Diesel and petrol in Chhattisgarh cost five rupees cheaper: Chief Minister's big announcement: Due to the huge relief of diesel and petrol prices

Immediately after the announcement of Dr. Raman Singh
Commercial-tax department issued notification by ministry

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today announced a major announcement to the people of the state to give relief in the prices of diesel and petrol. Immediately following the announcement of his announcement, the state-owned commercial tax department has notified the special rebate of two-and-a-half rupees in the prices of diesel and petrol in the Ministry (Mahanadi Bhavan) here. This notification will come into force on October 5.
    According to the announcement of the Chief Minister, the government has reduced value added tax (VAT) by 4 percent on both diesel and petrol. With this, the state government will have an additional expenditure of about Rs 378 crores in the remaining six months of current financial year 2018-19, but due to this important public interest decision of the government, the public will get the fuel cheaper by up to rupees five per liter for vehicles. It is worth mentioning that the Chief Minister was on a tour of Rajnandgaon under the district headquarters as part of Atal Vikas Yatra. In the inauguration program of the community building organized in Village Chikhali, he had announced to the people of the state Rs 50 per liter of diesel and petrol per liter. Dr. Singh had said that the Central Government today announced a rebate of two rupees in diesel and petrol prices.
    Welcoming the announcement of the center, he said that the state government will also give a concession of rupees two per liter on its behalf. In this way, the residents will get discounts of Rs 5 per liter on diesel and petrol from 12 o'clock tonight. Immediately after the announcement of the Chief Minister, the commercial tax department of the state government issued a notification to grant exemption under the provisions of the Chhattisgarh Value Added Tax Act 2005 from the Ministry (Mahanadi Bhavan) here.


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