A boat full of migrants near Tunisia, 65 killed, 164 killed in four months

Tunis, IANS At least 65 people have died since a boat filled with migrants 40 miles off the coast of Tunisia's Sfax province. UN refugee agency has reported that 16 people have been rescued in this accident. According to the survivors, this accident is due to the seams of the sea and the rising waves. The boat had run from Libya on Thursday.

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency data, about 164 people have died in the sea route from Libya to Europe in the past four months. This year's biggest boat crash is being considered. The survivors were brought to the coast by the Tunisian Navy. A person who has been injured in the accident has also been admitted to the hospital.

Most people aboard this boat are told to be African. The Tunisian Ministry of Defense said that as soon as they found out about the accident, they sent a boat to save the people. According to local reports, a helicopter was also fired after the accident.

Significantly, thousands of migrants from Libya cross the Mediterranean Sea and try to go to Europe illegally. Due to this migration through fishing boats, many deaths occur every year. However, such trips have decreased from the middle of the year 2017. This can be estimated from the fact that in the first three months of this year, a total of 15,900 migrants reached Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. This figure is 17 percent lower than the same period last year.


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