Love Match! Umesh Yadav and Tanya Wadhwa: Charming tale of Indian pacer’s ‘on-field’ romance

How many of you have heard a Bollywood super star or a famous cricketer falling in love with their fans. Well, this Indian fast bowler, Umesh Yadav has fallen for his fan while playing cricket. Umesh’s love story is no less than a Bollywood flick where hero falls for his heroine after seeing her once. It is a love story which is worth knowing about.

Truly a love ‘match’

Umesh first met his now wife, Tanya, during an IPL match in 2013 when Tanya came to enjoy a game. It is in the same year that the two got hitched. The couple met through a common friend. However, it wasn’t love at first sight. Their friendship grew with time which later turned into strong love. Umesh impress her with his simplicity and for being such a gentleman person.

Contrasting backgrounds

Umesh is making his mark in the international cricket with his incisive spells, but Umesh isn’t born rich. He belongs to a humble background. His father worked as a coal labourer in a mine near Nagpur. He has struggled hard to be at the position he is today. And even becoming a full time cricketer, Umesh applied for a job of police officer. On the other hand, Tanya belongs to a well-settled family. Tanya has a degree in fashion designing and continued her profession even after marriage.

Why Tanya hates Umesh!

After 4 years of marriage, Umesh and Tanya are happy couple but there is one thing that Tanya hates or say doesn’t like in hubby and that is he’s too tall while she’s short. Yes, this is the thing that upsets Tanya.



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