Work diplomacy: Everyone knows that the Dalai Lama is a noble person, while Masood Azhar is a terrorist

America, Britain and France, the world's strongest countries, put a lot of pressure on China, the result is that China changed its attitude, and the United Nations Security Council declared the Jashgarda Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. Although France had proposed that China or any country which is against Masood as a global terrorist, they should put it in the forefront of the world. Due to these pressures, China was slightly suppressed. While so far, China had believed that the way India rescues the Dalai Lama as its heritage, Pakistan is not doing any wrongdoing by keeping Masood Azhar in its place. But everyone knows that the Dalai Lama is a noble person, while Masood Azhar is a terrorist.

Since China has become stronger in the world due to its economic strength, it tries to enforce its law everywhere. But it has been proven by the pressure in front of the pressure that if you try to take a berth from China and stand by courage, then it gradually retrets, as was the case of Dokalam. The reason for the stand on the issue of terrorism with other countries of the world is also that we have emboldened this issue and acted like air strikes in Balakot.

On the issue of Masood Azhar, India's initiative has been the initiative of the Modi government at the diplomatic level in the last three-four years. This has changed the opinion of the powerful countries of the world regarding the Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. In this case, India has also been in profit because these countries are tired of Pakistan's movements. America is ahead of them. US President Donald Trump has said that "Pakistan has been cheating us, in this deception he has eaten 30 to 35 billion dollars." We can not trust its actions. ' America has put pressure on other countries too. There are 15 member countries in the United Nations Security Council, of which there are five permanent countries, while ten are temporary. With the current member countries, the US will have an in-house diplomatic initiative, in which 14 countries stand in favor of declaring Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

It was a pressure on China that now you prove that for what reasons you do not consider Masood as a terrorist. In such a case, because he had to be humiliated in front of the world, he was shocked because of this. Besides, India's diplomatic initiative was also strong. Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale recently visited Beijing. His visit was to show the world that we are trying to convince China on Masood's issue. Our Foreign Ministry believed that this time China will not obstruct this issue. China had yet another chance to veto. But it must have been assessed at an internal level that this is an opportunity to bridge the gap between Shi Xinging and Narendra Modi on Dokalam and some other issues.

However, some people say that in the United Nations list against Masood Azhar, the Pulwama attack and Jyash-sponsored terrorism in Kashmir were not included. We have to understand that no one can be declared a global terrorist for any one case. The case of Masood Azhar in the United Nations was from 2009. He attacked our Parliament, attacked the Indian Embassy in Pathankot and Afghanistan. In between, Pakistan had crossed the border, but there was some agreement between the two. Some people are also saying that Masood Azhar has a symbolic meaning of being declared a global terrorist and does not get anything special from it.

This step is symbolic, but moving forward this matter from here is the responsibility of the coming government. Even after this Masood Azhar had been in the Military Hospital located in Rawalpindi for a long time, now India will need to show the world that what has been declared a global terrorist, it is playing in the lap of the Pakistan army. Pakistan Army spokesman General Gafoor has said that he has taken very strict steps against the terrorists. But the big terrorist groups that were there, have not been banned so far nor have any action taken against them. The Pak army is afraid of fighting with them, because they have state-of-the-art weapons and suicide terrorists, who will spare them alive. In this way, India should now demand a curbing of Pakistan from the world community, as it has been proved that Masood is in the custody of the Pak army.

The first thing should be that the family members of the Pak army officers do not get a US visa as most of the officers of the army officers read there. Besides this, pressure should be put on Pakistan till it can take the terrorists into the international court and get punishment under the International Criminal Law, they will not get a loan from the IMF.
China also needs to explain that if she is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, but if she continues to cooperate with Pakistan in the same way, then all its investments in India will be stopped and banned imported goods from China. Will go. At the same time, China will interfere with the Indo-Pak or Kashmir issue, then India will not be late in providing defense technology to the ruthless countries from China. India needs to create an environment against China.

With the announcement of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, India's fight against terrorism is not over. We have to tell the countries of the world that jointly we should put pressure on Pakistan to either submit it to the International Tribunal of Massoud Azhar or handover it to India so that he can be punished.


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