J Dey Murder Case Verdict: Rajan wanted to instill fear in public and his rivals, says MCOCA Judge

Mumbai: The special MCOCA court while handing over lifetime imprisonment to Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje alias Chhota Rajan for killing journalist Jyotirmoy Dey has concluded that the ‘cold-blooded’ murder was executed only to instil fear in the minds of the public and his rivals. The court has also held that the murder was committed out of frustration as the extradited gangster’s ‘ego was hurt.’ The special Judge Sameer Adkar, who convicted Rajan and his aides for murder and criminal conspiracy, in his voluminous judgement has extensively referred to the articles written by Dey. It was because of these articles that Rajan was unhappy with Dey.

In his 599-page judgement, Judge Adkar has said, “From the point of view of a prudent mind the comments made by J.Dey in the two news articles with reference to Chhota Rajan may not have any value. A prudent mind may even ignore such comments. But for analysing the effect of the said comments on a criminal mind, one will have to step out of the shoes of a prudent mind, enter into the shoes of a criminal mind.” “On reading such news, a criminal mind will feel that he was undervalued, demeaned and was shown to be very weak in comparison to his arch rival. Ego would have been hurt. In so far as Chhota Rajan is concerned, it may be reiterated that he was angry with J.Dey.

J Dey murder case verdict: Chhota Rajan, 8 others get life imprisonment
Chhota Rajan suspected that J.Dey was working for Dawood Ibrahim, his arch rival. It cannot be forgotten that in the underworld slightest of suspicion about one’s conduct can lead to his elimination. The articles written by J.Dey had the potential to affect the activities of the syndicate adversely Chhota Rajan was shown to be not only in a very weak position but also desperate to show that he had a very strong hold in the underworld. Criminals and gangs thrive on the fear factor,” the judgement states. The court has concluded that by committing murder of J.Dey, a clear message was sent to the media and the general public and Rajan’s rivals that his Organized Crime Syndicate was very much alive and kicking.

“Nobody should dare to say anything against Rajan and if anybody dared to do so, then he would meet the same fate as J.Dey. Thus, the advantage which was sought to be taken was to establish fear in the minds of the people and to show that Chhota Rajan gang was still strong and active,” the judgement reads.


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