Public notice given to people on EVM hotels, notice given to Sector Magistrate

Muzaffarpur. During the voting on Bihar's Muzaffarpur Lok Sabha seat, there was a ruckus after news of getting an EVM from a local hotel. Local people got news of EVM as soon as possible. They furiously uprooted On this occasion the officer who received EVM from He was actually the Guardian and Sector Magistrate of that EVM.

Sector Magistrate Avedhsh Kumar said that his team was carrying 4 EVM machines on a back-up. If EVMs are damaged on a polling booth, they can be changed immediately.

During this time, the driver of his vehicle expressed his desire to go to polling booth number 1 near him. After this, Avadhesh Kumar took the EVM machine in a hotel near the polling station. In the meantime, some people got information about the polling agent, if the polling agents had two EVM machines near the Sector Magistrate, they started committing a ruckus, fearing the disturbance.

After the ruckus, SDO Kundan Kumar reached the spot and took possession of four EVM machines. Muzaffarpur District Collector Alok Ranjan Ghosh has investigated the matter and said the action. Sector Magistrate Avdhash Kumar has also issued a show-cause notice for this negligence. Five constituencies, including the Muzaffarpur Lok Sabha seat in Bihar, were cast in the fifth phase on May 6.


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