sanjay Sobor and 25-year-old Jagdish Lohar – two tea plantation workers from Assam – were dragged out of police station to the market square by a large crowd and lynched on the street in front of police officials. Their bodies were later dumped in the market area, reported Zee News. The mob also tried to set the accused on fire but was intervened by security officials.

On February 12, a five-and-a-half-year-old girl went missing from a village under Wakro police station. Later, the child’s relatives spotted her beheaded and mutilated body in a pool of blood inside a jungle near Namgo village. Later, the police arrested Sobar and Lohar on suspicion of rape and murder of the girl. The duo reportedly confessed to have committed the heinous act of rape and murder.

On Sunday, both the accused were also produced in court, which remanded them to police custody. The police has registered a case of murder against unknown persons for the lynching and the probe is already underway. Meanwhile, three cops on duty were suspended for failing to stop the mob while Lohit district superintendent of police was transferred.

Donald Trump Jr. will be in India for the next week, and this is the reason why

New Delhi: The United States President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., is in India with business and foreign policy in mind. The executive vice-director of Trump Organisation arrived in India on his maiden visit on Tuesday.

During the week-long trip, Donald Trump Jr. will not only endorse his luxurious residential project-Trump Towers, but he is scheduled to deliver a speech on foreign policy in India. Trump Jr. will meet with Indian investors and business leaders in Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Gurugram respectively, The Washington Post reported.

The eldest son of Donald Trump has already advertised himself prior to his visit. Full-page advertisements in Indian newspapers on Monday invited prospective investors to buy into the Trump Organisation’s project in Gurugram to join Donald Trump Jr at a dinner later this week.

“Trump has arrived. Have you?” read the advertisement, inviting buyers to book their apartments in Trump Towers by Wednesday “for a conversation and dinner” with Trump Jr on Friday. An advertisement in newspapers on Sunday read, “Trump is here. Are you invited?” Trump Jr. will also deliver his maiden speech in India where he will speak on “Reshaping Indo-Pacific Ties: The New Era of Cooperation” at a global business summit on Friday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who will also be present, will speak at the summit on the topic of “Preparing India for the Future.” In the US, some experts have pointed out the conflict of interests during Donald Trump Jr.’s India visit. “The planned speech by Trump Jr. has renewed conflict of interest concerns, with some questioning why the US President’s son will be lecturing on foreign policy while simultaneously trying to hawk his family business’s lavish new condominiums,” The Washington Post reported.

“News that the Trump Organisation would be offering buyers in the Trump Tower the chance to meet the president’s son sparked criticism of potential conflict of interest, and the fact that Trump Jr. will be giving a foreign policy speech while on a private business trip complicates the matter further”, The Washington Post quoted ethics expert as saying. Trump Jr. will also visit Kolkata, where the construction of a project with 137 luxury units will begin soon.

Talking about his trip earlier this month, Trump Jr. said, “India is such an incredible country and our brand has enjoyed tremendous success in the region for many years. This trip is a celebration of all we have achieved, including the launch of the Trump developments in Kolkata and Delhi which have been underway for many months.” According to business partners in India, many units in the Trump Towers are selling about 30 percent per square foot higher than the current market rates. Trump Jr.’s visit to India is expected to reinforce the trend. India is Trump Organisation’s biggest international market, with four real estate projects underway in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Gurugram. Trump Jr.’s visit to India comes after his sister, Ivanka, visited Hyderabad in November last year to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu: Centre should do justice to our state, I will continue my fight

Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on Monday vowed to continue the fight for the state’s interests. Naidu said, “The Centre should do justice to our state. I am asking only for justice.” Naidu’s party, Telugu Desam Party (TDP), has been protesting in the parliament alleging that union budget 2018 neglected Andhra Pradesh.

“Even the 4th budget of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is disappointing. That’s why we started agitation in parliament. But both YSRCP, BJP are criticizing me. The Congress is blaming me. It is not good,” Naidu said. He added: “However, I will continue my fight. In the forthcoming parliament meetings, we will continue our fight. For that we will take help of all the political parties.” Naidu also accused Congress of doing injustice at the time of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

“The Congress did injustice at the time of bifurcation. Now, the BJP is not properly implementing the promises. I went to Delhi 29 times, talked to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and all central leaders, but nothing much is achieved,” Naidu said.  The Chief Minister said the TDP will go to any extent to protect the interests of Andhra Pradesh.

