Disputed tweets on CM Yogi: SC orders release of journalist, but will continue to run

Prashant Kanaujia had a tweet about Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, after which UP police had come to Delhi and arrested him.

On a petition related to the arrest of independent journalist Prashant Kanaujia, the Supreme Court has reprimanded the Uttar Pradesh government and ordered them to leave immediately. While hearing the petition filed on behalf of Prashant's wife, the apex court said that "anyone's opinions may be different, they (Prashant) should probably not have tweeted, but just arrest someone on this basis can not be done.'

The Supreme Court said that 'someone can not be kept in jail for 11 days due to a tweet.' The court told the UP government that this is not a murder case. They should be immediately released from jail.


We will intervene if personal freedom is being violated - SC
The top court also said that if anybody's freedom is being violated then we will interfere. The state government can continue its investigation, but Kanojia can not be placed behind the bars.

At the same time, the ASG Vikramjit Banerjee, who is keeping the UP government's favor in the court, submitted a copy of the tweets made by Kanojia to the court. The UP government told the Supreme Court that 'Kanaujia's arrest was not just on one tweet, but rather a habitual criminal. He has tweeted against God and religion. '

On this, the Supreme Court said that granting bail to Prashant Kanaujia does not mean that his post on social media is being justified.

Let us know that Pacific Kanaujia had shared a video about the UP Yogi Adityanath in the past. According to the police, he had written objectionable things about the Yogi in his post. After which Kanaujia was arrested.

Journalist's wife applied
Prashant's wife Jigisha Arora challenged the arrest on Monday, knocking on the Supreme Court. It has been said in the petition that the clauses imposed on the journalist come under the bailable offense. In such a case, it can not be sent to the custody. The petition is urgently needed, because this arrest is illegal and unconstitutional. On the petition of the wife, the Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the release of the journalist immediately.


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