What are the benefits of these 17 castes of UP who come to SC in OBC?

These 17 OBC castes will now get the benefits of Scheduled Caste, education, education, government and power till the special cooperation

Yogi Adityanath Sarkar has put 17 castes of backward classes (OBCs) in the list of scheduled castes. These include Kahar, Kashyap, Kevt, Mallah, Nishad, Pumar, Prajapati, Dhivar, Bind, Bhar, Rajbhar etc. Now the people of these caste will become eligible for benefit to Scheduled Castes. They will get all three social, economic and political benefits. I know, what is the benefit of getting OBC from coming to Scheduled Caste, which will improve the living standard of these castes.
Political advantage
Participation in these caste politics is very low, but now they will get the benefit of reservation in the elections. There are 17 Lok Sabha seats in the UP for Scheduled Castes and 86 of the 403 Legislative Assemblies. These castes will get an opportunity to contest elections. Seats for OBC are not reserve.

Now the Scheduled Castes Commission will protect the interests of these castes

social benefit
At this time, if a senior beating OBC, the police act in the normal streams, but the SC Scheduled Caste person will be beaten up or else it will take the SC ST Atrocities Act. Under this, the accused will be arrested immediately. If the police administration does not take action then the victim can knock the door of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes. Since this commission has the judicial power, therefore the officials avoid the disregard of its orders.

Benefits of reservation

OBC has 27 percent reservation, but it has more than three thousand castes. That's why he does not get the benefit. But there are fewer castes in Scheduled Castes compared to 21 per cent and the benefits are available to everyone. In all government institutions, they will get the benefit of SC reservation, which will lead to their rapid growth.

Change of caste is also a big political issue
Fee rebate

Dalit leader and RTI activist OP Dhama says that Scheduled Caste students do not have to pay any fees in most competitive examinations, whereas OBC students are charged at the same level as normal for most places. Fees are named in schools and colleges only. Scholarships are also available. The central government has created around 10,000 de-boarding schools across the country for the education of Scheduled Castes students.

Free coaching
Free coaching facility is available for examination of Officers grade, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, Employee Selection Commission and various Railway Recruitment Boards and the State Public Service Commission conducted by Gupta-A, B posts, banks, insurance companies and public undertakings.

UP government orders order to be issued
After this decision of the Yogi Government, all the District Magistrates have been ordered to give evidence to the families of these castes. The Governor has amended it using the power under section 13 of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Act 1994.

On behalf of Chief Secretary Social Welfare Manoj Singh, the order has been issued to all the commissioners and DM, in which it has been said that compliance with the order passed on the PIL issued in this regard in the Allahabad High Court will be ensured. Scheduled caste caste certificates should be issued on these castes based on the test and the correct documents.

Regarding the order of the 17 tribes of UP

Akhilesh-Mayawati's governments also took the decision
Attempts are being made to include these 17 upper castes in the Scheduled Castes for almost two decades. Because they are the most backward in the backward. Neither these castes have any involvement in politics nor do they become its officers. In the previous Samajwadi Party and BSP governments, they were also included in the Scheduled Castes, but the matter had gone in cold storage. Dalit thinker OP Dhama says that the Yogi government has taken this decision, then the ruling BJP will definitely have its electoral gains.


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