Bhima-Koregaon riots case accused Sambhaji Bhide creates row with ‘mangoes for sons’ remarks, gets slammed

Mumbai: The prime accused in the Bhima-Koregaon riots case and the man is considered a ‘guru’ of PM Modi and a ‘mentor’ of Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis, has claimed that mangoes from his farm have the power to help couples conceive. “If couples eat mangoes from my farm, they will be able to go forth and multiply,” is the bizarre claim made by Manohar, alias Sambhaji Bhide, the founder of the Shivpratishthan Sanghatana.

Bhide, at a rally over the weekend, replete with references to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s rule, derided the current social and political changes. And, in the process, he served his fertility recipe about the ‘prowess’ of mangoes from his farm, backed by statistical evi- dence, claiming that the said mangoes had helped around 150 couples to pro-create. Naturally, the social media went bananas.

Twitterati tried to jog Bhide’s memory with a clip from the renowned Marathi film, ‘Ashi He Banwabanwi,’ in which Paru, the wife of the char- acter ‘Lakshya’, played by the late Lakshmikant Berde, was shown becom- ing pregnant after eating a mango. Among the jokes that did the rounds were: “Bhidechya baagetil amba khalyane muley hotat, hajagatik shodh ahe.

Nobel sathi prastav karayala hava.” (That children can be conceived by eating mangoes from Bhide’s farm, is an inter- national discovery, defi- nitely worthy of the Nobel Prize). Referring to the Kamasutra, another person said, “Aaj doan shabda shikayala milale. 1) Aam- sutra 2) Guruvirya (Today we learnt two new words: Aamsutra and Guru’s sperm). The next one was a senior one. “Shejarchya ajobani ajichya kanakhali vajavli. Ka? Tar mhane bazaaraat janaarya ajobana, aaji ambe gheun ya, ase mhanali.”

(Today, the neighbouring grandpa planted a tight one under grandma’s ears. Why? Because she asked him to get mangoes from the market). Some even connected this humorous claim to the one made by a former Rajasthan HC judge, Mahesh Chandra Sharma, on the peahen getting impregnated by the tears of a peacock. “Landor morache ashru pitey, mhanun tila pila hotat. Aata, Bhide guruji mhantat, tyanchya shetatil ambe khaun, mula hotat.” (The peahen drinks the tears of a peacock and gets impregnated. Now, Bhide Guruji says eating mangoes from his farm will help one become a parent).

Another referred to the famous Shanta Shelke song for toddlers, Naach Re Mora Aambyachya Vanaat: “Naach re mora ambyachya vanat, hey kharach ‘baal’ geet ahe.” (Peacock dancing in a mango farm, is truly a ‘baby’ poem). And one wag could not resist taking a bite out of the king of mangos, the Alphonso. “Mag aata haapus ki baapus? Tya ambyala baapus ambe mhanave.” (So is it haapus or ‘Bhaapus’ after ‘father’ mango?).


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