Supreme Court lifts ban on construction activities in Maharashtra, Uttarakhand

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has lifted a ban on construction activities in Maharashtra and Uttarakhand. This comes as a major relief to real estate and construction industry which would have been in immense distress in case of a ban.

Last week, the apex court had imposed a ban on construction activities in three states–Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, and Madhya Pradesh–citing their failure to frame a policy on solid waste management. The Maharashtra government on Wednesday submitted in the Supreme Court that it had framed a policy on solid waste management, following which the top court excluded the state from the ban.

The top court also lifted the ban on Uttarakhand after the state underscored its need to carry out construction work in disaster-prone areas. The apex court will next hear the case on September 11 when the Maharashtra government will elaborate on its solid waste management plan. The bench is hearing a petition on death of children due to dengue that identifies lack of waste management as one of the factors.


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