Love Match! Dinesh Karthik and Dipika Pallikal: Cricket meets squash in a sweet, romantic tale

Today, we have another sporting couple of India, Dinesh Karthik and Dipika Pallikal. The two had a fairy-tale wedding in 2015. However, it wasn’t easy for both. Dinesh had a failed marriage while Dipika is a self-confessed cricket hater. Dipika might never have thought of falling in love from a person belonging to the sport which she never liked. Dipika never liked cricketers despite being the daughter of a woman cricketer, Susan Itticheria, as she believed that it is taking away attention, fame from other sports in India. So, how did two completely opposite individuals fall for each other? Let’s find out!

First Meeting


It wasn’t love at first sight for the two. The two came across each other as they were taking fitness sessions from the same coach, Basu Shankar and then quickly developed good friendship but not more than that. Before that, the two have met each other at a marathon. As the two started getting know each other, Dipika found Dinesh a humble gentleman and a family person.


In 2013, Dipika was in Leeds, London for a training session where Dinesh joined her later and that’s where their friendship bloomed into strong love. Dinesh used to watch her training at the academy and even played a game of squash with her. However, Dinesh decided to wait to pop-up the question.

The proposal

Soon, the two were being seen at each other’s’ tournament, be it IPL or squash events. Dipika started making appearances at IPL matches Dinesh was playing in. The squash queen was also seen at the 2013 Champions Trophy where Team India emerged victorious. Taking the advantage of the victory, a happy mood, Dinesh proposed Dipika and, after few months, the two got engaged. The two always kept their relationship a low-key affair.



Dinesh and Dipika officially got engaged on November 2013 in a traditional Hindu and Christian ceremony. The ceremony was a close family and friends affair. And two years later, they got hitched in Christian and Hindu ceremony as Dipika belonged to a Malayali Christian family while Dinesh is a Hindu.


Happy but busy life



As both belonged to sports profession, which is a commitment, they are very busy owing to their schedule. So, whenever the two manage to get some time, they prefer to stay at home. In fact, Dipika wasn’t in the country on her first marriage anniversary in 2016.


Above all, the couple is getting their share of respect in the respective sport and we wish the couple long life of togetherness and success on the field.


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