After BMC fails to responsibility, NGO in protest names pothole-ridden road as ‘Ajoy Mehta Marg’

Mumbai: With neither the Airports Authority of India, nor the BMC, ready to accept responsibility for the pothole-ridden stretch between Saki Naka and T2 international airport, a non-governmental organisation has, in protest, named the road ‘Ajoy Mehta Marg’, after the civic chief.

The move is aimed at drawing Mehta’s attention to Mumbaikars’ plight. Around half-a-dozen deaths have been reported in the city and its extended suburbs this monsoon on account of potholes. The NGO, Watchdog Foundation, chose the stretch from Saki Naka towards T2 international airport since it sees a lot of vehicular traffic. “We chose this stretch because there are easily around 100 potholes here. It is also a prime area,” said Godfrey Pimenta, co-trustee of the NGO, adding, “He (Mehta) should be shamed in order to get the corporation going. We demand that the road be named after him for real. There has to be a permanent solution to potholes in a city like Mumbai.”

The NGO trustee added that they had filled some potholes by themselves. “We arranged for a truck full of debris and paver blocks to fill the potholes,” Pimenta said. The entire stretch is riddled with craters and it becomes difficult for commuters, especially two-wheelers, to manoeuvre through them. They also said that the NGO had lodged several complaints since the onset of rains but no one responded and the condition remained the same. “Are we waiting for someone to die?” demanded Pimenta.


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