BJP vs Congress in Manifesto: Read - Comparative report of the manifesto of both the major parties

New Delhi. The BJP has released its election manifesto 'Resolutions'. The Congress had released its manifesto 'We will play' on April 2. They are being compared after the announcement of the manifesto of both the major national parties. For voters, it is important to compare the key points of the manifesto of both the parties and to enable them to understand the promises of these parties, and to properly exercise their franchise in the forthcoming elections.

Agricultural sector and farmers
Congress: Promising a separate budget for the farmers so that all the information including MSP can be easily reached to the farmers. They will be given benefits of all schemes. Not to be able to pay debt by farmers, it will be considered as a serious crime, not a serious crime.

BJP: With the investment of Rs 25 lakh crore in agriculture and rural sector, farming and farmers will improve. Interest free agricultural loans and credit cards. By 2022 the farmers' income doubled. 60 years after pension. Land digital record All farmers will get income support of Rs 6000 and pension after the age of 60 years.

Education and Health
Congress: Six percent of GDP will be spent to improve the education system. Under this, schools, colleges and new institutions will be established. The government machinery will be further strengthened to provide better health care to the poor.
BJP: 75 new medical and PG colleges will be opened so that there is no shortage of doctors and promoting higher education. Education for All (Education for All). Number of seats will be increased in engineering and law-education colleges.

Employment opportunities
Congress: Announces to fill 22 lakh vacant posts in the country. Rahul said that this post will be filled up by March 2020. In order to remove the unemployment of the youth, vacant posts will be filled in the village panchayats. In these panchayats, one million youth will be given employment. Under the MNREGA scheme, the workers promised to provide employment for 100 days instead of 100 days.
BJP: National policy for retail sector will be created so that lakhs of jobs can be created. By identifying 22 excellent areas that accelerate the Indian economy, creating new opportunities for employment. Emphasis on employment generation in higher capacity sectors such as defense and pharmaceuticals. In the northeast, new plans for employment generation will bring entrepreneurial northeast. There will be special emphasis on increasing the startup for employment generation.

National Security
Congress: promise to develop domestic capacity to build defense and security equipment. In addition to the public sector, the private sector will increase manufacturing capacity of those companies who have pre-qualification. Protect the country's borders on security, data security, cyber security, financial security, communications security, trade routes. Establishment of the Chief of the Defense Staff (CDS) office as a key adviser on defense related matters. Legal Support to the Office of the National Security Council and the National Security Adviser (NSA)
BJP: National Security will be the top priority of the government. Zero Tolerance against terrorism and extremism Security forces have a free hand to counter terrorism. Fast and modernization of defense equipment and weapons procurement Encourage Make In India in the defense sector, generate maximum employment. Self-reliance in the purchase of defense equipment Build developmental and necessary infrastructure in the border areas. Six Integrated Check Posts on International Border

intrinsic safety
BJP: Modernization of Central Police Forces for Internal Security Assistance in modernization of state police Police will speed up reforms to deal with crimes like cyber crime. Against the left wing extremism, we will take more stringent steps in the next five years.
Congress: In order to strengthen intelligence, accurate analysis and quick response for internal security, the proposal was proposed to establish multilateral center and NSG Regional Center and National Anti-Terrorism Center (NCTC) and Netgrid (NATGRID). NCTC will be set up in three months and netgrid in December 2019.

Article -370 in Jammu and Kashmir
BJP: We reiterate our view of Article 370 from the time of Jan Sangh. In the Jammu and Kashmir, the section 370, including the 35A, will be finished. 35 A. Discrimination against non-permanent residents and women is complete. Also, there is a hindrance in the development of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiri pundits will ensure safe homecoming.
Congress: Article 370 and 35 A will not be allowed to change or neither will it be done. Respectful Solutions Through Negotiation of Local People Issues Attempt to stop infiltration with full persistence on the border. Jammu and Kashmir Police will be given greater responsibility while reducing the deployment of Army and CRPF in the Valley.


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