Bombay HC acquits man of ‘forceful sex with minor’ charges as girl did not inform mother about year-long relationship

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court recently deemed a girl to be “mature and adult” on the grounds that she had not informed her mother about her nearly one-year-long relationship. Accordingly, the court acquitted a man on the charge of engaging in forceful sexual intercourse with the minor. The conclusion was drawn by a single judge bench of Justice Sunil Shukre while hearing a plea filed by the accused.

To support its contention, that the girl was a minor, the prosecution placed on record the school register which mentioned the girl’s age. However, this document was not accepted by Justice Shukre on the ground that there was no proof that registration was done on the basis of some admissible evidence.

During the hearing, Justice Shukre was informed that the girl had maintained at least one year’s relationship with the accused. The judge was also apprised of the fact that the girl never disclosed her relationship to her mother and her parents only realised something was amiss after she missed her monthly periods.

Having heard the submissions of both sides, Justice Shukre said, “The conduct of the prosecutrix (girl) are reasonable indicators of the level of understanding and maturity level. They show that the prosecutrix was mature enough to fully know the consequences of her acts and knowing them so well that she proceeded further in the matter and went on having repeated rounds of sexual intercourse with the appellant.”

“The prosecutrix also did not disclose anything to her mother; rather it was her mother who had to make the prosecutrix talk about the same. This would enable me to infer that she was not, at the relevant time, a child or a minor and had either become a major or was on the verge of becoming one,” Justice Shukre added.

Your actions destroyed my brand and business: Nirav Modi to PNB

Mumbai: Nirav Modi, the kingpin behind the largest banking scam in the country, has in a letter blamed the PNB, saying that the bank’s overzealousness in going public had shut the doors on his ability to clear the loan outstanding, which he claims is far less than is being hyped in the media.

In a letter Modi wrote on February 15/16 to the PNB management, a copy of which PTI has accessed, he has pegged the outstanding under Rs 5,000 crore. “The erroneously cited liability resulted in a media frenzy which led to immediate search and seizure of operations; this, in turn, resulted in Firestar International and Firestar Diamond International effectively ceasing to be going-concerns. This jeopardised our ability to discharge the dues to the banks,” Modi, who left the country along with his family in the first week of January, wrote in the letter.

“In the anxiety to recover your dues immediately — despite my offer on February 13, a day before the public announcement, and on 15 — your actions have destroyed my brand and the business. You have also restricted your own ability to recover all the dues, leaving a trail of unpaid debts,” he said. The letter also refers to the extended discussions between him, and between his representatives and the bank officers and also his emails on February 13 and 15, 2018.

About the Rs 11,000-crore loss claimed by the PNB in the FIR, Modi said, “As you are aware, this is entirely incorrect and the liability of the Nirav Modi Group is substantially less. Even after your complaint was filed, in good faith, I wrote to you saying please sell/allow me to sell Firestar Group, or their valuable assets, and recover the dues not just from Firestar Group, but also from the three firms.”

Valuing his domestic business at around Rs 6,500 crores, he said, “This could have helped reduce/discharge the debt to the banking system,” but quickly added that this is not possible now, as all his bank accounts have been frozen and assets have been sealed or seized.

He goes on to state that PBN had time and again acknowledged that “the buyers credit facility had been extended by it to the three partnership firms for several years; that there had been no default on the part of these firms over all these years; that money has gone through PNB over all these years for the repayment of the advances given by the overseas bank branches under the buyers credit. “That Firestar International and Firestar Diamond International have never been in default to any bank, and the bankers are fully secured”.

He also states that PNB has over the years been earning bank charges to the tune of crores of rupees on the buyers credit facility extended by PNB to the three partnership firms and that PNB has extended the money to the firm’s buyers as well from where also it has been receiving full payments, with interest…

On the CBI/ED searches that have yielded Rs 5,649 crores, he said, “These, and other assets of the group and the three firms could have settled all the amounts due to the banks. However, now that stage appears to have passed.” He concluded by requesting the bank to “be fair, and support my efforts to make good all the amounts that are found due by my group to all banks.”

Owning up everything, he said the bank has wrongly named his brother, who is not at all concerned with the operations of the three firms or other companies. ‘‘My wife is not connected with any business operations at all and she has been wrongly named. My uncle is also wrongly named in this complaint since he has an independent and unconnected business and none of them are aware or concerned with my dealings with your bank.”

