Jessica Lal Murder Case: Sister Sabrina Lal forgives convict Manu Sharma, says won’t object his release

Manu Sharma, who was accused of murdering Jessica Lal has been forgiven by her sister Sabrina Lal. Twelve years ago, Sabrina Lal accused Manu Sharma of killing her sister after which Sharma was sentenced life imprisonment.

Sister Sabrina Lal wrote in a letter, as reported by the Hindustan Times, “I am told that in this period he has been doing good work for charity and helping inmates in jail which I feel is a reflection of reform. I would like to state I have no objection to his release, owing to the fact that he has spent 15 years in jail.”

Sharma, who is the son former Indian National Congress minister Venod Sharma, has been living in an open jail and could leave for work in the morning and return to his headquarters in jail in the evening.

“Manu Sharma has been in an open jail for the past six months,” the Tihar jail Director General Ajay Kashyap told NDTV, adding that prisoners who have shown good conduct over the years are shifted to an open jail

As per the reports by the NDTV, Manu Sharma is supposedly working with an NGO dealing with the welfare of the children of the prisoners.

Manu Sharma was attending a private party in a bar where Jessica Lal, a model and waitress, was working. When Manu Sharma ordered for a drink late in the night, she refused to get it. Angry, Sharma shot her dead with his gun.

Sharma was sentenced to life imprisonment in the 1999 murder case. However, he was out many times on parole. There have been speculations that the politician’s son, accused of murder, has been given special treatment in the jail.


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