Delhi air hostess suicide: Victim’s lawyer reveals Whatsapp chats which proves Anissia Batra’s life was under threat

New Delhi: A day after Mayank Singhvi, the husband of the air hostess who committed suicide here, was arrested, the victim’s lawyer, Ishkaran Singh Bhandari, has revealed messages which prove that the victim’s life was under threat.

‘He has locked me up. I need you to call the police. Please come if you can,” read a screenshot of her chat with a friend. ‘I am going to kill myself because Mayank has driven me to it,’ was her last message. Speaking to ANI, Ishkaran Singh said, “A few minutes before her death, she messaged that her door has been locked by her husband. She was terrified and helpless. She was trying to reach out to people to help her and call the police. It was her dying declaration.” He further said that the victim’s father had filed a complaint on June 27 regarding a threat to his daughter’s life. However, the police paid no heed to it, Singh noted.

Delhi air hostess Anissia Batra alleged suicide: From her last text to husband’s arrest, developments so far
“They did not summon the accused, because if they had, we wouldn’t have had to see this day,” said Singh. “Her messages which she sent just minutes before her death are a proof as to how her life was under threat and how she wanted the police to help her. I thank the media for highlighting the case. I am surprised how the man wasn’t arrested even after 72 hours,” he added.

Singh also revealed that Anissia Batra had kept documents hidden inside the house. “I hope the police keep it safe,” he added. Mayank Singhvi was arrested on Tuesday and sent to 14-days judicial custody under Section 304 B of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), dealing with dowry-related deaths. As per the police, Anissia had a fight with her husband around 4:30 pm on Friday, after which she jumped off the terrace.


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