“Whatever may be the consequences I may face for my actions, the haste was, in my humble submission, unwarranted,” Modi concludes and has requested the bank to permit payment of salaries to 2,200 employees from the balance lying in the current accounts.

Lawyer Who Will Defend Nirav Modi in PNB Scam Represented 2G Accused

Advocate Vijay Aggarwal has represented a number of accused persons in the 2G spectrum allocation scam case. He has represented former Orissa High Court judge, IM Quddussi, who had moved a Delhi court to seek a probe into the alleged leak of certain phone conversations.

New Delhi: The prime accused in the Punjab National Bank scam, celebrity jeweller Nirav Modi, is going to be represented in court by an advocate used to high profile cases.

Advocate Vijay Aggarwal has represented a number of accused persons in the 2G spectrum allocation scam case. He has represented former Orissa High Court judge, IM Quddussi, who had moved a Delhi court to seek a probe into the alleged leak of certain phone conversations.

After the Rs 11,000 crore fraud came to light, PNB filed a criminal complaint with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) against Modi and others.

He and his family left the country earlier in January, according to Indian officials, and a call on Sunday to a corporate spokesperson for Modi went unanswered.

Aggarwal himself is not without his fair share of controversies. In 2011, he was under the scanner of the advocates' regulatory body for alleged "professional misconduct" and was slapped with a show-cause notice.

Aggarwal, at the time appearing for Swan Telecom promoters Shahid Usman Balwa, Vinod Goenka and others associated with them in 2G scam, was charged with violating the law which prohibit a practicing lawyer from indulging in two active professions. 

The Bar Council of Delhi (BCD) summoned Aggarwal on July 22, 2011, to explain as to how he could indulge in two professions - Chartered Accountancy and Advocacy - simultaneously.

Further in 2013, Aggarwal was expelled from the membership of New Delhi Bar Association (NDBA) and his chamber at Patiala House Courts complex was also sealed for his alleged abusive behaviour. Aggarwal had allegedly threatened a lawyer and also called “some bouncers in the court premises."

Later, the lawyer had said that "expulsion" was illegal and the NDBA president was "abusing his bar office position for the interest of his client and is dissuading me from discharging my professional duties".

After a CBI court had acquitted all the accused in the 2G scam case, he said, “The court said that the prosecution has miserably failed to prove any of its charge. Thus, all accused are acquitted.”

PNB Scam: Central Vigilance Commission summons PNB brass, Finance Ministry officials

Mumbai / New Delhi: The ambit of the PNB fraud has widened: the CBI on Sunday wrote to all banks and asked them to report any irregularities in Letters of Undertaking. The Central Vigilance Commission is also stepping into the PNB fraud to examine the culpability of the senior bank and government functionaries. In a first step in this direction, it has summoned the PNB brass and Finance Ministry officials to depose before it on Monday.

The investigation has gathered speed and the 10 suspended PNB officials were questioned in Mumbai on Sunday. PNB staffer Gokulnath Shetty has made explosive revelations: He has admitted to having unauthorised access to a Level-5 password – the key for the SWIFT software that is used to issue Letters of Undertaking. Such was the extent of connivance, that he had also shared the password with some employees of Nirav Modi’s’ company.

 PNB Bank scam fallout: Nirav Modi responds to allegations, says he will pay back the loan
The arrested bank officials have also disclosed that against each LoU, a percentage commission was fixed, depending upon the amount to be sanctioned; the commission collected from the client was distributed between all employees involved in the scam, the sources said.  The involvement and connivance of other staff members and outsiders in the scam is also being probed. CBI sources claimed that it was not possible for two bank employees to commit a fraud on this scale without the knowledge of other officials.

 In another development, Modi’s Chief Officer Vipul Ambani made a surprise appearance at the CBI headquarters on Sunday. He was grilled by the sleuths, in view of the fresh disclosures made by PNB staffers. The officials of PNB have claimed that when they detected the fraud, Modi’s brother was called in at its branch office, confronted with the  scam and asked to make good the defrauded money. However, the latter declined, saying they did not have the funds. When the bank officials insisted and threatened them with arrest, Modi’s brother allegedly remarked: “Do whatever you want.”

The Enforcement Directorate, which continued its searches against Modi, Choksi and their companies for the fourth day on Sunday, is also moving to attach at least two dozen immovable properties under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. The ED on Sunday raided at least 45 premises, including jewellery showrooms and workshops, across the country.

