Raipur: Increasing dialogue between families between the new generation is worrisome: Mr. Anupam Kher

The popular film actor shared the experiences of his life struggles in the media seminar

Padmashri and Padma Vibhushan honored popular film actor Shri Anupam Kher have said that any technology has its own importance and utility, but in today's era, after the introduction of new tools of information and communication, new and old generation in society There is increasing communication between families increasingly. This situation is worrying.

    Mr. Kher was addressing the last session of the Media Seminar of Public Relations Officers organized in the newly constructed building of Chhattisgarh Dialogue, the associate organization of Public Relations Department of State Government, New Raipur this evening. Mr. Kher, praising the new building of Chhattisgarh dialogue, said it to be the State of the Art. He said - I have a very old relationship with Chhattisgarh. Here I keep going. Good work of development is under the leadership of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh in the state. I was stunned to see the works of infrastructure development in New Raipur. Mr. Kher shared the struggles of his life and the experiences of about 34 years of movie journeys in a very interesting way.

    Mr. Anupam Kher, while referring to the ever increasing dialogue among families among modern life styles, said that everyone used to sit and sit together in the first house and family, but now most of the lower middle class and middle class families, almost every member of Watersapp and Facebook Have been busy Because of this, communication between family members is decreasing. He emphasized the need for mutual dialogue and reconciliation between family members. Sharing his experiences of life struggles, Mr. Kher said that he was born in a lower middle class family of Shimla. Father used to be a clerk in the forest department. His salary was only 90 rupees. There were 14 members in the joint family, and all lived together in a bedroom room, but all were always happy while joking about each other. He said, "Being happy at all times I learned from my parents and other members of the family. What I am today is due to my parents.

    Mr. Kher said to the audience- your happiness is in your own hands. To achieve success, there should be a positive attitude toward life. No person is a born actor Ability and practice develop ability to act in it. I only played the 65-year-old's role in the film summit at the age of 26. Years before coming out of a small town like Shimla, I came to Mumbai to find work in films. In the initial round I had to spend 27 days in the railway platform. He said, "In any situation, we do not want to be scared of failures. Failures should be taken as a challenge. When I had failed in school classes, at that time my father used to raise my morale by offering flowers or eating food in a restaurant. Following Mr. Kher's lecture, Mr. Rajesh Sukumar Toppo, Chief Executive Officer of Public Relations and Chhattisgarh Dialogue, presented a memento and expressed gratitude towards him.


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