“As many as 29 properties — of Modi, his family members and companies — that have been provisionally attached by the Income Tax department, are being assessed by the ED under the PMLA. A few more assets will be attached soon under the anti-money laundering law,” a senior ED official said.

Congress MLA’s son assualt a man at Bengluru restaurant, absconding

Bengluru: A Congress MLA’s son and his friends allegedly assaulted a man at a restaurant in the upmarket UB City area after they felt offended at the manner he was sitting at his table. Vidwath, of course, had a good reason for sitting with his extended feet pointing at their table: one of his legs, owing to a fracture, is in plaster.

But MLA NA Harris’s son Mohammed Nalapad, who is also the Bangalore District Youth Congress General Secretary, took umbrage and brutally beat up Vidhwat, even as the crowd and the management in the restro-bar watched from the sidelines. Not just that, Nalapad and his friends followed the victim and his brother to the hospital he was rushed to and thrashed him there as well. According to the FIR, Vidwath’s brother was also beaten up at the hospital.

Since then, after an opposition outcry, Nalapad was expelled from the party for six years. His whereabouts were not known and apparent he is no the run. Allegations of unprovoked attacks on people at restaurants and pubs are not new to Nalapad. He has been accused of getting into such brawls in the past, while the police have faced flak for not taking appropriate action.

In 2016, Nalapad was accused of assaulting a reveller at a Shanthinagar pub. The police allegedly forced the victim to withdraw the complaint. They had even claimed that someone was impersonating Nalapad at the time. The assailant’s father, the MLA of Shantinagar, described the incident as unfortunate. “I met the victim and his family. I don’t know where he (Nalapad) is. His phone is switched off. Let the law take its course,” Harris said. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah tweeted that offenders should be punished to the “full extent of law”.

Pakistan charges Rs 2.86 lakh as route navigation charges on PM Narendra Modi flights

New Delhi: Pakistan has billed India Rs 2.86 lakh as route navigation charges for IAF aircraft used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a stopover in Lahore and visits to Russia, Afghanistan, Iran and Qatar, an RTI response shows. During one such visit on December 25, 2015, Modi had a brief stopover in Lahore at the request of then Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The stopover took place when Modi was returning from Russia and Afghanistan. For this, a bill of Rs 1.49 lakh has been issued as route navigation charges, records accessed under the RTI Act from the Indian High Commission in Pakistan show. Modi was received by Sharif with a warm hug at the tarmac of the Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore, when he made the unexpected stopover. But the warmth did not extend to waiving the navigation charges.

Likewise, a bill of Rs 77,215 was sent by Pakistani authorities when Modi used an IAF aircraft to visit Iran on May 22-23, 2016, and Rs 59,215 when he visited Qatar on June 4-6, 2016, the RTI response shows. During both visits he flew over Pakistan. The bills for the Prime Minister’s visits are borne by the External Affairs Ministry.

Rs 800 cr banking fraud: CBI registers FIR against Rotomac Pens owner Vikram Kothari, raids offices, premises

After the PNB Scam broke out, now another bank scam has surfaced where owner of Rotomac Pen had taken a loan of more than Rs 800 crore from over five state-owned banks. The CBI has registered an FIR against Rotomac Pen promoter Vikram Kothari for Rs 800 cr loan default on Bank of Baroda complaint. And now CBI is carrying out searches at office and residential premises of Vikram Kothari in connection with the case.

CBI is also questioning Vikram Kothari, wife and son in Kanpur. Till now no arrests have been made, official spokesperson told PTI.

Allahabad Bank, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Indian Overseas Bank and Union Bank of India compromised their rules to sanction loans to Rotomac, sources said. Kothari took a loan of Rs 485 crore from Mumbai-based Union Bank of India and a loan of Rs 352 crore from Kolkata-based Allahabad Bank. A year later, Kothari has reportedly not paid back either the interest or the loan.

Last year, Bank of Baroda (BoB), a consortium partner declared pen manufacturer Rotomac Global Pvt Ltd as “wilful defaulter”. The company moved the Allahabad High Court seeking removal of its name from the list of wilful defaulter.

A division bench comprising Chief Justice D B Bhosle and Justice Yashwant Verma had passed the order on a petition filed by the company, contending that it has been wrongly declared a “wilful defaulter” by BoB despite having “offered assets worth more than Rs 300 crore to the bank since the date of default”. Rotomac was declared a wilful defaulter vide an order dated February 27, 2017 passed by an authorised committee, as per the procedure laid down by the Reserve Bank of India.

(Input from Agencies)